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2021 Hyundai Palisade vs Toyota Highlander

2021 Hyundai Palisade vs Toyota Highlander
Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

2021 Palisade vs Highlander - How do they stack up? Which is Better?

With the growing need for capable vehicles to transport large families, three-row SUVs are becoming more popular than ever. The Toyota Highlander and Hyundai Palisade stand at the forefront of this competitive market. Both models provide drivers with premium packages containing advanced technology, comprehensive safety features, and dynamic engines - ensuring a safe ride no matter how far you're going! However which one is right for your journey? This guide should help potential buyers decide between these two impressive options.

The Powertrain

The Hyundai Palisade is no lightweight when it comes to power. Its 3.6-liter V6 engine allows the car to be ready and able for any work, with 291 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque — enough strength to tow up a whopping 5,000 pounds! If reliability on tough tasks isn't an issue you need worry about anymore, then look no further than the amazing performance in this vehicle.

Whether you're looking for power or efficiency, the Toyota Highlander has you covered. The V6 engine boasts 295 horses and 263 pound-feet of torque -- not too shabby! Drivers who are in need of towing capacity will be able to move up to 5,000 pounds with no problem while eco-minded adventurers can switch things up with a hybrid model that offers 243 net horsepower and still provides 3,500 pounds worth of pulling power.

Ready to save big on fuel costs? Look no further than the hybrid Highlander. This impressive vehicle can get up to 36 miles per gallon in both city and highway driving, a significant improvement over its non-hybrid counterpart that reaches 21 mpg for urban areas with 29 mpg on highways. With the Hyundai Palisade trailing just behind at 19/26 respectively, anyone seeking thoughtful fuel conservation will be well served by these models!

If you're looking for a great SUV, two of your top options are the Hyundai Palisade and Toyota Highlander. Both vehicles come standard with front-wheel drive, but if desire more control on the road then all wheel drive is available as an added option. The non hybrid version of each car has been fitted with an eight speed automatic transmission that also features manual shift mode; however those considering purchasing a Hybrid Highlander will find it packed with extra power from its continuously variable transmission system making sure your every journey in these SUVs drives like perfection!

When shopping for a new car, no one likes to be left high and dry if something goes wrong. Thankfully, Hyundai has you covered with the Palisade's 10-year or 100K powertrain warranty - twice as generous as Toyota's Highlander! Plus, when it comes to short term security there is also the trusty 36/36 basic warranty on both models; not to mention an extra safety net of 96 months or 100K miles for their hybrid system too.


Both of these models have been designed with everyday drivers in mind. Even though they're on the larger side, they're relatively easy to handle. When parking, people just have to keep in mind that they're fairly long. The Palisade has a length of 196.1 inches, and the Highlander is about an inch shy of that mark. They both sit about eight inches off the ground, giving them the height needed to clear various obstacles and drive over bumpy terrain.

As mentioned at the beginning of this overview, these vehicles have three rows of seating. In either model, there could either be room for eight or seven. The eight-seat configuration would have a bench seat in the middle row and another bench in the third row. If someone chooses to get a pair of captain's chairs in the second row, then the cabin could feel more spacious but the number of seats would drop down to seven.

Since these models have a similar cabin arrangement, it's useful to specify the dimensions of each. In the Palisade, leg room in the front is up to 44.1 inches, and it's 42.4 inches in the second row. In the third row, though, there's only 31.4 inches of leg room.

Things are somewhat similar in the Highlander, as it has 42.0, 41.0, and 27.7 inches of leg room in the first, second, and third row, respectively. This cramped third-row space might make people think twice about the Highlander. However, it's perfectly suited for children, who may really love being in a row of their own.

The Hyundai has a cargo volume of 18 cubic feet when all the seats are in their proper positions. That can be expanded to over 86 cubic feet when all of those seats are folded down. In the Toyota, the rear cargo area has a volume of 16 cubic feet. Total cargo capacity is 84.3 cubic feet when all the rear seats are lowered.

With today's hectic lifestyles, staying connected is crucial - that's why both Hyundai and Toyota are engineering cars with the latest cutting-edge technologies to keep drivers securely in touch.

Both the Palisade and Highlander come standard with an eight-inch touchscreen. The list of accompanying features includes Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Bluetooth. The Toyota Highlander's package might be slightly better, as it has Amazon Alexa and SiriusXM as well. SiriusXM is not offered with the base model of the Palisade, though it's part of the package on the higher trims.

Car buyers with the most discerning of preferences will surely appreciate what these models have to offer. The Palisade, for example, provides a luxurious 10.25-inch touchscreen integrated with navigation and Harman Kardon sound system so you can enjoy your travels in style - not to mention wireless charging and an intercom feature which allows seamless communication between passengers! Meanwhile, Toyota offers one better: those looking for ultra luxury can upgrade their experience even further by opting for the 12.3 inch touchscreen with 11 JBL speakers plus built-in navigation capabilities. Even Highlander owners get similar perks; it has its own available intercom system as well!

Wireless charging is available in the two models. This can make it so simple to keep a device charged when traveling since it eliminates the need to keep track of cables and cords.

Buying Tip:

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Tire pressure monitoring, a full array of air bags, stability and traction control systems, and sturdy frames are some of the components of the Palisade and Highlander that can keep people safe. In addition, there are multiple driver-assist technologies in these SUVs that can actively work to prevent accidents.

These two models feature advanced safety technology to help drivers stay safe on the road. Pre-collision alert and pedestrian detection detect potential for frontal collisions, while automatic emergency braking applies brakes if necessary. Lane Departure Warning notifies when veering out of a lane, and Advanced Cruise Control maintains optimal distance from other vehicles by adjusting steering accordingly - so you can hit the open roads with peace of mind!

The Hyundai Palisade is engineered with an advanced Driver Attention Warning system to help ensure maximum safety on the road. Blind spot and rear cross-traffic alert come standard for a heightened level of awareness, while parking distance warning features provide additional peace of mind when entering tight spaces. For even more control in tricky situations, opt for the Toyota Highlander which comes equipped with a Parking Assist feature as well as Bird's Eye View camera that can give drivers an all-encompassing view around their SUV.

Which Has the Best Value?

When it comes to picking the SUV that best offers value for your money, there is no clear-cut answer. Both Hyundai Palisade and its competitor come with a range of amenities - but not without an impressive price tag attached. Starting at $32,675 MSRP, you get plenty more than just basics when going with PMI's SE trim including a sunroof, roof rails, keyless entry and dual climate control functionality!

There's a fairly large jump up to the Limited, which costs $45,275. This is likely because it has much more advanced technology, in the from of a 12.3-inch digital instrument gauge, wireless charging, and a larger touchscreen with navigation. It also has things that people can appreciate but don't necessarily need, like leather upholstery, a heated steering wheel, customizable interior lighting, and heated and ventilated first- and second-row seats. The Calligraphy is even more expensive, priced at $46,200, and it has the most premium materials and exterior accents.

The Toyota Highlander offers a range of trims to suit every budget. The L trim is the most affordable option, starting at just $34,910 - already two thousand more than its competitor's entry-level model. As you move up the line and get increasingly luxurious features and amenities, so does your sticker price; with prices rising all the way to an eye-popping 50 grand for top models!

Hybrids are going to be more expensive than their non-hybrid counterparts. Hopefully, people can recoup that extra cost by saving money each month at the gas station. In the various trims, the upholstery ranges from fabric to leather, with SofTex synthetic leather being a third option. Seats in the front could be heated and ventilated, and the second row seats could be heated, too, though they can't be cooled like they can in the Palisade.

Which is Better?

Deciding between a 2021 Hyundai Palisade and 2021 Toyota Highlander can be tough, but there is one clear difference: if you are looking for a hybrid three-row SUV, the Highlander takes the cake. Otherwise these vehicles have almost identical fuel economies and capabilities - maybe it's time to flip a coin?

That brings the discussion to the issue of size. The two SUVs are both sizable and sit high off the ground, but the Palisade has more overall cargo capacity and more third-row leg room.

The 2021 Toyota Highlander offers added security and convenience, with a larger touchscreen than the Hyundai Palisade's along with an available 360-degree camera. Its park assist function provides extra peace of mind while going into tight spaces. Although its competitor isn't lacking in important areas, it doesn't quite compare on these bonus features that are sure to make your drive more secure and stress free.

The Hyundai Palisade is an ideal choice for those who want reliable value - both when looking at lower and higher trims. Its spacious interior gives it the advantage of practicality over its competitor, the Highlander. However, if customizing options are desired, then there's no shortage with the plethora of trims available in a Highlander; people can ensure they get all their dream features by going up to one of its high-end models!

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