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2022 Hyundai Elantra vs Honda Civic

2022 Hyundai Elantra vs Honda Civic

2022 Elantra vs Civic - How Do They Stack Up? Which is Better?

Compact vehicles do not get as much attention these days, but that does not mean they are not important. Many drivers find that they are the most budget-friendly option if they are determined to get a brand-new vehicle. These smaller cars also tend to be fairly fuel-efficient, further adding to the savings over time.

The 2022 Honda Civic is a popular vehicle that is available as both a sedan and a hatchback. It has been completely redesigned this year. Another strong choice is the 2022 Hyundai Elantra, although this is only available as a sedan. Hyundai recently discontinued the hatchback version of the Elantra to make room for their subcompact SUVs.

Both the Civic and the Elantra are relatively easy on the wallet. Deciding between the two may not be as easy as one imagines. To help with this issue, this guide highlights the differences as well as the similarities between the two compact vehicles.

The Powertrain

While the Elantra may not offer multiple body styles, it does have several powertrains to consider. It starts buyers out with a 2.0L four-cylinder engine that creates 147-horsepower. Found alongside this engine is a continuously variable transmission. All 2022 Elantra models are equipped with front-wheel drive.

The N-Line version of the Elantra gets a turbocharged 1.6L four-cylinder engine that makes 139-horsepower. There is also the performance-oriented N version of the Elantra, which utilizes a turbo 2.0L four-cylinder to create 276-horsepower. Both of these engines can be paired with a six-speed manual transmission or a dual-clutch automatic. Eco-conscious consumers can choose the Elantra Hybrid. It is built on a 1.6L engine that can create 139-horsepower, and it is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Similarly, the Civic offers multiple powertrains to choose from in 2022. The standard is a 2.0L four-cylinder that makes 158-horsepower. It is paired with a continuously variable transmission. Select hatchback models can swap that out for a six-speed manual.

Starting with the EX and EX-L trim level, the Civic goes with a turbo 1.5L four-cylinder that produces 180-horsepower. There is also the Civic Si to consider, which is only available as a sedan. It has the same powertrain as the EX and EX-L on up, but it manages to create 200-horsepower. This model has a six-speed manual transmission, bigger brakes, and a sport-tuned suspension. All 2022 Civic models come with front-wheel drive.

Fuel economy estimates for both of these vehicles vary due to all of the powertrain options. The Elantra with the standard engine gets a very respectable 33mpg in the city and 43mpg on the highway. N-Line models with the manual transmission get 25mpg city and 34mpg highway, while the ones with the automatic get 28mpg city and 36mpg highway. The Elantra N will get 22mpg city and 31mpg highway with the manual and 20mpg city and 30mpg highway with the automatic.

How efficient the Elantra hybrid is will depend on the trim level. The Hybrid Blue is estimated to get 54mpg combined, while the Hybrid Limited gets 50mpg combined. Currently, the Civic does not have an available hybrid powertrain. It did at one time several years ago, and there is a good chance it will come back at some point.

Despite not having a hybrid, the Civic is an incredibly efficient vehicle. The standard engine is estimated to get 31mpg in the city and 40mpg on the highway. Surprisingly, the more powerful engine is even more impressive, getting up to 32mpg in the city and 42mpg on the highway. Although these are excellent numbers, they do not quite match what the Elantra's standard engine can do.

It is hard to compete with Hyundai when it comes to warranty coverage. The Elantra comes with a 10-year or 100,000-mile powertrain warranty and a five-year or 60,000-mile limited coverage. Those who choose the Civic will get a five-year or 60,000-mile powertrain warranty and a three-year or 36,000-mile limited warranty.

J.D. Power predicts the reliability of new vehicles, and they have evaluated the 2022 Elantra and the 2022 Civic. The Elantra received a score of 80 out of a possible 100, while the Civic got a score of 82.


Both the Civic and the Elantra have built reputations for being enjoyable to drive. This continues to be the case in 2022. The Elantra is easy to park and maneuver, has excellent stopping power, and has nicely weighted steering. As for the N trim, it gets adaptive shock absorbers and bigger brakes for an even more engaging drive. The Civic has a comfortable ride for passengers while also providing the driver with a good time. This car also comes with responsive steering and strong brakes.

Trunk space for the Elantra comes in at 14.2 cubic feet, while the Civic sedan offers 14.8 cubic feet. These are good numbers for the class. If buyers desire even more cargo space, they can choose the Civic hatchback. It offers 24.5 cubic feet for gear.

There is room for up to five people in both the Elantra and the Civic. The Civic is particularly impressive when it comes to space and comfort. As for the Elantra, it has plenty of room up front but is a bit small for adults in the backseat. Visibility is excellent in all directions in the Civic. It is easy to see out of the front and side of the Elantra, but the roofline makes it a bit difficult to see out of the back.

Buyers who choose the Elantra will get an 8-inch touchscreen, while those who choose the Civic will get a 7-inch touchscreen instead. The Elantra gives its entry-level trim wireless versions of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. While all models of the Civic have these smartphone integration tools, only the top trims have the wireless variations.

A 9-inch touchscreen is available for select Civic models. It can also have a 10.2-inch digital instrument panel. There is a four-speaker sound system standard, but the Civic can also go with an eight-speaker or a 12-speaker setup. As for the Elantra, it can upgrade to a 10.25-inch touchscreen. Models with this feature lose the wireless function of the smartphone integration, however. The Elantra also comes with a four-speaker sound system standard but can upgrade to a setup with up to eight speakers.


The Elantra and the Civic have impressive crash testing scores. Both received the top score of "Good" in the six main categories tested by the Insurance Institue for Highway Safety. The 2022 Elantra has been named a "Top Safety Pick." Both the sedan and hatchback versions of the 2022 Civic get the even more impressive title of "Top Safety Pick+."

Hyundai gives their new vehicles an extensive number of standard safety equipment. The 2022 Elantra is equipped with pedestrian detection, driver attention monitoring, lane-keeping assist, and forward collision warning. Blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert are also standard across the board. The Elantra does have some unique driver aids, such as a safe exit warning.

The Civic does not come standard with blind-spot monitoring, but it does give buyers adaptive cruise control on all models. Like the Elantra, the Civic has typical features like forward collision warning and lane-keeping assist. Both of these vehicles also come with a rear-seat reminder. Automatic high beams are also included for both, and the Civic further adds traffic sign recognition.

Those who choose the Elantra Limited will get a highway driving assist feature, which essentially combines adaptive cruise control and lane centering. Other available Elantra driver aids include cyclist detection, rear collision warning, and rear parking sensors. Top Civic trim levels add things like blind-spot monitoring, parking sensors, and rain-sensing windshield wipers.

Which Has the Best Value?

The 2022 Hyundai Elantra has one of the lowest prices in its class. Buyers can find the entry-level trim for as little as $19,850. The luxurious Limited trim level starts out at $25,600, while the exciting N-Line will cost around $24,250.

At the same time, the redesigned 2022 Civic has a slightly higher than average starting price. The sedan will start at $21,700, while the hatchback starts at $22,900. Buyers will pay around $28,300 for the most fully-loaded sedan, while the hatchback can go all the way up to $29,400.

When comparing the starting prices for the entry-level models, buyers should consider whether or not the Civic justifies the extra expense. The Elantra has a larger touchscreen, blind-spot monitoring, and rear cross-traffic alert on the standard equipment list. The Civic, on the other hand, has adaptive cruise control and a slightly more upscale cabin.

Those shopping for a compact car are typically looking for something that will go easy on the wallet. For that reason, the next comparison will be made between the costs of ownership for both of these vehicles. The numbers are based on the entry-level Elantra SE and the entry-level Civic LX sedan, with the assumption that they are driven around 15,000 miles per year.

The Elantra is estimated to lose $8,500 in value over the course of five years. At the same time, the Civic will lose only $5,800. The strong resale value for the Civic alone is a major selling point for the vehicle. Buyers may change their minds when comparing fuel costs, however. The Elantra will cost around $8,800 over five years in gas, while the Civic will cost $9,300. The Elantra Hybrid Blue will cost only $6,000.

Elantra owners will also be paying less when it comes to repairs and typical maintenance. It is estimated to cost $525 in repairs and $2,500 in maintenance, while the Civic is estimated to cost $600 in repairs and $3,200 in maintenance.

Which is Better?

There is no bad choice when it comes to the 2022 Hyundai Elantra and the 2022 Honda Civic. These are family-friendly and efficient vehicles with extensive lists of standard equipment. Buyers will have to consider every small detail to decide which is the better choice for them.

The 2022 Elantra is the more affordable option. It may not hold its value quite as well, but it has a lower overall cost and lower costs of ownership over the years. The Elantra also comes standard with a larger touchscreen and blind-spot monitoring, features that buyers will not find on the entry-level Civic. An available hybrid powertrain may also sway buyers toward the Elantra.

On the other hand, the redesigned 2022 Civic has a more upscale cabin. It utilizes premium materials and offers a bit more space in the backseat. The trunk is a little larger as well. While both of these sedans are fun to drive, the Civic is the more athletic of the two. It can also potentially be worth considerably more when it is time to trade it in or sell it.

Buyers who are shopping for a value-packed sedan without too many bells and whistles should check out the 2022 Hyundai Elantra. Those who are seeking something more refined for their daily drives will want to see the 2022 Honda Civic up close.

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