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2022 Hyundai Elantra vs Sonata

2022 Hyundai Elantra vs Sonata

2022 Elantra vs Sonata - How Do They Stack Up? What are the differences?

With a mission to provide impeccable road-ready options at economical prices, Hyundai is setting the standard for dependability in sedans. The 2022 Elantra and Sonata are further proof of their commitment; these vehicles offer superior performance backed by an unbeatable value. Whether it’s cruising around town or shuttling family members from place to place, commuters can rely on Hyundai as they journey through life's roads.

Hyundai offers the perfect combination of performance and convenience with its sedan lineup. Whether you're looking for a compact ride like the Elantra or something more spacious, such as their mid-size Sonata, these vehicles offer modern tech features plus fuel efficiency - all wrapped up in affordable packages that'll please any driver. Explore your options today to find just what you need.

Size and Styling

Hyundai has gone the extra mile with their 2022 Elantra and Sonata models, offering drivers a choice between comfort and practicality. From the driver's seat of both vehicles you'll feel spaciousness around every turn, while those situated in back will enjoy three additional inches of legroom from the Elantra - even if it sacrifices a little bit on rear visibility due to its fastback roof design. Meanwhile, riders can access more space for leisurely travel thanks to an open floorplan offered by the Sonata model.

The Sonata and Elantra are both compact cars that make city driving a breeze. Both offer convenient parking with the Sonata edging out its counterpart in length, measuring nearly 193 inches while the Elantra falls just shy at 184.1 inch long - but not by much! With widths of 73.2 inches for the former and 71.9 inch wide respectively, expect to get around tight corners without any hassle.

With the 2022 Elantra and Sonata, there's plenty of room for whatever life throws your way. The Elantra packs a moderate 14.2 cubic feet into its trunk, but thanks to its small opening it might struggle with larger pieces – no worries though as the Sonata offers 16 cubes of space in which to stow away anything you please! And if that doesn't cut it then make use of their split-folding rear seats so even those extra long goods can come along on any journey too!

LED headlights are standard for the 2022 Sonata. They are not available for the base Elantra. Buyers can choose to upgrade the Elantra SEL with LED headlights, and they become standard on all higher trim levels. There are N-Line models of both the Elantra and the Sonata for those looking for a sportier sedan. Choosing an N-Line will mean getting more aggressive styling cues.


Drivers looking for the perfect balance of power and efficiency can now choose between two distinct engine options when selecting their 2022 Elantra. From a peppy 2.0L four-cylinder with 147 horsepower to a sophisticated hybrid model combining 1.6L four-cylinders with 139 horses, something is sure to fit your needs while minimizing fuel consumption thanks to its six-speed automatic transmission.

The Elantra N-line revs up the thrill of driving with its impressive 1.6L four cylinder engine, producing an adrenaline-inducing 200+ horsepower and seven speed dual clutch automatic transmission or a manual six-speed for a more classic feel. And if that wasn’t enough to get your pulse racing, then buckle in for even higher performance from the turbocharged 2.0L version - boasting 276 horsepower and available both as traditional 6 speed manual shift or 8 speeds on auto.

Opting for the base model Sonata would entail having a 2.5L four-cylinder engine that generates 191 horsepower, which is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. Alternatively, there's a Sonata hybrid version that is built around a 2.0L four-cylinder engine, producing 192 horsepower and utilizing a six-speed automatic transmission.

Drivers looking for a powerful engine and the excitement of manual transmission will have to choose between 2022's Elantra or Sonata. The former offers an impressive 180 horsepower from its turbocharged 1.6L four-cylinder, while the latter packs 290 horses under the hood with its 2.5L powerhouse - though both models lack stick shift capabilities so auto lovers may be out of luck.

The Elantra has something for everyone. Choose the base model and you'll be set to go with an estimated 33 mpg in city driving - that's over 40% greater than some of its competitors! And if thrills are what your looking for, check out the N-Line model with manual transmission: though slightly less efficient (25mpg), it promises a huge boost when hitting those open roads…up to 34 miles per gallon on highway drives.

The Elantra N offers a great balance of power and efficiency, providing 22mpg in the city and 31mpg on the highway with manual transmission. For even greater fuel savings without sacrificing performance, try out its automatic model boasting 20 mpg city and 30 mpg highway. But for maximum miles per gallon check out the Blue trim of the hybrid variant which delivers an impressive 54 mp combined or 50 if you opt for Limited - making it perfect to save money at gas station while still going wherever life takes you.

The 2022 Sonata is also decently efficient. With its standard engine, drivers can expect 27mpg in the city and 37mpg highway. The 1.6L engine is estimated to do about the same. Going with the Sonata N-Line will mean getting 23mpg city and 33mpg on the highway. The Sonata Hybrid is estimated to get 52mpg combined.

From the thrill of the Elantra's N-Line and N variants to a relaxed, enjoyable experience in its Sonata counterpart - Hyundai offers drivers two paths to an engaging experience at the wheel. The Elantra provides plenty of feedback through responsive steering while also delivering supreme confidence with excellent stopping power. Meanwhile, even if it is not quite as sporty or exciting, driving behind the wheel of a Sonata never has to be boring.

The Hyundai Sonata has excellent acoustic insulation, creating a peaceful and quiet ride on the highway that can't be duplicated in its sister vehicle - the Elantra. Unfortunately, these differences become most apparent while traveling at high speeds when road noise is amplified through the cabin of an Elantra.

Comfort, Options, & Performance

Both the Elantra and the Sonata lean toward value. That does not mean that they do not offer luxurious features on higher trim levels, however. Even at its base level, the 2022 Sonata is considered quite upscale. High-quality materials are used throughout the cabin. The Elantra is also quite nice, although it leans more toward sporty and modern than luxurious.

The 2022 Elantra and 2022 Sonata both come with cloth upholstery as the standard seating option. Dual-zone automatic climate control is available on the second trim level and above for both sedans. In addition, the Sonata includes heated front seats and a power-adjustable driver's seat. These features can be added as an option on the Elantra SEL, but they come as standard on all the higher trim levels.

Get ready to enjoy a comfortable ride with the 2022 Hyundai Elantra and Sonata sedans! Both models include cloth upholstery as their seating go-to, but for an even more luxurious touch, you can upgrade your experience. Dual-zone automatic climate control comes standard on all trim levels above basic for both cars - plus added bonuses like heated front seats and power adjustable driver's seat are included in higher tiers of the Sonata or available at an additional cost on select trims from the Elantra lineup.

An 8-inch touchscreen is included for the Elantra and Sonata. The Elantra has wireless versions of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but the Sonata still has the wired versions in 2022. The Elantra was redesigned just last year, which may explain why it is slightly more high-tech.

The Elantra has two USB ports standard, while the Sonata only has one. Both of these sedans have Bluetooth and HD radio. The standard stereo system for the Elantra has four speakers while the Sonata comes with a minimum of six.

Get the latest tech features in either a Hyundai Elantra or Sonata with an upgraded 10.25-inch touchscreen and wireless device charging on top trim levels! Enjoy full integration of your smartphone for the Elantra, plus choose from sound systems ranging between 6 to 12 speakers depending on make and model - including premium Bose options available only for the Sonata.


The 2022 Hyundai Elantra and the 2022 Hyundai Sonata performed well in crash testing conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Both the vehicles received an overall score of five out of five stars. They both received four stars when it came to frontal collisions but got five stars for side collisions and rollover testing. Similarly, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave both the Elantra and the Sonata the top score of "Good" in all six main categories.

While these two vehicles may look alike on the outside, their standard safety features couldn't be more different. From lane departure warning and forward collision prevention to pedestrian detection, both cars boast driver assistance amenities – but what sets them apart is that one offers an additional list of advanced protection measures not found in its counterpart.

For instance, the Elantra has blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert and a safe exit warning as standard features, whereas the entry-level Sonata is deprived of these features. However, apart from the entry-level models, all Sonata models have these features as standard. On the other hand, Sonata comes with adaptive cruise control and driver drowsiness monitoring as regular features, which are optional on the Elantra SEL and standard on higher trim levels.

Whether you are driving an Elantra or a Sonata, both vehicles have features to keep you safe on the roads. The Elantra is equipped with cyclist detection, rear collision warning and Highway Driving Assist for ultimate convenience while behind the wheel. On select models of the Sonata there's front and rear parking sensors as well as a surround-view camera system - not to mention its head-up display and perpendicular park assist feature.

Which Model to Choose?

Both the 2022 Hyundai Elantra and the 2022 Sonata are fine options. They both come with Hyundai's famous 10-year or 100,000-mile powertrain warranty, and they are both loaded with plenty of features for the price. Ultimately, the right choice will come down to a person's style and daily driving needs.

Featuring greater efficiency and an impressive driving experience, the Elantra is a great option for those seeking reliable transportation on their everyday commutes. The manual transmission makes it especially appealing to car enthusiasts wanting to take control of the road while enjoying seating flexibility in fixed rear space - perfect for driver satisfaction with none of the hassle.

The Sonata and Elantra SEL offer drivers plenty of safety features, such as adaptive cruise control, driver drowsiness monitoring, and more. However the availability of these state-of-the art additions vary depending on where you are located - so it's important to stay informed before making your purchase.

If budget is a concern, the Elantra presents an attractive value offering; while not as luxurious or robustly equipped as its Sonata counterpart, it still boasts a wealth of features at under $20K. On the other hand, those willing to invest in more spaciousness and amenities might opt for Hyundai's higher-end model which - despite being pricier than some competitors in its class – remains surprisingly affordable.

Essentially, both the Elantra and the Sonata are a smart buy in 2022. It comes down to the amount of space a buyer needs, plus the type of experience they want to have when at the wheel.

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