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2022 Hyundai Venue Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2022 Hyundai Venue?

Should You Buy a 2022 Hyundai Venue? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The Hyundai Venue first hit the market in 2020. Since then, it has impressed drivers with its low price and long feature list. There are many things that are very well-done in the 2022 Venue, especially when you consider how affordable it is. Unsurprisingly, there are also some key ways that this crossover SUV falls short. Here is some information to help you decide if the pros are enough to make you overlook the flaws of the Venue.

What's New for 2022?

In its first two years on the market, the top trim level of the Venue was known as the Denim. Although some people liked this somewhat odd name, Hyundai has decided to change the name to the Limited. This helps it fit in with the rest of the Hyundai crossover family. The SEL model now comes standard with a sunroof, and all models are equipped with an engine immobilizer.

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2022 Hyundai Venue – The Pros

1. Low Starting Price

The entry-level SE model of the Hyundai Venue can be had for $18,900. This makes it one of the most affordable new vehicles out there - even when you are focusing on crossover SUVs. If you are hoping to keep relatively low monthly payments but have your heart set on a brand-new vehicle, the Venue should be near the top of your list.

2. Strong List of Standard Features

Despite the low price, the Venue is decently well-equipped. While it certainly cannot compete with luxury vehicles, it does have wireless smartphone integration, remote keyless entry, alloy wheels, and Bluetooth. HD radio is a nice touch that is thrown in as well. Perhaps most impressive is the fact that the 2022 Venue is also equipped with a full suite of driver assistance features.

3. Simple to Use Controls

The Venue does not try to be fancy or complicated. It has straightforward controls, especially for the infotainment system. The touchscreen responds quickly to commands, and the large icons on the menus allow you to easily find what you are looking for. Additionally, the audio and climate controls are well-designed. It is simple to make adjustments while driving without having to take your attention off the road.

4. Impressive Fuel Economy

There is only one powertrain and drivetrain for the 2022 Venue. The 1.6L four-cylinder engine has the SUV getting an estimated 29mpg in the city and 33mpg on the highway. These are incredible numbers, even for a vehicle class that is expected to be efficient. With an 11.9 gallon tank, you can count on not having to stop for gas too often.

5. Head-Turning Exterior Design

The 2022 Venue stands out, especially when compared to other SUVs in the Hyundai family. It does look similar in the front, but the Venue has a boxier shape than any of its siblings. If you opt for the top Limited trim level, you can also get two-tone paint schemes. Denim Blue with a black roof is one of the more popular options out there. The top trim also has LED headlights and LED fog lights, making it not only stylish but also easy to see at night.

6. Surprisingly Spacious Cabin

There is no way around it - the Venue is small. Still, there is enough head and legroom for adults, particularly in the front row. Adults will be able to sit in the back seat when making a short trip, but it is only suitable for children if you are planning on heading cross-country. The seats are well-cushioned, and the Venue is very comfortable overall. Buyers can choose to upgrade to a model with heated front seats and synthetic leather upholstery.

7. Available Drive Mode Select

Choosing the SEL or Limited versions of the Venue will mean getting Drive Mode Select. It gives the SUV normal, snow, and sport modes to choose from. While the sport mode may make things a bit more fun, the snow mode can be used when traction becomes a concern. Hyundai says it works well for muddy conditions, too.

8. Full Suite of Safety Features

Typically, vehicles at the bottom end of the price scale skimp out on driver aids. That is not the case for the 2022 Venue. This crossover has driver attention monitoring, automatic high beams, and lane-keeping assist. Also standard for all three trim levels is a forward-collision warning with pedestrian detection and automatic emergency braking. The SEL and Limited are further equipped with blind-spot monitoring.

9. Impressive Hyundai Warranty

Hyundai proves that it is confident in the longevity and reliability of this small and affordable SUV by giving it its famously long standard warranty. The 2022 Venue is covered for five years or 60,000 miles for its limited warranty and 10 years or 100,000 miles for the powertrain. This warranty may be what is needed to help convince some buyers who are on the fence about the Venue and its price.

10. Top Limited Trim is Still Affordable

The top trim level of the Venue starts out at $22,050. That is still quite affordable, all things considered, and this trim level adds quite a few desirable features. For example, the Venue Limited has heated front seats and synthetic leather upholstery. It also gains a push-button start, proximity keyless entry, and even a navigation system. Of course, the Limited trim level is also where buyers can get the fun two-tone paint job.

Reasons Not to Buy a 2022 Hyundai Venue – The Cons

1. The Engine is Weak

One of the biggest downfalls of the Venue is undoubtedly the powertrain. The 1.6L four-cylinder puts out a measly 121-horsepower and 113 lb-ft of torque. If you plan on driving mostly in town, that may be enough. But if you need to regularly get on the highway, you are going to likely be frustrated every time you need to merge or pass. On the bright side, the standard continuously variable transmission is smooth and responsive, and the fuel economy is hard to beat.

2. Relatively Small Cargo Area

Those looking for a subcompact crossover are probably not after a cavernous cargo area. Still, the Venue is small when compared to its main competitors. There are only 18.7 cubic feet behind the backseat, and the cargo capacity maxes out at just under 32 cubic feet. Some buyers may be willing to overlook this, especially when they factor in the boxy shape of the vehicle, which makes it easy to load.

3. Noisy, Particularly at Highway Speeds

When shopping at this price point, buyers have to be willing to make certain concessions. Often this involves the amount of noise that makes its way into the cabin. Still, the Venue is almost disturbingly loud, especially when you get it up to highway speeds. This should be an issue that Hyundai prioritizes moving forward.

4. No All-Wheel Drive Available

One sure way that Hyundai can broaden the appeal of the Venue is to offer an all-wheel-drive model. Granted, this will drive up the price a bit, but those who live in areas with bad winters or who regularly drive on bumpy dirt roads will likely be willing to pay more. It may also attract more drivers with small families who want the added confidence of AWD when they hit the road.

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How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

2022 Hyundai Venue vs. 2022 Kia Soul

When it comes to small and boxy crossovers, the Soul paved the way. Both the Venue and Soul have impressive warranties and excellent fuel economy numbers. The Soul wins in the battle of the cargo space, however. It also has available engine upgrades that make it more enjoyable to drive. Many people may find they prefer the style of the Venue. It manages to be quirky without being quite as bold as the Soul.

2022 Hyundai Venue vs. 2022 Nissan Kicks

Another very affordable subcompact SUV is the Nissan Kicks, and it is very similar to the Venue in many ways. It is slightly larger when it comes to the cargo area, and the Kicks manages to make exactly one more horsepower than the Venue. Buyers may want to choose the Venue over the Kicks, however, because it has a slightly lower starting price, along with a much longer warranty.


As long as buyers are fully aware of the potential downfalls of the Venue, it is a vehicle worth considering. Many of the issues with this vehicle are directly connected to its low price tag. Hyundai may want to make a more powerful version of the Venue for those who are willing to pay a little extra for a more satisfying experience at the wheel. A few changes that help isolate the cabin from exterior noise should be considered as well. Overall, the 2022 Hyundai Venue is a great way to get a brand-new vehicle at a reasonably affordable price.

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