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2019 Infiniti Q70 Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2019 Infiniti Q70?
Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2019 Infiniti Q70? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The 2019 Infiniti Q70 makes an exciting choice for any luxury midsize car buyer. It has two heavy handed engine options and handles well in any situation. The Q70 also provides an upgrade to include exceptional rear leg room to pamper rear passengers. Buyers of the Q70L edition will gain an additional 5.6 inches of rear legroom and upgraded rear passenger accommodations. With a distinct exterior design, the Q70 features a double wave hood and curvy lines on the entire vehicle. The Q70 has plenty of standard features to attract buyers. It also features some of the most advanced driver technology available today. The Q70 also has an exciting Sport package with sport tuned suspension and more aggressive exterior styling. Buyers looking for superior performance and exceptional rear passenger comfort will be intrigued by the 2019 Q70.

What’s New for 2019

The Q70 is no longer available as a hybrid in 2019.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2019 Infiniti Q70 – The Pros

1. Available With a Longer Wheelbase

Both the base model Infiniti Q70 3.7 Luxe and the upper level Q70 5.6 Luxe are available with an optional longer wheel base. The Q70 L offers rear passengers an additional 5.6 inches of rear leg room. The extra space makes the Infiniti Q70 one of the most accommodating vehicles for rear passengers. The spacious rear seats of the Q70L are also heated and include rear reading lamps and a rear power outlet.

2. Powerful Engine Options

The 2019 Infiniti Q70 features a standard 3.7 liter V6 engine with 330 horsepower. While the V6 is certainly capable of providing exciting driving, the Q70 also comes with a 420 horsepower V8. The V8 is Infiniti's most powerful production engine ever and makes the Q70 a powerhouse on the highway.

3. Distinctive Exterior

One glance at the exterior of the 2019 Infiniti Q70 reveals a unique design. The Q70 has a distinctive double wave hood and elevated front fenders. The curvy design is enhanced by adaptive LED headlights that illuminate the road around corners. The taillights and rear of the vehicle echo the curvy styling of the vehicle.

4. Excellent Standard Features

The Infiniti Q70 3.7 Luxe comes loaded with standard features that make the vehicle luxurious and advanced. Buyers of the base model will be provided with a laundry list of special bonuses. The highlights include a heated steering wheel, 10 speaker sound system, complimentary Sirius XM radio subscription, and Sirius XM Travel and Traffic Link access for four years. The Q70 3.7 Luxe also comes with a standard eight inch touchscreen infotainment system that includes navigation and voice recognition. Also included are power folding mirrors with reverse activated downward facing lenses.

5. Optional ProActive Package

The ProActive Package is available on both trim levels of the Q70 and features driver assist technology. The package includes forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking. The detection system of the Infiniti Q70 is very advanced and not only monitors the vehicle ahead, but also the vehicle two cars ahead. It also includes lane departure warning and blind spot warning with blind spot assist. The Q70 equipped with the ProActive package includes adaptive cruise control and automatic high beams.

6. Impressive Drivetrain Options

The 2019 Q70 comes standard with a seven speed automatic transmission. The Q70 also features a standard drive mode selector and rear wheel drive. The Infiniti Q70 can be upgraded to Infiniti Intelligent All Wheel Drive on both trim levels. The AWD system monitors driving information and sends power to the front wheels to improve control.

7. Available Sport Model

Both trim levels of the 2019 Infiniti Q70 offer an optional Sport model upgrade. The Sport model comes with sport inspired front seating, steering wheel and shift control. The exterior is also modified to give the Q70 a more aggressive look. The Sport model also features upgraded brakes and a sport tuned suspension. The package also includes sport inspired wheels and performance tires.

8. Bose Studio Surround

The 2019 Infiniti Q70 can be equipped with an advanced Bose Studio Surround audio system. The system upgrades the audio from 10 speakers to 16 with shoulder mounted speakers on the front seats. It also uses active noise cancellation technology to block unwanted sound. The passengers are treated to an audio experience in 5.1 surround sound.

9. Around View Monitor

The standard Around View Monitor in the 2019 Infiniti Q70 takes a bird's eye view of the vehicle. It uses four cameras to present the driver with an enhanced view of the vehicles surroundings. It is also equipped with moving object detection to alert the driver to moving obstacles.

10. Availability of Features

All of the features available for the 2019 Infiniti Q70 are available at the base trim level. The Q70 3.7 Luxe can be configured in a multitude of ways. Aside from the upgraded V8 engine, buyers have access to all the features available in the Q70 from the base trim level.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2019 Infiniti Q70 – The Cons

1. Poor Fuel Economy

The 2019 Infiniti Q70 does not make the best option when considering fuel economy. The aggressive engines trail many of the competitors in this area. The 3.7 liter V6 gets drivers 18 miles per gallon in the city and 22 miles per gallon on the highway. The super powerful V8 gets just slightly less than that with 16 miles per gallon in the city and 24 miles per gallon on the highway.

2. Lacks Some Technological Features

The Infiniti Q70 comes standard with an eight inch touchscreen and Infiniti's InTouch capabilities. It does lack mobile device capabilities. The biggest noticeable absence in the Q70 is the lack of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also lacks optional heads up display, which can be added to many luxury cars in this category.

3. Older Touchscreen

The Infiniti Q70 offers standard navigation as well as the surround view camera. The touchscreen resolution and controls are a bit dated. Many users will find the system to be outdated and of a lower quality.

4. Tired Interior

Along with the sub par touchscreen, the 2019 Infiniti Q70 offers a slightly dated interior design. While the interior is nicely detailed with quality materials, it lacks the modern design elements of many other vehicles in the category.

How it stacks up to the competition:

The Infiniti Q70 has stiff competition in the luxury midsized car category. While the Infiniti Q70 makes a great first impression with a curvy exterior, the interior trails many rivals. Compared to the Lincoln MKZ, the Q70 has much more cabin space with or without the longer wheelbase. It also has similar fuel efficiency, though the MKZ does come as a hybrid. The Infiniti offers more horsepower than the MKZ's standard turbocharged four cylinder and also outshines the MKZ with more luxurious interior materials. Buyers will have to shell out more money for the base model with the Infiniti, but the MKZ's base model is quite a bit lower in quality. The Jaguar XF offers a base model that is similarly priced to the Q70. It trails the Q70 in horsepower, though it offers a variety of powertrain options. The Jaguar has a more modern interior with plenty of quality construction materials. It also has fewer standard features compared to the Q70. The Jaguar lacks navigation and heated front seats at its base model. The list of standard features in the Jaguar is much shorter than the Q70. Buyers will have to make some serious sacrifices to get the Jaguar for the base price.


The 2019 Infiniti Q70 sports a unique exterior design and emphasizes rear passenger comfort with the optional addition of a longer wheel base. Buyers looking to impress rear seat passengers will want to upgrade to get the additional leg room and rear passenger accommodations. The Q70 also focuses on driving excitement with two powerful engine options. Both the V6 and the V8 crank out a lot of horsepower. The Sport package also adds performance tires and sport tuned suspension. The impressive Bose Surround Sound audio system also makes a fine addition to the Q70 with active noise cancellation and sixteen speakers. The 2019 Infiniti Q70 is a unique vehicle in the competitive luxury midsized car category, and will capture the attention of many buyers with its mix of luxury and aggressive styling.

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