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2015 Jaguar XF

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Why Buy a 2015 Jaguar XF?
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Should You Buy a 2015 Jaguar XF? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The Jaguar XF is an elite sports sedan the pledges to deliver an engaging driving experience. While the base engine has been tuned for efficiency, the supercharged V-8 engine transforms the XF into an unstoppable force of nature. Like most luxury cars in its class, the XF can be equipped with several high-tech goodies. Although the XF displays a fairly expensive price tag, it definitely brings a lot to the table. 

What's new for 2015?

To the delight of future buyers, the Jaguar XF now comes standard with even more features than before. This helps to make the base model a more enticing choice. Due to a lack of interest, adaptive cruise control is not offered for the current model year. 

Top Ten Reasons to Buy a 2015 Jaguar XF - The Pros

1) Efficient Base Engine

A turbocharged 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine comes standard on the base model. With a total output of 240 horsepower, the engine enables the XF to deliver a peppy performance on the road. In regards to fuel efficiency, drivers can expect the XF to return at least 30 mpg on the highway. 

2) Jaw-Dropping Performance

While the base engine’s performance is admirable, the supercharged V-6 engine is a major upgrade. The 340-horsepower engine will surely put a smile on the driver’s face. However, the supercharged V-8 engine is clearly the most powerful option. The high-powered engine can push out an exhilarating 470 horsepower. When tested at the track, the fleet-footed sedan raced to 60 mph in only 4.5 seconds. 

3) All-Wheel Drive Availability

Rear-wheel drive comes standard on the 2015 Jaguar XF. If desired, prospective buyers can also upgrade to an AWD system. In the event that the driver needs to travel during the winter, the AWD system will dramatically enhance the sedan’s traction. 

4) Generous Cargo Capacity

The trunk provides about 17.7 cubic feet of cargo space. However, the split-folding rear seats can be pushed down to further expand the sedan’s cargo capacity. Travelers will find the extra cargo room to be a big advantage. 

5) Nimble Handling

Designed with an athletic chassis, the XF is an agile driving machine that loves curvy roads. Unlike an average commuter sedan, the XF displays a minimum amount of body roll when cornering. The 5.0 Supercharged models actually come equipped with an adaptive suspension system and a sport differential. 

6) Prestigious Brand

For years, Jaguar has remained one of the most prestigious nameplates on the market. The XF is definitely a classy sedan that attracts plenty of positive attention. Most car lovers understand Jaguar’s legendary heritage. 

7) Available Sport Model

Drivers who desire a flashier appearance can opt for the available Sport Model. Fitted with a spoiler and a unique body kit, the Sport model has a very aggressive road presence. The sedan’s styling is further enhanced by a special set of wheels. 

8) High-End Luxury Features

Some of the standard luxury features include xenon headlamps, a rear-view camera, and navigation. Music lovers will also appreciate the 12-speaker audio system. Some of the optional goodies include adaptive headlights, blind-spot monitoring, and a heated steering wheel. 

9) Exclusive JaguarDrive Selector 

Instead of using a traditional gear shifter, the new XF is designed with an innovative JaguarDrive Selector knob. Not only does this neat feature free up more interior space, but it is also extremely simple to use. 

10) Exciting to Drive

There is no overlooking the XF’s fun factor, especially on the open road. The top-of-the-line V8 engine roars with excitement. Although the V-6 version is not as potent, it still promises to provide the necessary thrills. 

Reasons you may not want to buy a 2015 Jaguar XF - The Cons

1) Hefty Price

While the base model is loaded with features, it still carries a relatively expensive price tag. In fact, the base model has a starting price of about $53,000. However, the high-performance models can cost in excess of $70,000. 

2) Lacks Active Safety Features

Although the XF does come equipped with a rear-view camera and parking sensors, it does not offer a lot of other active safety features. Blind-spot monitoring is the primary safety option. 

3) Questionable Gas Mileage for the V-8 Models

While the four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines deliver good gas mileage, the supercharged V-8 engine is average at best. In exchange for the unbelievable power, drivers must sacrifice a great deal of efficiency. 

How it Stacks Up Against the Competition:

Some of the Jaguar XF’s main competitors include the BMW 528i and the Audi A6. Although virtually all of the other sedans in its price range offer more safety features, the XF takes a backseat to no one in terms of performance. 


The 2015 Jaguar XF is a true sports sedan that begs to be driven. The optional V-8 engine is a powerhouse that always brings excitement. Furthermore, the sedan is packed with a long list of luxury features. As expected, the 2015 Jaguar XF also flaunts plenty of style. 

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