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2016 Jeep Cherokee Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2016 Jeep Cherokee?

Should You Buy a 2016 Jeep Cherokee? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

For the devoted followers of the Jeep brand of cars, the 2016 Jeep Cherokee is definitely something to look forward to. Rocking a smoother sturdier body, the 2016 Jeep Cherokee also boasts excellent interior specs that are designed to give the best cruising experience on city roads or major highways. With a body designed again in the Sport Utility style, it comes in seven different color schemes that leave the lucky consumer spoiled for choice.

A sporty SUV definitely needs the horsepower to match and the 2016 Cherokee packs about 184 HP. This combined with fuel efficiency of 22 MPG in the city and 31 MPG on the highway puts this SUV on the same capability level as its predecesor, the 2015 Cherokee. So what other aspects of this new Jeep will nudge you to make the necessary upgrade?

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2016 Jeep Cherokee - The Pros

1. Packs More Horsepower

Compared to the 2016 GMC Terrain, the 2016 Jeep Cherokee comes with greater acceleration. In comparing the base engines, the 184 HP rating puts it ahead when compared to the 182 HP for the GMC. For those looking to leave competitors in the dust, engines are available up to 271 HP. Combining these with the new 9-speed transmission, acceleration is swift and smooth.

2. Compact and Spacious

For buyers looking for a compact SUV to flaunt on the road, the Jeep Cherokee is the best pick. Size-wise, the Jeep comes in at 182 inches in length (185.3 for the GMC) and 65.7 inches in height (66.3 inches GMC). In terms of width, the Jeep is wider with a 73.2 in measurement compared to the GMC which is 72.8 in—that extra inch in space always matters.

3. Better Exterior

In terms of styling, the new design can’t be beat, especially when compared to the GMC Terrain. Both SUVs spot all-season tires on the front and rear; the difference starts to show in small details like spare-tire options and wheel material. While the GMC Terrain only offers a single Full Spare Tire, the Jeep adds a Compact Spare Tire as well on request. The GMC comes in Aluminum Wheels while the Jeep boasts Steel Wheels. Aluminum wheels are an added option for the consumer.

4. Cool Looking Interior

There is nothing to disappoint on the 2016 Jeep Cherokee interior aesthetics. On request, the Jeep can be tweaked with a back-up camera, interior cargo shade, remote engine start, leather wrap steering wheel to match the seats and a keyless start control option. The Jeep Cherokee 2016 comes with a higher passenger volume of 105.4 (cu.ft), way higher than that of the GMC coming in with 99.6 (cu.ft). So the 2016 Jeep Cherokee carries more volume with extra amenities like Satellite Radio and CD player. The GMC only offers FM Stereo and MP3 Player on board.

5. Convenient Safety Features

The 2016 Cherokee will come with sufficient air bags for the driver, passenger, side head and rear head. The sides are reinforced with more airbags and an additional air bag to protect on the rear body end. Extra safety perks are the Electronic stability control, child safety locks, and daytime running lights. To stand out from all other SUVs in its price range, including GMC Terrain, this model will add Brake Assist and Traction Control features for maximum safety.

6. More Exterior Colors

The GMC Terrain will only come in two color shades, Onyx Black and Summit White. The Jeep Cherokee 2016 gives more options to the consumer in terms of colors—from a rich pearl coating that is either Brilliant Black, light brownstone, Eco Green, Bright White, Billet Silver (metallic), True Blue and Deep Cherry Red.

7. Freedom of Choice Drive Modes

The Sport Jeep Cherokee 2016 comes in two models to avoid limiting the consumer on one drive mode. The first option is the FWD 4dr Sport with an MPG of 22 City and 31 Highway. The second option is the four wheel drive, the 4WD 4dr Sport that is equally automatic, and comes with MPG ratings of 21 City and 28 Highway. The consumer will have to cough up a few more dollars for the 4WD.

8. Great Engine Performance

The 2016 Cherokee SUV boasts a 4 cylinder engine that consumes regular unleaded I-4 fuel. The 184 HP engine charges up a Torque of 171 @4600 RPM, enough power for either city or highway cruises. The engine has a displacement of 2.4L/144 while the wheels have a convenient turning diameter of 37.6.

9. Options in Transmission

The Jeep Cherokee 2016 is primarily an automatic transmission vehicle for the driver who wants the car to do most of their work while they enjoy the ride. Alternatively, a manual transmission stick will also be included for the hands-on driver.

Reasons you may not want to buy a 2016 Jeep Cherokee - The Cons

1. Not Enough Standard Features

Sadly, consumers will have to cough up extra to have a leather wrap steering wheel, cloth seats, heated mirrors, keyless entry or a remote engine start. This is to mention a few optional items that are not offered on purchase.

2. Lower Fuel Efficiency

Both the 2016 Jeep Cherokee and 2016 GMC Terrain almost draw when it comes to MPG ratings, with the GMC having the slight edge at 23 City and 32 Highway, and the Jeep at 22 City and 31 Highway .

3. Low Fuel Capacity

Jeep’s fuel capacity is 15.8 Gallons while the GMC totals 18 Gallons on full tank. Comparing with the 2014 and 2015 Cherokee, Jeep seems to hold a tradition of constant fuel capacity and MPG on their new models. This means that the jeep definitely runs out faster and will need an early re-fuel compared to the GMC.


Despite the tiny setbacks, the 2016 Jeep Cherokee is definitely worth every dime as a Sport SUV. It has great engine performance, on par fuel efficiency, it has plenty of space inside while remaining quite compact and comes in several color shades.