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2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs Toyota 4Runner

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee vs Toyota 4Runner - Comparison.

2019 Grand Cherokee vs 4Runner - How do they stack up? Which is Better?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee and Toyota 4Runner ranges have been popular choices of midsize SUVs for several years. While many other vehicles in the class offer a certain amount of style alongside an off-roading experience, many often compromise on one for the sake of the other.

This isn’t the case with the 2019 4Runner or 2019 Grand Cherokee, as both bring a lot to the table in both regards. While the two midsize SUVs offer a significant amount of style and comfort, they’re also some of the more off-road capable vehicles on the market.

Though there are extensive similarities in this regard, there are quite a significant number of differences. Many of these are apparent from the first glance, with the 2019 Toyota 4Runner featuring a classic style while the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee offers a more modern design.

This is because the 4Runner hasn’t received a stylistic upgrade since its 2010 edition, with the design starting to feel slightly outdated. While this might be off-putting to some, the look does match well with its off-roading capabilities.

The Grand Cherokee, however, is the much more visually appealing vehicle, with the design helping to make it one of the better-looking midsize SUVs on offer.

Many of us will want to look beyond the exteriors when choosing between the vehicles, however. As you might expect, while there are similarities, there are a considerable number of differences between the 2019 4Runner and 2019 Grand Cherokee.

Much of this is due to the SUVs being designed with different customers in mind. As such, the manufacturers have placed emphasis on certain areas instead of others. Depending on what you’re searching for in a midsize SUV, one of these should quickly become much more appealing than the other.

The Powertrain

Looking under the hood of both the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2019 Toyota 4Runner highlights the many differences you’d expect from the two vehicles. Not only does the Grand Cherokee have more engine options, but each of these is also more powerful than what the 4Runner puts out.

The first of these is a V6 engine that holds just over three and a half liters and produces 295 horsepower and a large amount of torque. However, it’s with the V8 engines that the 2019 Grand Cherokee stands out, with the smallest of these being a 5.7l that has an output of 360 hp, while a 6.4l engine has a 475 hp output.

Both of these feature a similar improvement in torque. Lastly is the supercharged V8, which comes in at 6.2l and generates quite an impressive 707hp while also offering a similar jump in torque.

While the base engine features an adequate fuel economy at 19 miles per gallon around the city and 26 along the highway, each of the engine upgrades are notably worse. The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s supercharged V8, for example, only offers 11 and 17 mpg, respectively. Both of the other engines have relatively similar figures.

Compared to this, the Toyota 4Runner only offers a V6 engine that clocks in at 4l and generates approximately 270hp and a torque level of roughly the same figure. While this is enough to outperform the 2019 Grand Cherokee’s base engine, it certainly doesn’t match up to the upgraded engines, although this is to be expected.

Where the 2019 4Runner can compete with these, however, is with its fuel economy. Though it offers two less mpg in the city and five less on the highway than the base Grand Cherokee engine, it significantly outperforms each of the other engines in this way.

It should be noted that the size of the tanks themselves will play a role in how often you’ll need to refill them. While you’ll end up spending significantly more money running the Jeep Grand Cherokee, you could expect to be visiting the gas station just as much with either SUV.

There’s little difference between the two vehicles in terms of transmission and other traits, with both offering RWD as standard. Both also provide various 4WD options. The 2019 4Runner, for example, has a part-time 4WD for both its TRD Off-Road and SR5 trims, while there’s a full-time option for the Limited trim.

The 2019 Grand Cherokee, in comparison, offers the Quadra-Drive I system with the majority of its trims, although the Trailhawk trim gets the Quadra-Drive II, which is somewhat similar to that of the 2019 4Runner.

As such, there’s not much of a noticeable difference between on show here. This could mean that they’re both just as capable as each other while on the road. However, the 4Runner does seem to take the advantage when it comes to off-roading.

If you’re only considering base engines, then the Toyota 4Runner is the better choice. However, it could be well-worth choosing one of the 2019 Grand Cherokee’s larger engines. While these will naturally be more expensive, the extra power you get is cost-effective.


Both the 2019 Toyota 4Runner and 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee offer quite a considerable amount of passenger space alongside cargo room, with there being little difference between them. However, it is the Grand Cherokee, which takes the win here as it provides more room in the majority of areas.

While these are relatively minor, and in some cases can be less than an inch of space, it does offer significantly more legroom in the rear seats. As such, this could make it the much more family-friendly midsize SUV between the two.

The advantage is further enhanced by the extra cargo space that the Grand Cherokee offers, as there’s quite a substantial difference between the two. Jeep has also included a few additional features to allow drivers to take full advantage of this extra room.

Perhaps the most notable of these is the inclusion of a power liftgate, which can be opened or closed with the click of a button. While this is an optional extra, it’s more than the 4Runner offers in this regard. This is something that could be beneficial for shorter drivers and makes it much easier to load and unload the vehicle.

When it comes to the design of the interiors, the 2019 Grand Cherokee also takes the lead here. Much of this is because the 2019 4Runner’s design, while practical, comes across as outdated, which is something that many drivers will expect from the SUV’s exterior.

The majority of the 4Runner’s interiors are designed to put up with a significant amount of wear and tear. While this can be an advantage when off-roading, it’s not something that many drivers will want outside of this. Though the seats are quite comfortable, the overall look and feel of the vehicle come across as sub-par and cheap.

The Grand Cherokee surpasses this quite easily, with much of the SUV’s interior depending on which trim level you choose. Regardless of this, however, each of the models has a modern and luxurious feel that the 2019 4Runner simply can’t match.

As a result, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is the more appealing choice. It should be noted, however, that the 2019 Toyota 4Runner has an optional third row of seats, which is something that the 2019 Grand Cherokee doesn’t offer on any trim.

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In terms of safety, the Toyota 4Runner lags behind somewhat, despite having a variety of notable features. Much of this is because the Jeep Grand Cherokee matches the majority of safety features while also providing significantly more as standard.

One of the more prominent examples of these is a warning system put in place for any unexpected lane departures. Alongside this is a system designed to mitigate as much damage as possible in the event of a crash, with this being seen in both a warning and automatic braking pre-collision.

A camera that monitors your bling-spot is also available with the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee and is notably absent from the 2019 Toyota 4Runner. The two SUVs seem to take a different approach to safety, with the Grand Cherokee seemingly being more active while the Toyota 4Runner is more passive.

One quite innovative feature that’s been included in the Jeep is Uconnect Access, which is an optional extra that comes highly recommended. Should you take advantage of this, you’ll be able to track the SUV if it’s stolen. Alongside this, you’ll be able to remotely lock and unlock doors as needed.

Both of the midsize SUVs offer much more safety features than many competitors, although there is quite a difference between these two specifically. Alongside the difference in the features that come as standard, the 2019 Grand Cherokee also looks to have more optional extras in this regard.

While the Toyota 4Runner is built to withstand the wear and tear of off-roading, it doesn’t compare to the Jeep Grand Cherokee in its overall safety. While both are undoubtedly safe midsize SUVs, there’s a clear difference between the two. If you’re looking for the more reliable vehicle, then go with the 2019 Grand Cherokee.

Which Has the Best Value?

Since the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a variety of benefits compared to the 2019 Toyota 4Runner, many people would believe that it’s the more expensive choice. This isn’t the case, however, as the Grand Cherokee is the more affordable option by several thousand dollars.

The majority of the price difference is seen on the base models of both midsize SUVs, although the difference becomes noticeably smaller when you look at the higher-end versions.

This is especially true if you add 4WD, with the 4Runner typically costing $36,985 with this included. A Grand Cherokee with 4WD, however, should set you back an estimated $34,245.

While the base models of the 2019 4Runner are more expensive than the 2019 Grand Cherokee, this is reversed as look at the top trims. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re not getting value for money with the additional cost.

In contrast, the additional features that come with the high-end models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee certainly seem to be worth the cost. Much of this is seen in the enhanced luxury that comes with the more expensive trims, as well as a significant amount of extra power under the hood.

The 2019 Grand Cherokee also features a maintenance-free battery, which cuts out much of the costs that are typically associated with keeping it running correctly. The 2019 4Runner doesn’t have this as an option, which could mean that you’ll have noticeably higher maintenance costs over the SUV’s lifetime.

When it comes to keeping a vehicle well-maintained, many of us can forget when to bring it in for a check-up. This could result in issues going unnoticed and become a more expensive problem, which is something everybody would naturally want to avoid.

The Grand Cherokee helps by including a maintenance reminder system that factors in driving conditions and a variety of other factors. Taking advantage of this should mean that you’ll be able to avoid any issues developing, which could save you a considerable amount of time and money in the long-term.

As a result, the system has the potential of providing more long-term value for the midsize SUV than you might believe. The 4Runner doesn’t have this option, which is another mark against it in the value-for-money department.

Where the Toyota does offer a certain amount of value, however, is with its mileage. While it lags behind slightly when compared to the Jeep’s base engine, it goes noticeably farther than many of the upgraded engines.

While this isn’t the most redeeming feature in terms of cost, it can be beneficial for those of us who need to make long journeys frequently. Outside of this, the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee is the clear favorite for value.

Which Is Better?

It’s clear that the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee outperforms the 2019 Toyota 4Runner in the majority of categories. Not only does it have a more powerful engine overall, but there’s quite a notable difference in engine options, making it the more versatile midsize SUV.

The Grand Cherokee is the much more budget-friendly SUV, especially when you factor in the variety of features that are included as standard. Alongside this, the extra space and comfort that it offers make it the more family-oriented vehicle, an area that’s enhanced through the more high-end infotainment and audio systems.

If you’re looking for a much more capable and refined off-roading SUV, however, then the 4Runner is by far the better choice. While the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee doesn’t slouch too much in this regard, the 2019 Toyota 4Runner is more focused and streamlined in this regard.

While the 4Runner may be a much simpler vehicle, this can work to its benefit in some ways, with this helping to add a certain amount of reliability when driving. The primary reason behind this is that Toyota’s approach has been to perfect the basics.

While this has meant that there hasn’t been much innovation with the 2019 4Runner, it does outperform in terms of its handling and drivability. These qualities could help sway many drivers choosing between it and the 2019 Grand Cherokee.

As such, the choice of which is the better midsize SUV primarily lies in which of these areas you place more importance on.

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