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2020 Jeep Compass Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2020 Jeep Compass Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Sport vs Latitude vs Limited & Trailhawk
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James Murdoch

What 2020 Jeep Compass Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The Jeep Compass range has been well-received by SUV enthusiasts for a significant amount of time, with the majority of this being because of its size. While it’s certainly not the largest SUV on the market, it’s far from the smallest; in contrast, it’s a middle-of-the-road model that offers a decent amount of interior space without being too large for many drivers.

Alongside this, the range has been quite a visually appealing one, with each new generation improving on this aspect. The 2020 Jeep Compass is no different, as it features an impressive design that should attract quite a large number of people. There’s also quite a significant variety of features included with the SUV’s four trim levels, giving potential buyers a decent amount of choice between models.

There have been quite a few additions and tweaks to the new range, with there being just enough for owners of previous generations of the Jeep Compass to consider upgrading. While these are relatively minor, such as modifications to the exterior and a few feature changes inside, they can add up quite quickly.

The space that the 2020 Jeep Compass offers is quite large, with the cabin of the SUV comfortably fitting four people inside. While this could extend to five, it will start feeling somewhat cramped. The extra space that’s available is also extended to cargo, as there’s slightly more on offer than people may find with other models.

One area where drivers may see a negative is in the safety rating of the SUV. While it includes a variety of safety features to boast about, it underperforms in the majority of rating systems focused on this aspect. This is especially true when compared to slightly larger vehicles, and it could outperform some smaller ones, although by quite a thin margin.

Alongside this is the fuel economy, where the 2020 Jeep Compass underperforms quite significantly. While this isn’t much below industry standard, it somehow manages to offer fewer miles per gallon than many larger vehicles. This could be offputting to many potential buyers, although it shouldn’t be too large of a negative.

Despite this, the new Jeep Compass manages to outperform many of its competitors in the majority of other areas, which could come as quite a comfort to some drivers. Style is one of the larger areas where this can be seen, although the look and feel of the vehicle depend on the trim; the lower-end trims offer somewhat of a sleek appearance, although the more high-end has a more rugged look.

Alongside the rugged feel of the Limited and Trailhawk trims, they manage to pull off a sense of luxury that will attract quite a significant number of people. This balance can often be quite challenging to pull off, with many other SUVs trying and failing to do so. As such, the more expensive trims could be worth much of the price increase on looks alone.

While many people may have expected significant differences between the 2020 Jeep Compass’ trims and previous installments, the four on offer are the same ones that have been available for a considerable amount of time. Despite this, there have been a few changes to the features that are included as standard. As such, some buyers may have difficulty picking a model to invest in.

As a result, it’s worth looking at what these differences are and whether they’re worth the increase in price. Though there are a few notable differences, there are also several similarities that drivers will need to be aware of.

Perhaps the largest of these is that the 2020 Jeep Compass’s trims all run on the same base engine, a 2.4-liter that operates on four inline cylinders. While this is somewhat larger than many other subcompact SUVs, the lack of improvement or upgrades with the more high-end models could be a drawback for some buyers.

Outside of this, there are no other notable similarities between each of the trims. As a result, there are more differences to take advantage of than many SUV enthusiasts may have believed. The majority of these modifications are focused on the overall luxury and style that’s on offer with each level.

This should be quite obvious to the majority of potential buyers, as the 2020 Jeep Compass Trailhawk is noticeably more stylish than the base Sport model. However, there are a few other differences outside of the exterior design that the majority of drivers should be aware of.

Compare the 2020 Jeep Compass Sport Vs Latitude Trim Levels.  What’s The Difference?

Despite being the base model of the 2020 Jeep Compass, the Sport trim offers a wealth of features to take advantage of, as well as a large amount of style. The design provides quite a sleek appearance, which can be seen from almost all angles. One of the more notable features in this regard is the 16-inch wheels that feature black-painted steel as standard.

However, the majority of features that drivers will want to take advantage of will be seen inside the vehicle, with there being almost as much style seen here as on the outside. The cloth seating should provide much of this while also being quite comfortable to the touch. Alongside this are a few prominent infotainment features that are well-designed and rest comfortably along the dash.

The first of these is a seek-scan radio that not only offers FM/AM radio as standard but also Satellite-prep, which could be a minor benefit to drivers. There’s also an automatic climate control system in the front of the 2020 Jeep Compass, which includes dual-zone controls as standard. This is quite an improvement on many other similarly-sized SUVs, which typically use a manual, with the dual-zone functionality often not being included.

Two LCD monitors in the front row should also prove to be quite attractive, especially for drivers with young families who may want to take advantage of them. A remote entry system featuring keyfob technology applies to each of the doors, which should be a benefit to quite a large number of people.

Heated mirrors help to round out many of the luxury aspects of the SUV, although there are a few other minor features that some drivers could want. Perhaps the largest of these is a driveline and ABS traction control system, which should help with the vehicle’s handling and overall drivability.

The 2020 Jeep Compass Latitude includes all of these features as standard, although it’s swapped out several things to enhance the overall luxury of the vehicle. Alongside this is a few notable additions, which should help to justify the cost increase.

The first notable change that can be seen here is the wheels, which are now slightly larger at 17-inches. There’s also been a change in materials, with these being made from aluminum, although they do feature painted silver accents. Though not the largest difference seen in an SUV trim, it does help to complement the various other design modifications seen with the Latitude.

One other notable difference in the exterior is that the higher-end trim now features front-fog lights as standard. While some people may believe that this would detract from the design, these have been well-integrated into the SUV to ensure that they add a nice touch to its style.

In the interior of the 2020 Jeep Compass, drivers should first notice a change in fabric, with the Latitude using a cloth/vinyl blend instead of the bare cloth that the Sport utilizes. Alongside this, the trim has upgraded the seek-scan radio to include SiriusXM as standard, although this wouldn’t be a major drawing point for many drivers.

Perhaps the last noticeable difference between the two trim levels is seen in the SUV’s mechanics. While the Jeep Compass Sport uses a front-wheel-drive as standard, the higher-end Latitude changes this to a four-wheel-drive. However, drivers will have the option to switch between these if they wanted.

Compare the 2020 Jeep Compass Latitude Vs Limited Trims.  What’s The Difference?

There are quite a few notable differences between the 2020 Jeep Compass Latitude and Limited trims, although not all of these may be good things. One of the most obvious of these is that the Limited reverts back to a front-wheel-drive system as standard. While this is something that can be changed – for a cost – it’s something that many people may be irritated by.

However, the rest of the changes that have been made with the higher-end trim should attract quite a few people. Prominent among these is a change in style, with the Limited trim being somewhat more rugged than it’s lower-end counterparts. One significant difference here is that the wheels have increased in size again, and now come in at 18-inches.

While these feature the same color scheme as before, these now offer a polished finish, which adds to the overall rugged appeal that the trim has. Alongside this, the 2020 Jeep Compass Limited trim has received a few additional features that should enhance the luxury aspect of the SUV.

One of the first that potential buyers will notice is the switch in the fabric used inside the vehicle, with the Limited trim using a leather seating as standard. The front passenger and driver seats have also been upgraded to include heating, with this being utilized in both the seatback and cushions. As a result, the SUV should feel much more comfortable during the winter months.

However, the driver’s seat has received a further upgrade, with lumbar support now being included as standard. As a result, drivers shouldn’t feel any sense of discomfort while they’re driving, regardless of whether they’re off-roading or taking to the highway.

Lastly is a slight change in mechanics, with the 2020 Jeep Compass Limited trim taking advantage of a six-speed transmission similar to the one used in the Sport model. Further enhancing the similarities between these two models is that both are manuals.

Compare the 2020 Jeep Compass Limited Vs Trailhawk Trim Levels.  What’s The Difference?

The 2020 Jeep Compass Trailhawk takes the ruggedness and overall luxury up a notch, with this being seen in quite a large number of ways. While the exterior of the vehicle will highlight this in spades, many of the core differences between this and the lower-end models will be seen in the interior, as well as under the hood. However, this hasn’t meant that all of the changes have been positive.

In contrast, there are one or two notable aspects that many drivers may see as a negative. One of the largest of these is seen in the wheels, which have been downgraded in size to 17-inches. Outside of this, they haven’t seen any other changes, and come with the same color scheme as the lower-end Limited trim.

Alongside this, while each of the other models has offered the choice of four-wheel-drive or front-wheel-drive, the 2020 Jeep Compass Trailhawk only comes with the option of a four-wheel-drive. Though this makes it quite a smooth and appealing ride, the lack of choice could be something that many people will find unappealing.

However, there have been a few additions to the Trailhawk model to compensate for these. Perhaps the most notable of these is that the interior now features a cloth and leather blend for the seats, which helps to add to the vehicle’s comfort and overall style. The addition works great in conjunction with the exterior of the car, which is considerably more attractive than some of the other trim levels.

The last significant difference between the 2020 Jeep Compass Trailhawk and the lower-end options is seen in the transmission. While the Limited and Sport both featured a six-speed transmission, the Trailhawk bumps this up to a nine-speed, which could be quite a significant advantage for fans of off-roading.

Which Trim to Choose?

There are quite a large number of differences between the 2020 Jeep Compass and previous generations, with this primarily being seen in the safety features that now come as standard across each trim. This has been a negative for the Sport trim in the past, as it used to lack many of these systems.

With the inclusion of these safety systems, the Sport could be much more of a contender for many buyers, especially if they’re somewhat budget-conscious. However, it may be the Limited trim that stands out from each of the other models, with this being driven by a few notable reasons.

Perhaps the largest of these is that it seems to offer the most value for money. While each of the other 2020 Jeep Compass trims offers several extra features, the majority of these are focused on styling, which is what the price increase is focused on. The Limited trim, however, offers a balance between this style and overall functionality while still coming in at a relatively affordable price.

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