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2022 Kia Carnival Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Kia Carnival Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: LX vs EX vs SX and Prestige

Compare the 2022 Kia Carnival Trims - LX vs EX vs SX and Prestige. What is the difference between them?

The Kia Carnival is an all-new model that shakes things up a little. It replaces the Sedona minivan in the company's lineup, but it doesn't look exactly like a minivan. While it does have sliding rear doors on either side of it, it has a boxy SUV-like frame. Kia calls it a Multi-Purpose Vehicle, or an MPV. It's a great cross between an SUV and a minivan, and it may be able to attract a lot of attention from customers who need space, value style, and want something that's practical.

As one would expect from a three-row vehicle, it has plenty of room in its cabin and a lot of convenient amenities. There are five trims available, all of which have many modern components. This overview will provide those interested with more information about how the trims differ from each other.

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Compare the LX vs LX Seat Package. What is the difference?

From an aesthetic standpoint, these two trims are very similar to each other. The LX Seat Package has some extra features, though. It's available in two additional exterior color choices, which are Flare Red and Deep Chroma Blue. There are two choices for the interior color scheme on the LX Seat Package, and they are Off-Black and a two-tone Saddle Brown and Off-Black style. The LX is limited to an Off-Black color scheme.

The LX provides passengers with cloth seats. These are soft and comfortable, and they're perfectly fine. However, the LX Seat Package has SynTex upholstery. SynTex is a synthetic material that looks and feels almost like leather, so it elevates the level of sophistication in the cabin. A leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob add to the look.

The LX Seat Package trim has a ten-way power-adjustable driver's seat that comes with two-way power lumbar support. This makes it easier to get comfortable, and this can be important on long drives to reduce fatigue. In addition, the LX Seat Package has heated front seats, which are highly sought after by those who like the idea of staying warm and cozy.

Another big difference is that the LX has room for seven and the LX Seat Package can accommodate eight total people. For some customers, this could be something that leads them to choose the LX Seat Package trim.

The two trims share many of the same features, so one will have to decide whether the mostly cosmetic upgrades in the LX Seat Package are worth the slightly higher cost. Both trims have a full array of driver-assist technologies. They include lane keeping assist, automatic high beams, a rear view monitor with parking guidance, driver attention warning, and forward collision alert. The forward collision alert system can sense vehicles as well as pedestrians, so it can be very useful on busy streets.

These trims also share the same engine, as do all the other trims in the lineup. They use 3.5-liter V6 engines that can deliver 290 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. Keep in mind that the Carnival is only available with front-wheel drive.

Compare the LX Seat Package vs EX Trims. What is the difference?

Moving up to the EX trim is associated with getting several upgrades. First, the EX rides on 19-inch wheels instead of 17-inch ones. Another exterior upgrade is a smart power tailgate. This type of tailgate can be so convenient to use when loaded down with groceries, bags, or other items. All someone has to do is to simply stand behind the tailgate with the Smart Key, and the tailgate will open automatically.

The LX and LX Seat Package both have eight-inch touchscreens. In contrast, the EX has a 12.3-inch touchscreen. In addition to having Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Bluetooth, which are standard on the Kia Carnival, the EX has navigation, UVO link remote connectivity, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Instead of being equipped with six speakers, the EX has eight speakers, and it has wireless charging. This package is definitely going to help the EX attract attention.

More high-tech elements are found in other areas of the EX. For example, it has tri-zone automatic temperature control so that people in various parts of the cabin can set their own temperatures. Its forward collision avoidance-assist program is able to sense cyclists and not just pedestrians and vehicles. When approaching an intersection, it can be on high alert. Plus, the EX has parking distance warning monitors in both the front and back. They can help prevent minor fender benders when getting into or out of smaller parking spots.

Since it uses navigation, the cruise control system in the EX is able to be quite advanced. Its an adaptive cruise control version that can make adjustments to speed, as necessary. If traffic slows or if a curvy section of road is up ahead, the Carnival can slow itself down. It can even bring itself to a stop if traffic has built up more than usual. With the Highway Driving Assist program, the Carnival can control steering, too.

Finally, the EX is available in a different shade of blue than the LX Seat Package is. The LX Seat Package can come in a Deep Chroma Blue, while the EX is available in a slightly lighter hue called Astra Blue.

Compare the EX vs SX Trim Levels. What is the difference?

While the EX looks refined, the SX is even more upscale. Customers can have a choice of the Off-Black seat trim or the two-tone Tuscan Umber and Off-Black. Tuscan Umber is a richer color than the Saddle Brown of the EX.

Rather than having silver accents on its exterior, the SX has satin chrome ones. Satin chrome is on the skid plates, bumper, tailgate, and C-Pillar. The front grille has a matte chrome coating, too. To contrast with those chrome finishes, the SX has 19-inch gloss black wheels.

The SX's exterior is enhanced in other ways. It has LED front fog lights and power-folding outside mirrors. Its roof rails may be of interest to those who plan on strapping cargo on the top of their Carnivals. All trims of the Kia Carnival have sound-absorbing front windshields, but the SX is upgraded with sound-absorbing front door windows. This makes the cabin more peaceful.

The SX has one perk that will make a lot of people happy if traveling with a lot of passengers. It comes standard with a rear-seat entertainment system. This system consists of two screens mounted on the front-seat headrests. These screens can be set up to mirror Apple and Android devices, and they can come with several apps.

Since it's likely that passengers will have devices to charge, it's helpful that the SX has two additional USB charging outlets. Besides these, it has two outlets in the front console, another one up front, two in the second row, and two more in the third row. The other trims all have these USB charging outlets as well. Another thing that the SX has that the EX does not have is a pair of 115-volt power inverters.

To finish the discussion on technology, it's important to note that the SX has a few more safety components that take advantage of recent advancements in the industry. It has a surround view monitor, which can be so useful when maneuvering, and it has parking collision-avoidance assist. As mentioned earlier, the EX has parking distance warning, but the SX can actually hit the brakes if it seems like it's about to hit something behind it.

In terms of keeping people comfortable, the SX does a great job. It has heated and ventilated front seats so that people can stay comfortable in every season. The front passenger in the SX gets to have a power-adjustable seat that can move in eight ways. In comparison, the EX's front passenger has to make manual adjustments in order to move the seat around.

Compare the SX vs SX Prestige Trim. What is the difference?

The SX Prestige is the trim to get if anyone wants to treat him/herself to the best of what Kia has to offer. This premium vehicle has not one but two sunroofs. Both of them are power operated and can either tilt or slide open. Having two sunroofs gives the cabin a feeling of openness, and it can be a great way to let in fresh air.

One might notice a few other exterior differences. The SX Prestige is the only trim to have full LED headlights and LED rear combination lamps. These LEDs look quite modern and can be very effective at their jobs.

Inside the cabin, the trend continues. The SX Prestige comes standard with LED interior lighting, and it's the only type of Carnival to have leather seats. Those seats are embossed and perforated.

The second-row of the SX Prestige gives passengers a luxury experience. Kia has put in "VIP" lounge seats in this trim. This pair of seats has wing-out headrests and leg extensions. This means, though, that the SX Prestige has room for seven instead of eight.

A heated steering wheel can make it easier to stay warm in the winter. The auto-dimming rearview mirror can be useful at night, and it has HomeLink technology so that it can communicate with garage doors, security systems, and a few other systems one may have at home.

The technology package on the top-of-the-line Carnival trim is impressive. It comes with 12 Bose speakers. In contrast, the SX and EX have eight speakers, and the first two trims only have six speakers. Another element that people will appreciate is the 12.3-inch screen behind the steering wheel of the SX Prestige. It keeps drivers aware of how they're doing, and since it's an LCD display, it's easy to read. The other trims all have 4.2-inch computer displays.

One last difference between these top two trims is that the SX Prestige has a blind view monitor. It turns on when the turn signal is activated, and it shows the driver a live video of the blind spot. It uses the information from the camera mounted in the side mirror, and it displays the video inside the instrument cluster. It can be so nice to be able to actually see a vehicle in the blind spot when trying to change lanes.

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Which Trim to Choose?

Given all that the 2022 Kia Carnival has to offer, it can difficult to decide which trim would be best. They all have the same powerful engine, advanced safety features, and comfortable seating. However, the number and quality of their amenities varies. Obviously, each customer will have to weigh the benefits of each trim along with the cost.

When taking everything into account, the EX seems to stand out above the rest. Its technology is a major reason why it's the recommended option. It has the larger touchscreen, along with wireless charging, SiriusXM, and navigation. While touchscreens and smartphone compatibility are becoming much more commonplace in budget-friendly vehicles, navigation is often only included on premium models. It's great that Kia has given the EX these advanced components.

On top of this, the EX has several other attractive features, such as its comprehensive safety package, a smart power tailgate, and 19-inch wheels. That being said, there really isn't a wrong choice here. Anyone who drive the Carnival will likely love how practical and modern it is.

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