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2023 Land Rover Trim Levels and Configurations, Pros vs Cons

2023 Land Rover Buying Guides w/ Pros vs Cons, Trim Level Configurations - Why Buy a Land Rover

About Land Rover

The original model of the Land Rover was launched by the Rover Company in England in 1948. During the succeeding years, it evolved into a series of sturdy, popular four-wheel-drive vehicles. Models in this series have included: the utility off-road Defender, the luxury SUV Discovery, the compact SUV Freelander, the luxury-feature SUV Range Rover, the full-feature Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoque, a stylish compact crossover SUV. An early vehicle designer first sketched the outline of the original Land Rover on a sandy beach in Wales, emulating the basic design of rugged World War II jeeps. Since then, the Land Rover has been redesigned and refined by many decades of innovative utility vehicle designers and engineers.

Major Milestones for Design Changes During the Land Rover's Development

• 1947. - The Land Rover vehicle design was announced. This model was designed after the post-war Willys-Overland Jeep. It included a P3 engine, rear axle and durable gearbox.

• 1954. - The 86-inch and 107-inch wheelbase Land Rover models arrived on the market. Larger engines were installed, and the 107-inch wheelbase model was designed as a station wagon. During this time, a diesel engine Land Rover was also introduced.

• 1962. - The Land Rover 12-seater Station Wagon and the Series IIA Forward Control model arrived on the market. Although it was difficult for a dozen adults to fit into this 12-seater vehicle, it was ideal for transporting a combination of children and adults. Built as a durable cargo carrier, the Forward Control model had a repositioned cab, which sat directly over the engine.

• 1970. - The Range Rover was launched. This vehicle had enhanced capacities for off-road driving. It also initiated new stylish lines and interior comfort features usually reserved for cars. This model also introduced coil springs to vehicle owners.

• 1983-84. - The Series III model, first introduced in 1971, was replaced by the 110-inch wheelbase Land Rover design in 1983 and the 90-inch wheelbase model in 1984. Both models included updated styling and coil springs for a smoother ride. An ultra-long 130-inch wheelbase vehicle was also manufactured.

• 1990. - The Discovery model was introduced, specifically designed for the family 4x4 consumer market. This vehicle still had remarkable off-road driving capabilities. Also during 1990, both the 90-inch and 110-inch wheelbase models were renamed and branded 'Defender.' This rebranding celebrated the use of these vehicles by military defense forces. Both vehicles introduced the newly developed 200TDi diesel engine choice, to be followed in 1993 by the 300TDi.

• 2002-2004. - In 2002, the Range Rover Mk III and the second primary Range Rover redesign arrived on the market. Both had updated interior comforts and exterior lines. During 2004, the Discovery 3 was introduced with major interior restyling and a pleasingly streamlined exterior design.

• 2008. - The second Land Rover concept design, the Land Rover LRX, was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show. Although the original version of this vehicle was designed with ERAD latest technology, the new version was not equipped with this operational bonus.

• 2011. - The Land Rover DC100, as the third concept model, was launched during the Frankfurt Auto Show. It was designed to take the place of the Land Rover Defender. Also in 2011, the Range Rover Evoque arrived on the market, offering new front wheel drive.

• 2014-2015. - In 2014, the fourth concept model, the Land Rover Discovery Vision Concept, was introduced. It was meant to replace the existing Land Rover Discovery designs and boasted suicide doors, a transparent hood and laser-supported lamps. However, these features are not expected to be included in production line models in the near future. The new 2015 Discovery Sport vehicle from Land Rover features optional five-plus-two seating. It displays highly attractive modern aerodynamic lines, advanced operational capacities and enhanced control. This model combines heights of high fashionability with an excellent driving experience.

Years of new designs, revisions and structural innovations have made Land Rover the ultimate in modern SUVs. Entering previously unknown and undeveloped stylistic and engineering realms, this popular, fashionable and practical utility vehicle has exhibited a unique blend of expert operational technology and attractive user comforts and features. Land Rover executives and designers have achieved their goal of producing vehicle models capable of high quality urban and rural driving, both on and off-road during all kinds of weather. Especially when you are driving into unfamiliar territory, only the Land Rover will be sure to get you safely to tomorrow's new terrain.

Land Rover has been owned by various companies over the years, including Rover, Ford Motor, Tata Motors and Jaguar. United States automobile engineers and designers have played a very large role through the years in developing unique Land Rover exterior and interior styling as well as operational technology. Today's drivers are intent on hopping in their rugged and fashionable Land Rover utility vehicles and driving wherever their needs, desires or momentary whims may take them. Only when driving a sturdy, hi-tech model like the latest Land Rover brand are they assured of the best possible driving experience and travel time.

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