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2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

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2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Base vs S vs SE, R-Dynamic & HSE

What 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

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Land Rover is well known for its quality. Many Land Rovers, however, are out of the price range of the average customer. With the Discovery Sport, the brand has brought a more affordable SUV to the market. It retains a lot of classic Land Rover elements and the overall style of the brand, but it has its own unique twists and a more compact shape.

One of the biggest advantages of the Land Rover Discovery Sport is its versatility. As a smaller SUV, it feels agile and sporty, and because it can be equipped with a third row, it can fit up to seven people. This gives customers the best of both worlds, and it's likely to be a main factor in bringing attention to the model.

When the two extra seats are fully upright in the third row, there's still a little bit of cargo room for smaller items. When those seats are lowered, there's 34.6 cubic feet of storage space. This is an ideal amount of room for everyday commuting, family adventures, and long road trips. If there are only two people riding in the back, the rear center seatback can be lowered, and this lets the SUV accommodate longer items like skis or surfboards. All the rear seats can be lowered whenever someone needs to maximize cargo space, and in this configuration, there is 60 cubic feet of space.

Compare the 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport vs Sport S Trim Levels. What is the difference?

Both of these trims are well-equipped for being entry-level models. They're each powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with four cylinders. It comes with 246 horsepower and has 269 pound-feet of torque, and it's matched with a nine-speed automatic transmission. The top speed that this engine is capable of achieving is 135 miles per hour, which is far faster than any regular driver would ever be able to go. It takes a touch over seven seconds to go from zero to 60 miles per hour. If anyone want to haul cargo with a Discovery Sport, he or she will be able to tow up to 4,400 pounds.

Fuel economy is reasonable in the Land Rover Discovery Sport. It gets an estimated 19 miles per gallon in the city and 24 miles per gallon on the highway. These numbers aren't anywhere near the top of the list, but they're comparable with many other high-performing vehicles in this class.

By looking at the way the Discovery Sport is built, it's clear that it's been built with capability in mind. It has 8.3 inches of clearance and can even cross small streams, as it has a wading depth of 23.6 inches.

Both the Sport and Sport S ride on 18-inch wheels that have a five split-spoke style. Their glossy silver sheen really stands out. Inside the SUV, the seats are leather, which feels soft and luxurious. Complimenting those leather seats is a leather steering wheel, and there are numerous interior lights to let people see what they're doing and to add to the ambience of the cabin.

The Sport S gets enhanced in a few different ways. First, the driver's and front passenger's seats become power-operated and can be adjusted in 12 ways. This lets people find just the right position. Two-way manual headrests provide more customization opportunities. Further, the seats are grained leather, which is a minor upgrade over the standard leather in the other trim.

The Sport S also comes with Connected Navigation Pro. This is part of the InControl Touch Pro system. Not only does it give people turn-by-turn directions, it can also take into account live traffic conditions. It's similar to map applications or web browsers in that it can be easily switched to a satellite view in case people ever need more reference points. Another one of its advantages is that it lets people use their smartphones to look up directions and send them directly to the vehicle.

Like the Sport, the Sport S has the InControl Remote & Protect system, which gives people the ability to remotely interact with their vehicles. With the use of the InControl app, people can lock or unlock their doors, pinpoint the location of their parked vehicles, check fluid levels, and remotely start the engine. While starting the engine, the app allows users to set the temperature of the climate control system so that everything will be perfect upon their arrival.

One difference that will be significant to some tech-minded customers is that the Sport S comes with a smartphone pack, while the base model does not. This pack includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, two types of smartphone integration that many people are looking for these days.

In the safety department, the two trims are fairly similar, having cruise control, n optional speed limiter, a rear view camera, and emergency braking that can be helpful when it's too difficult to have a chance to react to an unexpected situation. The Sport S has the addition of Traffic Sign Recognition, and its adaptive speed limiter can be useful in keeping drivers closer to the speed limit.

Compare the 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport S vs Sport SE Trims. What is the difference?

When moving up to the Land Rover Discovery Sport SE, there are even more upgraded elements. Take the wheels, for example. They get bumped up from 18 inches to 19 inches, and they feature a 10-spoke style.

Another exterior difference is that the SE has premium LED headlights with Land Rover's signature Daytime Running Lights. Though a small change, it can help the way other people view the vehicle at night. Because the lights in the SE can automatically level themselves, they'll always be pointed in the right direction. This is key when the SUV might be loaded down with cargo in the back or when traveling over uneven terrain.

Inside the cabin, the front seats get enhanced to include a memory function. When people get in, they can simply press one button to adjust the seat instead of having to fiddle with the controls to find the optimal position. A similar convenience is that the Sport SE has a powered tailgate that can be closed or opened with a push of a button.

In terms of safety, the SE comes with Blind Spot Assist on top of all the other driver-assist features offered in the lower trims. This system consists of a warning light that lets drivers know when other vehicles are in their blind spots. It incorporates corrective torque as well, so the Discovery Sport can actually steer away from those vehicles if it seems like the driver is about to change lanes.

The Sport SE also benefits from having an Interactive Driving Display. This display is a high-definition screen that measures 12.3 inches, and it shows the driver data regarding performance. While it has some standard information that most people are used to, it takes things to another level by having the ability to display a map. Its optimal location, right behind the steering wheel, keeps drivers looking in the right direction.

Compare the 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport SE vs R-Dynamic S. What is the difference?

With the Discovery Sport, the R-Dynamic models are more upscale than their counterparts. At each level, whether it's the S or the SE trim, the R-Dynamic models are priced a few thousand dollars higher to account for the differences in quality.

The R-Dynamic S trim has the same wheels as the Sport S, so they're an inch smaller than those found on the Sport SE. The R-Dynamic S does have the same electric front seats, premium LED headlights, and Daytime Running Lights that are found in the Sport SE. It also has the same navigation and smartphone pack, as well as the same heated exterior mirrors that have power-fold and auto-dimming functions.

Where the R-Dynamic S edges out the Sport SE is in style. It has an Atlas bezel in the middle of its leather steering wheel, and it has an Ebony headliner rather than a Light Oyster headliner. Its treadplates have special R-Dynamic branding, and its pedals are a bright metal that might be similar to one would expect in a sports car. Black gearshift paddles further contribute to the feeling that the R-Dynamic is a high-performance vehicle.

The R-Dynamic S is the trim that has more off-road capability. It comes with Terrain Response 2 and All Terrain Progress Control, both of which are there to boost performance when driving in rugged conditions. The Active Driveline in the R-Dynamic S can automatically switch between two- and four-wheel drive depending on the conditions.

Compare the 2020 Land Rover Discovery R-Dynamic S vs R-Dynamic SE. What is the difference?

At the R-Dynamic SE level, 19-inch Satin Dark Grey wheels are included. As seen with the Sport trims, the R-Dynamic SE has more driver-assist features in the form of an Interactive Driving Display and Blind Spot Assist.

With High-Beam Assist, the SE trim can automatically turn on its bright lights when the road ahead is dark. When other vehicles are coming in the opposite direction, or when street lights or other lights are detected, the bright lights will immediately switch to the low beams.

The SE has some more refined details that can make things more convenient. One of the main features that people will appreciate is its powered tailgate. It can really be helpful if anyone has a limited reach or is ever weighted down with bags and cargo.

Compare the 2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport R-Dynamic SE vs R-Dynamic HSE Trim. What is the difference?

The jump from the R-Dynamic SE to the HSE trim comes with a substantial price increase, so as one would expect, the upgrades in the HSE are fairly substantial.

Perhaps the biggest change is that the HSE runs on a turbocharged MHEV engine. It's capable of generating 286 horsepower and 296 pound-feet of torque. In comparison with the standard engine that can hit a speed of 135 miles per hour, it beats that mark by ten miles per hour. In addition, it can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in almost six and a half seconds. The casual driver might notice a big difference in how this vehicle handles, but those who are tuned in to performance will certainly be able to.

The HSE is the only one of the Discovery Sport trims that comes with 20-inch wheels. They have a similar look, with a five split-spoke style, to what is included in the other trims. The HSE stands out from the rest in another way, as it has Keyless Entry. With this feature, someone just has to touch the door handles to lock or unlock them, as long as the key is in close proximity to the vehicle. This eliminates the need to pull keys out of a pocket or bag each time someone wants to get in or lock up the SUV.

Moving to the inside of the cabin, there are 14-way electric memory front seats. Plus, the HSE has a ClearSight interior rear-view mirror. This is an advanced component that can, in a way, see through things to give you a clear view of what's behind you. The mirror uses a camera placed at the rear of the vehicle to provide a driver with a live feed of what he/she should otherwise be able to see with the rear-view mirror. It becomes important if the back of the Discovery Sport is packed with passengers and cargo, blocking the view from the mirror.

The sound system on the HSE is upgraded to be a Meridian Sound System. It includes ten quality speakers placed in different places in the cabin. The system has 380 watts of power, so everything is broadcast clearly.

The HSE is the only trim to come standard with the Drive Pack. It includes adaptive cruise control, which maintains proper distancing rather than just maintain a set speed, as well as high-speed emergency braking.

2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport: Which Trim to Choose?

All of these trims are attractive. While they have somewhat high price tags, the reality is that they're priced very competitively in comparison to other luxury SUVs. If one has the money to spend, the Discovery Sport R-Dynamic HSE would be the one to get. It has all the bells and whistles in the interior, and it has the more capable powertrain. In the situation where the budget is more limited, the Sport S seems to be the most ideal, as it has smartphone integration and navigation.
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