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2021 Land Rover Discovery Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2021 Land Rover Discovery Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Sport vs S vs SE & R-Dynamic

What 2021 Land Rover Discovery Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The 2021 Land Rover Discovery is a sleek and sophisticated example of what a modern SUV should look like. A sporty and contoured appearance on the outside gives way to a premium and upscale aesthetic on the inside of this desirable model. Whether you are interested in occasionally off-roading on the weekend or are looking for a trusted commuter, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery has strength in many uses. Not only is this SUV produced by a brand that is known for its superior design elements and innovative technology integration, but it also possesses a personality of its own.

From the namesake badging above the front grille to its two turbocharged engine options, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery is exclusive in every way possible. At first glance, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery appears much like a standard SUV with a twist. Its confidence and bold attitude are unlike many similar models in this market, which attracts the attention of buyers. Anything but traditional, this SUV offers third-row seating in a cabin that can seat up to seven passengers. This makes the 2021 Land Rover Discovery a great option for family travel or vacationing with friends.

In addition to its versatility, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery is more than capable of hardcore off-road navigation. Do not let the sleek and sophisticated look of this vehicle fool you. It is just as capable roughing it off paved roads and forging through riverbeds as it is commuting to work every day. Its all-wheel drive and modern air suspension makes this vehicle just as practical as it is rugged. The 2021 Land Rover Discovery truly is a multi-faceted SUV that performs well and lives up to the expectations buyers have of it.

In its newest model year, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery has four different trim levels to choose from. If you are a buyer considering the purchase of a new Land Rover Discovery, you should consider the comparison of these four trim levels in the content below. It was created to aide buyers in weighing the differences of each model to select the right trim for your lifestyle needs.

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Compare the 2021 Land Rover Discovery Sport vs S Trim Levels. What is the difference?

The entry-level model of the 2021 Land Rover Discovery is the base trim. Despite its status at the bottom of the trim lineup, the Discovery Base is impressive and undeniably capable. In fact, this model sets the tone for the rest of the lineup contributions. Athletic and versatile, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery Base model was made for the whole family to enjoy. It comes standard with aesthetic features that make a big impact, like 18-inch wheels in a Gloss Sparkle Silver finish, grained leather upholstery, and a body-colored roof. LED headlights amplify the safety of driving at night, while their automatic capabilities ensure they come on at all the right times.

Additional standard features of the base model also include rain-sensing wipers and a solar attenuating windshield. Door mirrors that are heated and integrate electric functionality can also be found as standard amenities. Still yet, many of the standard features of the 2021 Land Rover Discovery Base model are geared toward increasing visibility. A few examples of features such as this include a heated rear window that makes defrosting easy and rear fog lights that illuminate the area behind your vehicle when it is backing up.

If you are looking for a plethora of standard interior features, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery has that, too. Upscale attributes, such as ambient lighting, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and dual-zone climate control lead the way. Extras, like luggage tie downs, a center console and arm rest, and footwell lights, also accompany this model's standard feature lineup.

The 2021 Land Rover Discovery S incorporates all the features set in place by the base trim and adds in a few extras. In fact, the exterior door mirrors take center stage for the S trim, as they add in several additional features. These mirrors power-fold, are heated, and automatically dim. They also incorporate approach lights. Inside, the S trim upgrades to an Ebony headliner, and 12-way electric seats, set the tone for this model's enhancements. A Navigation system and Traffic Sign Recognition feature also accompany the S trim.

Compare the 2021 Land Rover Discovery S vs SE Trims. What is the difference?

As the second-highest trim level, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery S relies on all the underlying standard features of the base model and then builds upon that foundation.
Its interior is even more upscale, and its exterior is even more convenient in the S trim than in the base model. However, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery SE amplifies these amenities even further. Transitioning to larger 19-inch wheels with the same gloss finish, the SE model improves its aesthetic while staying true to its signature look. An upgrade to premium LED head lamps with DRL technology and auto-leveling are also welcomed upgrades that can be found as standard features in the SE model.

Joining the ranks of the sophisticated versatility of the S trim's exterior, the SE brings in an auto-dimming rear view mirror in its interior, too. A power tailgate also joins the ranks of standard features in the SE trim, making loading and unloading easy and convenient. All the underlying tech entertainment features also remain the same except for a new interactive driver display on the SE model. This trim also increases its array of safety-based tech features by including a feature known as Blind Spot Assist to its repertoire. Creating a well-rounded SUV that is exciting and safe, the standard features of the SE model are quite impressive.

Under the hood, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery S and SE are much the same. In fact, both rely on a 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine that produces up to 269 horsepower. An upgrade to a turbocharged 6-cylinder is optional in some models, like the R-Dynamic, but you will not find this upgrade in the S or SE trims. However, the standard engine of the S and SE is nothing to balk at. It can manage rough terrain, smooth navigation, and off-road handling well.

Compare the 2021 Land Rover Discovery SE vs R-Dynamic. What is the difference?

While the 2021 Land Rover Discovery SE is a continuation of the traditional layout this model relies upon, the R-Dynamic is a whole other type of SUV. It takes the standard features of the SE trim and puts its own spin on them. Adding to the features it benefits from and taking away those that are less functional, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery R-Dynamic is different from any other Discovery model. It proves this distinction from its outward appearance that buyers base their initial impression on.

Everything about the R-Dynamic is sporty and bold. From its black paddle shifters to its R-Dynamic signature badging on its metal treadplates, this model wants everyone to know what it is and what it stands for. Even pedals made of bright metal not only get the job done but look good while doing so. Making a big impression on buyers and passersby, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery R-Dynamic also takes its upscale styling attributes to the outside, as well. New style 5074 wheels that are 18-inches maintain the sleek aesthetic of this vehicle's exterior look but add some new charisma with a rare look.

Duplicating every safety and technology feature the Discovery SE possesses, the R-Dynamic adds in some extra entertainment options. Not only is Navigation Pro integrated in this SUV's infotainment system, but it also offers a Smartphone Package and an Online Package to further personalize your driving experience. Carrying over the Discovery SE's garage door opener with HomeLink integration and 12V outlets in the front and rear, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery R-Dynamic shows off its connectivity features well.

Overall, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery does a good job of balancing its driving dynamic features. The R-Dynamic also relies on all these facets, which include All Terrain Progress Control, Hill Descent Control, and Dynamic Stability Control. However, these are not the only feature the Discovery SE and R-Dynamic rely on. An anti-lock braking system is advanced through emergency brake assist and an electronic parking brake. After all, the two powerful engine options this model incorporate relies upon these driving dynamic enhancements.

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Which Trim to Choose?

If you have made the choice to consider a 2021 Land Rover Discovery, you have made your first good move. The next is selecting which trim level best fits you and your lifestyle needs. While many of the trim levels of the 2021 Land Rover Discovery incorporate many of the same standard features, each model differs in just how far it takes it customization efforts. Starting off the lineup is the base Discovery model that is tech-savvy, capable of powerful performance, and good-looking. It is well-equipped in a way that makes driving and vehicle utilization easy and convenient. The base model also incorporates lighting and other features throughout that improve driver awareness and always promote safety.

The 2021 Land Rover Discovery S trim is next on the lineup, and it adds in extra visibility and lighting features that improve the field of vision for drivers. Illuminating nearly every surface, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery S wants to show off its convenience to interested drivers and does so through enhancing visibility through lighting and windshield accessories. The SE trim continues with the standard that the S trim has set and adds in extra features that make it worth of its spot at the top. More safety technology, driving dynamic features, and design facets make their way into the SE model.

Despite the similarities of each 2021 Land Rover Discovery model, the R-Dynamic is undeniably different than all the rest. With a bold and athletic stance, and an attitude to match, the R-Dynamic trim cares about looks and performance all the same. Not only is the R-Dynamic savvy and handsomely-styled, but it shows off at every chance it gets. Signature badging throughout the cabin and on the outside lets buyers know what this model is made of. Little details make a big impression in this model.

If you are unsure which 2021 Land Rover Discovery trim will work best for you, rest assured that many of the standard features remain the same across all models. Each trim throws in its own, unique attribute additions, but the underlying concept of this utilitarian and luxury SUV remains the same. Sophisticated, yet tough, the 2021 Land Rover Discovery is the best of both worlds. Not only can it handle the tireless commute ahead, but it can power through anything you put it through off the traditional road. Any trim you choose in the 2021 Land Rover Discovery is going to be a good one, so relax and enjoy the ride.

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