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2021 Land Rover Discovery Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2021 Land Rover Discovery?
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Should You Buy a 2021 Land Rover Discovery? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

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The 2021 Land Rover Discovery might be a perfect vehicle for someone who needs a large, capable SUV and wants his/her new model to be a little different than the usual. Being a Land Rover, the Discovery isn't exactly budget-friendly, but it might be a reasonable purchase for some buyers. The Discovery looks refined while also being very capable, and it has nice blend of features that makes it attractive.

What's New for 2021?

Land Rover has updated the Discovery in many ways. On the exterior, there's a new front grille and slightly modified lighting. The R-Dynamic models are highlighted with glossy black accents. There are also a few new wheel designs to choose from. One might think that the design of a wheel might not make a big difference, but it can really add to the whole aesthetic of the SUV.

Inside the cabin, there's a new Pivi Pro infotainment system and a large touchscreen. Another sizable screen is used to show the driver certain kinds of vehicle information. People in the back will appreciate that the company has added some padding to their seats.

Yet another significant change has to do with the available powertrains. There are now a pair of turbocharged engines that customers can consider.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2021 Land Rover Discovery – The Pros

1. The Power Is There

There are two available engines with the Land Rover Discovery. The first one can certainly hold its own. It's a 296-horsepower two-liter version. As mentioned above, it has a turbocharger to enhance its performance, and it makes the SUV feel athletic and light on its feet.

The other engine can churn out 355 horsepower, so it's even more fun to drive. This engine is a turbocharged engine with a displacement of three liters, and it benefits from being paired with a mild hybrid system. This system uses a battery to give the vehicle an extra boost, and the battery can recharge itself every time the Discovery slows down.

2. Towing Isn't a Problem

While the Land Rover Discovery looks distinguished, it can handle a variety of tough jobs. It can tow up to 8,200 pounds when equipped with the right equipment. There are a few systems that can help the driver when heavy loads are being pulled. One of them is advanced tow assist. This program can take over steering when the vehicle is in reverse; it makes the task of backing up with a trailer significantly easier.

3. Very Versatile

Having three rows of seats is essential for many drivers. For some others, it can be nice to have the extra room for those occasional times in which more passengers need to be accommodated. Those customers will be pleased that the 2021 Discovery can seat up to seven people. Its extra row has room for two people.

The back row is built with a 50/50 split, so if necessary, one person can sit back there along with some cargo. The second row has a 60/40 configuration. This can also be useful for certain situations, like when someone has a back-seat passenger and also has to carry skis or snowboards.

4. Prepared for Anything

All-wheel drive is standard on the Discovery. This SUV is ready to go off the beaten path, and it can do so with ease. Its adjustable air suspension smooths out the ride, and there's an available two-speed transfer case and locking rear differential in case anyone plans on doing some serious off-roading.

With Terrain Response, the Land Rover can optimize its settings so it does well in specific conditions. For example, things might be different if the SUV is driving over rocky terrain than when its traveling over a muddy trail or a sand dune.

5. Impressive Technology

Every Discovery trim comes with an 11.4-inch touchscreen. The text is large and the new Pivi Pro interface is user-friendly. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are standard, as is a Wi-Fi hotspot. With integrated navigation, people can always know what's ahead and which turn to take. 2D and 3D maps are both accessible, and people who often deal with congestion on the roads will appreciate getting live traffic information.

There could be up to nine USB ports placed throughout the cabin. With this much access, people would no longer have to compete for charging ports.

6. A Sleek Exterior

When looking at the Land Rover Discovery, it's clear that the company wanted to give this model a streamlined look. Every detail works together, and the overall result is quite refined. The "Discovery" letters that are in the front and the bold, geometric grille help the SUV make a good first impression. The premium LED lights have a futuristic feel to them with their interesting angles and design.

Available on the Discovery is a Narvik Black roof. This can contrast with the body color, and it can make the SUV a little more striking in appearance.

7. Numerous Safety Components

Every Discovery is equipped with several advanced systems that are there to keep people safe. The 3D Surround Camera is useful when parking or maneuvering around tight spaces. Blind spot monitoring is another system that gives the driver an extra pair of eyes. Emergency braking can do a good job in preventing frontal collisions, and lane keep assist can actively work to keep the vehicle where it should be.

8. Doesn't Even Require a Key

The Discovery can be set up with technology that allows people to leave their keys behind. This is because an Activity Key can take the place of the key fob, in certain situations. The Activity Key is an advanced wristband that can be strapped on as people go into the water, into the mountains, or anywhere their adventures take them. When they get back to their vehicles, the presence of their Activity Keys will be sensed. Then, it only takes the touch of a door handle to unlock the vehicle.

9. Keeping Everyone Comfortable

In the cabin, there are many things that can keep people cozy and happy. Every row of seating can have heating elements so that passengers can warm up more quickly on cold days. There's also a four-zone climate control system. People in different areas of the vehicle might have different temperature preferences, and this type of system allows passengers to find their perfect levels of heating or cooling.

10. Accessorize the SUV

Land Rover gives its customers plenty of ways to customize their new vehicles. The 2021 Discovery can be enhanced in many ways, and the accessories can spruce up the interior or exterior of the SUV. For the outside of the Discovery, people can get special side steps, wind deflectors, or an upgraded grille, for example. Inside the cabin, the Discovery can be upgraded with everything from pedal covers and treadplates to tailgate seating and cargo organizers. As one would expect from a rugged SUV, the Discovery can also be set up with roof racks and carriers designed for certain types of gear, such as bikes or kayaks.

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Reasons Not to Buy a 2021 Land Rover Discovery – The Cons

1. Can't Fit Seven People Plus Cargo

It's great that the Discovery has room for up to seven people. However, keep in mind that when the third row is in its proper position, there's only around nine cubic feet of storage space. Basically, there wouldn't be room for anything except personal bags and other small items.

2. Expensive Starting Price

The base model of the Discovery is offered for about $54,000. Even though there are some people who can afford this, the fact remains that the price point of the Land Rover Discovery will put it out of reach of many potential customers. Yes, Land Rover is a luxury brand, but it may now be competing with non-luxury companies. Many of these companies have done an excellent job in decking out their top-level trims with impressive upgrades.

3. Small Third Row

Adults might not want to sit in the third row of this Land Rover. With only 33.5 inches of leg room, larger passengers would definitely not be comfortable back there. The second row is much more reasonable, with over 37 inches of leg room.

How it Stacks Up to the Competition:

2021 Land Rover Discovery vs 2021 Audi Q7

Like the Discovery, the Q7 has two available engines. Both of the Audi's engines fall short of the mark set by the Discovery, though. Also, the Q7's touchscreen is a bit smaller than the one in the Discovery. Finally, the Q7's third row is significantly more cramped than the third row in the Land Rover. It's so small that adults might not even be able to ride back there on short trips.

2021 Land Rover Discovery vs 2021 Volvo XC90

The XC90 is a luxurious SUV that actually has a little more interior space than what's found in the Discovery. However, it's not quite as powerful as the Land Rover is, and this may be important to some buyers. The XC90 is a solid performer, but it may not be as nimble as the Land Rover in difficult terrain.


When all is taken into consideration, the Land Rover Discovery really comes across as a strong competitor. It can be equally comfortable in rough conditions as it is on city streets. It can be a perfect vehicle for customers who have sophisticated tastes, healthy budgets, and a thirst for adventure.

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