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2017 Lexus RC F Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2017 Lexus RC F?

Are You Considering a 2017 Lexus RC F? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The 2017 Lexus RC F is a formidable player in the luxury sports coupe segment. At the heart of the RC F is a free-revving naturally aspirated V8 engine producing an exhilarating 467 horsepower and 389 pound-feet of torque. The RC F is a multifaceted machine, however. Not only does it exhibit blistering performance on the street and on the track, it is a thoroughly luxurious and livable automobile befitting of its Lexus badge.

What’s New for 2017

The 2017 Lexus RC F carries over many of the same features from the year before. The largest change is the inclusion of Lexus' new Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system which is now a standard feature. Lexus AVS allows the driver to select from a number of suspension settings which enable the vehicle to perform in a number of different ways: The vehicle can be configured for a more luxurious ride over bumpy roads or, alternatively, may be configured to perform in a more predictable manner during hard driving.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2017 Lexus RC F – The Pros

1. Luxurious Sport Seats

Perhaps the first thing occupants will notice when entering the 2017 Lexus RC F for the first time are the beautiful and supportive sport seats. Featuring aggressive bolstering and a stunning design covered in one of a number of available stitched leathers, there is perhaps no vehicle in the segment with such remarkable seats.

2. Reconfigurable Gauge Cluster

The track-inspired nature of the 2017 Lexus RC F shines through in its reconfigurable gauge cluster. As various drive modes are selected, the gauge cluster makes dynamic changes to reflect the most important aspects of the car. For example, the most economical mode results in the cluster displaying information pertaining to mileage and efficiency. On the other hand, when sport mode is selected, the gauge cluster becomes much more performance-focused and displays a tachometer in clear view.

3. Class-Leading Infotainment

Thanks to Lexus' well-thought-out Enform system, drivers need not worry about where to find the most important vehicle, entertainment, and navigation information. An easy-to-use control module mounted in the center console allows drivers and passengers to quickly and easily explore the various menus to make changes to the vehicle's settings as well as set navigation destinations, play various forms of media, and more. The system features bluetooth wireless phone connectivity so contacts and music are always a finger's reach away.

4. Powerful Brembo Brakes

Huge 14.9 inch slotted brake rotors are grasped by six-piston Brembo calipers within the front wheels of the 2017 Lexus RC F coupe. With calipers available in a bright orange paint scheme, the RC F is sure to stand out from the crowd. Performance-oriented drivers will be pleased to find that the brakes are for more than just good looks: They are able to bring the RC F to an abrupt stop in any situation and are user-friendly for daily use.

5. Eight-Speed Paddle-Shift Transmission

Mated to the iconic Lexus V8 engine in the 2017 Lexus RC F is a quick-shifting eight-speed transmission. This transmission is capable of functioning in automatic mode but can alternatively be controlled via the wheel-mounted paddle shifters for a more sporty experience. The transmission also improves fuel economy over a traditional manual transmission thanks to its high number of gears.

6. Triple LED Headlights

The 2017 Lexus RC F is available with a set of signature triple LED headlights. These lights are remarkable for their jeweled appearance as well as their ability to cast a bright view of the road ahead. Accompanying these lights are a set of LED daytime running lamps which provide an aggressive look when the headlights are not in use. The RC F stands out in a crowd with these signature lighting features.

7. Speed-Sensitive Rear Wing

To emphasize the sporty nature of the RC F and to improve downforce in performance driving situations is a special rear wing. This piece of automotive artistry deploys gracefully at speeds of 50 mph or above or, alternatively, can be activated with the press of a button. This wing can help stabilize the car at high speed. When not in use, the wing conveniently integrates into the trunk-lid of the RC F.

8. Unconventional Quad Exhaust

The 2017 Lexus RC F is all about performance. To emphasize this, the vehicle features quad polished exhaust tips. These are not just any quad exhaust tips, however: Lexus has specially designed the system in an unusual manner so that they are stacked on either side rather than the conventional side-by-side configuration. These exhausts reflect the fact that the RC F is not afraid to defy conventions and that it is a cut above the competition when it comes to pushing the boundaries of style.

9. Memory Seats

Lexus knows that for any single car there may be more than one driver. To accommodate this, the 2017 Lexus RC F features a driver's seat that can be set to memorize the desired position for each of the two included key fobs. This assists in the ease of entry and exit as well as ensuring the driver is instantly comfortable upon entering the vehicle. To top it off, both the driver and passenger seat feature heating and ventilation.

10. Smog Sensing Climate Control

Ever-aware of its surroundings, the Lexus RC F features a climate-control system that will automatically switch the ventilation mode to "recirculate" if it detects an unacceptable amount of smog in the surrounding air. For occupants that may have allergies or who just want to breathe clean air while traveling to their destination, this is a very important feature.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2017 Lexus RC F – The Cons

1. Fuel Inefficiency

With a vehicle as performance-oriented as the 2017 Lexus RC F, a compromise had to be made. In this case, the cost of the free-revving, massively powerful V8 engine is fuel economy. Achieving an EPA-estimated 16 mpg city and 25 mpg highway on premium fuel, those looking for a car that is extremely fuel-efficient may want to look elsewhere.

2. Controversial Styling

While the Lexus RC F certainly stands out from the crowd, more conservative buyers may find its styling disagreeable. With lots of sharp angles, scoops, and curves, the RC F is unusual in its design. Those who are not fans of Lexus' latest design trends may wish to steer-clear of the RC F in favor of a car with a less "in-your-face" design.

3. Lack of Practicality

Albeit not unique to the RC F, the Lexus has a practicality issue inherent to the class: A lack of rear passenger room, small trunk, and only two doors make it difficult for some to justify such an expensive automobile. Buyers looking to own only one car while transporting passengers and cargo might seek something with more than two doors and with a larger cargo capacity.

How it Stacks up to the Competition:

The 2017 Lexus RC F faces very stiff competition from class rivals such as the BMW M4, the Cadillac ATS-V Coupe, and the Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG coupe. Buyers looking for a car with a manual transmission would be limited to the choices from Cadillac and BMW while buyers looking for the greatest amount of horsepower are likely to choose the Mercedes-Benz. The Lexus however manages to strike a friendly balance between raw power, luxury, and value in a way that many others in the segment find difficult. These attributes combined with its unique styling cues are likely to make the RC F an irresistible choice to many buyers.


The 2017 Lexus RC F is a fantastic vehicle for anybody seeking a high-performance sports coupe with the types of luxury features expected from a top-tier brand. Being the last vehicle in its class with a naturally-aspirated V8 engine, performance purists are sure to gravitate toward the RC F. It is undeniably unique and unapologetically luxurious. With all of its features combining synergistically to form a package so compelling, it is no wonder why the 2017 RC F has received such positive praise.

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