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2020 Lexus LS Pros vs Cons

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James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2020 Lexus LS? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

In comparison to some of today’s other flagship luxury sedans, the 2020 Lexus LS ranks among the top values. It actually costs thousands of dollars less than some European models. There are plenty of drivers who will appreciate this high-end luxury sedan’s superior reliability and lively performance. A super-soft ride makes the new LS even more rewarding. Let’s take a closer look at why you should consider buying a Lexus LS.

What’s New for 2020?

To bolster the LS lineup, Lexus has introduced a limited-edition Inspiration Series model. Its exclusive interior and exterior touches will catch the attention of many people.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2020 Lexus LS – The Pros

1. Strong Standard Powertrain

While test driving the new 2020 Lexus LS, prospective buyers can experience its soothing performance. A twin-turbo V6 engine puts the sedan in motion, which pushes out 416 horsepower. Because this engine is so smooth and refined, it remains quiet even under hard acceleration. Paired to the engine is a 10-speed automatic gearbox. Power is always available when you need it. When launched from a stop, the LS can sprint to 60 mph in about 4.6 seconds.

2. Fuel-Saving Hybrid

In terms of fuel economy, the gas-only version of the 2020 Lexus LS returns up to an EPA-estimated 19 mpg in traffic and 30 mpg on the freeway. Drivers seeking additional fuel savings should consider getting the LS 500h, which features a hybrid powertrain. Fuel economy rises to 25 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the road. Fortunately, the hybrid-powered LS isn’t solely focused on conserving fuel. It also packs a healthy 354 horsepower under the hood.

3. LS F Sport Offers Driving Fun

Folks who desire a more fun driving experience will favor the F Sport trim. Although it comes equipped with the same 416-horsepower engine, drivers will immediately notice its sportier nature. A specially tuned suspension helps the sedan remain poised around corners. Various driving modes enable you to adjust the sedans’ level of aggressiveness. Performance brakes come standard as well. On the inside, high-performance digital gauges and sport seats bring more excitement.

4. Super-Soft Ride

Many people are bound to fall in love with this sedan’s super-soft ride. The 2020 Lexus LS is a perfect match for people who have a passion for traveling. This especially true for models equipped with the optional air suspension. Drivers can adjust its stiffness at the touch of a button. Even when encountering battered pavement, ride quality remains excellent. After taking a road trip in the new LS, everyone will exit the cabin feeling relaxed.

5. Daring Exterior Styling

In the past, the LS really didn’t stand out on the street. However, onlookers are bound to take notice of the latest generation. It looks elegant from every angle. Cool paint options, like Nightfall Mica and Matador Red Mica, amplify the sedan’s curb appeal. Lexus designed the F Sport model to have an especially athletic look. Mesh grille inserts and performance wheels add more aggression. Meanwhile, an exclusive set of 20-inch Black Vapor Chrome wheels come equipped on the all-new inspiration Series Model.

6. Great Value for a High-End Luxury Sedan

As mentioned earlier, the 2020 Lexus LS is generally far more affordable than its rivals. Lexus lists the sedan with a starting price of less than $76,000. This is an incredible deal for such a plush ride. Many of the sedan’s most desirable features come standard. Power-adjustable heated and ventilated seats help front passengers to de-stress. Drivers will also enjoy the sound quality of the standard 12-speaker audio system.

7. Spacious and Relaxing

On the road, the new LS feels like a land yacht. There’s enough interior space to accommodate a family of adults. Even folks sitting in the rear won’t have to worry about bumping their knees. This car is also a fine choice for tall drivers. Seat comfort in the new LS is very good right out of the box. However, buyers can opt for a Luxury package. Aside from adding heated and cooled rear bucket seats, it also brings front-seat massaging functions.

8. Ranks High in Reliability

When preparing to buy a flagship luxury sedan, many people are concerned about how much money they’ll have to spend on repairs. An unreliable luxury car can become a financial burden. Fortunately, the 2020 Lexus LS doesn’t suffer from this problem. It aced
J.D Power’s Dependability Study by earning a 4.5 out of 5.0 rating. This car’s superior reliability makes it a great investment. With regular servicing, the most critical components should withstand the test of time.

9. Advanced Safety Technologies

The new LS is loaded with technologies that help drivers to steer clear of road hazards. Lexus Safety System+ comes standard. It provides today’s most sought-after driving aids, including pre-collision braking and active lane control. However, there are worthwhile options to consider. When traveling on the freeway, automatic lane change assist makes the driver's job a lot easier. Meanwhile, front cross-traffic alert makes approaching intersections less dangerous. Lexus’ adaptive LED headlights will benefit drivers when traveling on curvy roads.

10. Rewarding Warranty Package

The 2020 Lexus LS offers a good amount of buyer protection. It comes standard with a 70,000-mile powertrain warranty. This is longer than the warranties provided by Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Lexus also gives owners complimentary maintenance for a year.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2020 Lexus LS – The Cons

1. Too Expensive for Some Car Buyers

A lower starting price gives the new LS a clear edge over its European foes. Nevertheless, it still could be a bit too costly for some luxury car shoppers. Lexus has some other great options in its lineup. Many automotive reviewers love the new Lexus ES, which has a listed MSRP just below $40,000. Keep in mind that performance won’t be quite as strong.

2. Infotainment System Needs Improving

The new LS features the same frustrating infotainment system available on several other Lexus models. While its 12.3-inch infotainment screen is beautiful, many people find this system’s design to be less user-friendly. Drivers must operate the interface with a touchpad controller, which is especially difficult to use while on the road. Many people opt to use the system’s voice commands as opposed to dealing with the controller. A touchscreen interface would be better.

3. German Competitors Feel Sportier

The 2020 Lexus LS is a pleasing car to drive. While a sports-tuned suspension is offered, some drivers may still crave more thrills. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi all offer a high-performance alternative. It seems the LS is more focused on comfort.

4. Artificial Engine Sound on F Sport Model

Lexus gears the LS F Sport model to serious driving enthusiasts. However, a high-performance exhaust system is not offered. This feature would give the sedan a meaner sound, which amplifies the car’s overall fun factor. Instead, Lexus equips the F Sport model with an engine sound enhancer. In the eyes of some people, it produces an artificial sound.

5. No Crash Scores Available

Neither the IIHS nor the NHTSA provide a safety rating for the new Lexus LS. While Lexus has gained a reputation for building well-protected automobiles, some car shoppers will still want proof that the new LS is a secure car. Crash scores would give buyers greater confidence.

How It Stacks Up Against the Competition

2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Many people experts praise the new S-Class for its excellent build quality and superb performance. However, it has a significantly higher MSRP. Lexus LS buyers can save money without sacrificing much luxury. A higher reliability rating also makes the Lexus LS less likely to encounter inexpensive repairs.

2020 BMW 7-Series

There’s plenty of advanced technology in the 2020 BMW 7-Series. However, this sedan has a higher cost of maintenance. While the BMW 7-Series has become more reliable in recent years, it’s still not as bulletproof as the 2020 Lexus LS. Furthermore, BMW lists the new 7-Series with a more expensive MSRP.

2020 Genesis G90
Like the new Lexus LS, the 2020 Genesis G90 gives buyers a lot of luxury for the money. Its lengthy warranty is a big perk. However, some critics consider the Lexus LS to have a nicer overall cabin. Genesis also doesn’t offer the G90 with a hybrid powertrain, which gives the LS an advantage in the fuel economy department.


The 2020 Lexus LS deserves to be mentioned among America's top flagship luxury sedans. While the new LS may not have the best infotainment system, most drivers will gradually become comfortable with using it. This car doesn't have many big weaknesses.

Although drivers can save fuel by choosing the hybrid-powered LS 500h, they'll have more fun with the twin-turbo V6 engine. A few extra performance goodies add to the excitement of the F Sport model. When it comes to keeping passengers comfortable, the 2020 Lexus LS never fails to impress. Standard climate-controlled front seats and a relaxing backseat help families to experience pure comfort.

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