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2021 Lexus IS Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2021 Lexus IS?
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Are You Considering a 2021 Lexus IS? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The Lexus IS looks bold and feels aggressive. It's a powerful sports sedan that would definitely be an intriguing choice if anyone is in the market for a new compact car. Made by a luxury brand, the 2021 Lexus IS certainly lives up to the company's high standards. It shines in many ways, and this overview should give a prospective customer a better idea of its advantages. There are some downfalls to the Lexus IS, but fortunately they are minimal and could be overlooked by fans of Lexus.

What's New for 2021?

The 2021 Lexus IS has been reimagined with an all-new redesign. Its exterior conveys a sense of strength and power, while the interior offers even more convenience than before - boasting a larger touchscreen display and advanced safety system. And thanks to its increased length and width, this model year looks stronger yet still retains that signature athletic vibe associated with the luxury marque.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2021 Lexus IS – The Pros

1. Powerful Engine Choices

What's perhaps most attractive about the 2021 Lexus IS is what can't be seen upon first glance. Under the hood of the car, there could be one of three engines. The standard engine is a 2.0-liter turbocharged version that can pump out 241 horsepower. This number is impressive on its own, but adrenaline seekers need not worry. This is just the starting point.

Another option is a V6 that's found in the IS 300 AWD model. It takes horsepower up to 260, and this increase can be noticeable. Finally, the last choice is to get an IS 350 F Sport. Its engine is a V6 that can generate 311 horsepower. The F Sport should be able to make regular drives quite exciting.

2. Fun to Drive

When sitting behind the wheel of a Lexus IS, people will notice that the steering wheel is equipped with paddle shifters. These shifters let people manually control when the gears shift, and they can make things pretty thrilling whether up-shifting or down-shifting. It contributes to the idea that the IS is a true sports sedan. Someone could easily picture the IS being perfectly at home on a race track.

3. Optimize Performance with the F Sport

The Lexus IS F Sport is a top-of-the line trim providing drivers the ultimate in performance. Through its adaptive variable suspension and special exhaust system, cornering at higher speeds has never been smoother. Paired with limited slip rear differential for improved traction, G forces are monitored continuously to guarantee stability on tight turns - unlocking optimal efficiency behind the wheel.

4. Standard Technology Is Far from Basic

The 2021 Lexus IS is packed with advanced features that simplify everyday life. Uncover convenience and seamless connectivity with the eight-inch touchscreen as standard, or upgrade to a 10.3 inch screen for additional ease of use. Bluetooth, two USB ports, a remote touchpad and SiriusXM are all included in every trim level - so you're never short on options! With access to the Lexus app via smartphone users can take control when it comes to engine start up times, maintenance checks and service scheduling – plus add Amazon Alexa & Hey Google compatibility using Enform Remote at no extra cost.

5. Enjoy the Sound

Experience a captivating audio experience and immerse yourself in the power of sound with Lexus IS's Mark Levinson surround system. Stunningly crafted with 17 speakers to create an 1,800-watt atmosphere combined with Quantum Logic Surround technology for optimized acoustics– it's an unparalleled auditory adventure that awaits you inside every Lexus IS.

6. Find Any Location

Equip your Lexus with the IS Dynamic Navigation system, and you'll be sure to arrive at any desired destination in no time! With this cloud-based service always up-to-date on current traffic information, rest assured that you will have access to multiple routes for whichever journey lies ahead. Not only can users find relevant results from hundreds of nearby points of interest - they now also enjoy a hassle free experience when it comes to navigation.

7. A Stunning Appearance
From the moment you lay eyes on it, there's no mistaking that this is a vehicle with serious style. Its Bi-LED headlamps direct your gaze towards its sporty front grille and sculptural accents emphasize an aerodynamic frame. Meanwhile, LED taillamps are given an eye-catching angled design for added visual appeal. Wheels range from 18" split five spokes to 19", depending on trim option - where F Sport models also feature special bumpers and lip spoiler plus the choice of carbon fiber rear spoiler as a final touch.

8. The Cabin Is Sophisticated

The Lexus IS offers an unparalleled level of sophistication, with its NuLuxe seats and illuminated entry system creating a welcoming atmosphere. Drivers can enjoy extra comfort thanks to heated and ventilated seating options available upon request. Depending on trim, the adjustable driver's seat has up to 10 possible directions for optimal positioning while luxury features such as moonroofs come standard or are available depending on preference - not forgetting F Sport trims that feature additional highlights like sport pedals, heat steering wheels and black geometric accents.

9. Keeping People Safe

Experience peace of mind behind the wheel with enhanced safety features on the 2021 Lexus IS. The groundbreaking Safety System+ 2.5 is equipped to detect potential hazards and take necessary precautions, like pre-collision warnings that alert drivers when another vehicle or pedestrian steps into their path, as well as lane departure alerts and steering assistance for keeping you in your intended course efficiently - so you can feel secure wherever life takes you.

10. Ready for the Elements

With the 2021 Lexus IS, you'll be ready to conquer any element. Both the IS 300 and F Sport trims offer optional all-wheel drive technology that provides dynamic power distribution between each wheel depending on driving conditions. Experience maximum control with AWD in every environment.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2021 Lexus IS – The Cons

1. A Little Pricey

The Lexus IS offers drivers a premium vehicle experience, with superior performance and stylish design. For those seeking the best of luxe on four wheels, its starting price tag of $40K may be worth investing in - especially if you add optional All Wheel Drive (AWD) for an extra layer of assurance behind the wheel.

2. No Leather

For those who appreciate the classic luxury of real leather, Lexus' NuLuxe upholstery might not provide enough satisfaction. Despite its claims to look and feel just like traditional leather, an eye for detail may be able to distinguish these differences. Some competitors offer both basic as well as premium Nappa leather seating in their higher trims - yet unfortunately this option is not available with a Lexus IS purchase.

3. Base Model A Bit Basic

The Lexus IS 300 might have luxury written all over it, but the base model unfortunately falls short when you take a closer look. No power moonroof? Not even a heated steering wheel or front seats with heating and ventilation? While these features can be added for an additional cost, customers should brace themselves accordingly before settling on this car's entry-level offerings.

How it Stacks Up to the Competition:

2021 Lexus IS vs 2021 Audi A4

When it comes to 2021 luxury sedans, the Lexus IS and Audi A4 are two of the top contenders. But only one can reign supreme in this head-to-head matchup - with its sporty flair and more powerful engine options undercutting that of its rival's traditional sedan build. While both offer compelling features, such as 201 horsepower from an entry level option engine on the Audi side; driving enthusiasts will find superior satisfaction in Lexus' F Sport model, generating up to 261 hp from a higher tier powertrain for maximum exhilaration behind every turn.

2021 Lexus IS vs 2021 BMW 3-Series

Two of the leading choices for consumers are the BMW's 3-Series and Lexus' IS. With reliable engineering under its hood, plus quality materials throughout every inch of the cabin - all at a competitive price point - The Lexus IS offers dependability that is hard to match. However if you're looking for something with extra power coupled with agile handling capabilities then check out what 2021 BMW 3-series has in store! You'll find larger interior space thanks to their use of technology combined driver assistance as standard equipment – making it easier than ever make your final decision.

Final Thoughts

The Lexus IS is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a blend of sporty aesthetics and everyday driving convenience. Its sleek design has been updated with modern technology to make sure you stay connected, no matter where your journey takes you. Invest in sophistication today - experience the power, style and reliability of this remarkable sedan.

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