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2022 Lexus ES Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2022 Lexus ES?

Should You Buy a 2022 Lexus ES? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

Automotive reviewers from across the country consider the 2022 Lexus ES to be among the most satisfying luxury sedans on the market. Excellent ride comfort and a well-dressed interior make the new ES an ideal family car. Impressive long-term reliability also gives this midsize sedan a key advantage over its European counterparts. While the ES is a great car for long-distance cruising, don’t overlook its satisfying performance capabilities. Let’s find out why you should consider becoming the owner of a new ES.

What’s New for 2022?

This year, the ES receives updated front-end styling. Another big update is the arrival of an improved infotainment system. A few new driving aids have also been added to the sedan’s list of standard safety technologies.

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2022 Lexus ES – The Pros

1. Rock-Solid Reliability

Drivers who’re looking for a dependable luxury sedan will love the 2022 Lexus ES. For years, this sedan has been known for its rock-solid reliability. With the proper maintenance, most owners can easily eclipse the 200,000-mile mark without needing to bring the car in for any major work. Annual repair costs tend to be much lower than average for the class. Mechanics give the latest generation a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating in long-term reliability.

2. Strong V6 Powertrain

The 2022 Lexus ES 350 features a strong standard powertrain. Lexus equips the sedan with a traditional V6 engine, which generates a more than adequate 302 horsepower. An eight-speed automatic transmission enhances the powertrain’s smooth operation. While the ES 350 is not made for drag racing, most drivers are happy with its prompt acceleration. Road tests show that the V6-powered ES 350 clocks a pleasing 0-60 mph time of 6.1 seconds. Highway merging proves to be an easy task.

3. One of the Segment’s Best Rides

According to many automotive journalists, the ES provides one of the segment’s best rides. This is especially true for models equipped with the standard suspension. Whether you’re driving on pothole-riddled city streets or traveling on a rough interstate highway, the ES will optimize comfort. Lexus also did a fine job of muting road noise. When cruising along at 65 mph, the interior remains hushed. It’s just as quiet as models that are twice as expensive.

4. F Sport Model Offers More Driving Fun

The standard Lexus ES is an outstanding highway cruiser. Folks who’re willing to sacrifice just a bit of ride comfort should consider the F Sport model. It promises to offer more overall driving fun. Sports-tuned shocks ensure better control around curves. For 2022, a Dynamic Handling package is now available on the ES F Sport. It further sharpens the car’s driving dynamics by adding an adaptive performance suspension and a Sport+ driving mode. Aluminum pedals and sport seats with enhanced bolstering give the interior a more exciting feel.

5. Upbeat Exterior Styling

In the past, the Lexus ES often got lost in the crowd. It didn’t feature many signature styling cues. There’s no overlooking the latest generation’s flashier appearance. Updated bi-LED headlights and a new mesh grille are found on the 2022 model. Drivers who prefer an even more aggressive-looking sedan should go for the F Sport trim. It adds a new set of 19-inch black-finished wheels. There are also some standout paint colors available for the ES, including Sunlit Green and Ultrasonic Blue Mica 2.0.

6. Improved Multimedia System

Over the past few years, Lexus has steadily made improvements to its infotainment system. The latest version is arguably the best ever. A new touch display arrives for 2022, which means drivers no longer have to operate the system through a distracting controller knob. By moving the display closer to the driver’s cockpit, Lexus has made the interface even more satisfying to use. While the standard 8.0-inch screen is large enough for most people, buyers can upgrade to a more exciting 12.3-inch screen.

7. A Comfortable, Accommodating Family Car

The 2022 Lexus ES is among the most accommodating cars you’ll find. This midsize sedan scores top marks in the comfort category. Families will definitely enjoy the spaciousness of its cabin. Even rear passengers will have more than 39 inches of legroom, which is excellent for the class. Heated/ventilated front seats are available for folks who yearn for more luxury. When packing for an out-of-town trip, families can also benefit from the sedan’s impressive 16.7 cubic feet of trunk space.

8. Efficient Four-Cylinder Powertrain Adds All-Wheel Drive

The ES 250 model comes equipped with a more efficient four-cylinder engine. It boosts fuel economy to 25 mpg freeway/ 34 mpg freeway. By comparison, the V6 powertrain tops out at 22 mpg town/32 mpg freeway. Not only does the ES 250’s four-cylinder engine allow drivers to save extra at the pump, but it also sends power to an intelligent AWD system. Folks who must travel during wintry conditions will benefit from the enhanced traction.

9. Top Safety Rating with Newly Standard Safety Technologies

When last crash-tested by the federal government, the Lexus ES snagged a five-star overall safety rating. Few cars in the class can match its superior side-impact protection. Advanced safety tech, such as pre-collision braking and active lane assistance, already came standard on the ES. Lexus has added a few more standard driving aids for 2022, including Intersection Turning Assist and an updated adaptive cruise control system with Curve Speed Reduction.

10. Ample Standard Equipment

Fans of the new ES can experience luxury without stepping up to a higher trim level. On the sedan’s list of standard equipment is a new touchscreen infotainment system. It features the latest smartphone integration technologies and a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. Meanwhile, NuLuxe synthetic leather upholstery gives the cabin a premium touch. A 10-speaker stereo, dual-zone automatic temperature control, and 10-way power-adjustable front seats also come standard.

Reasons Not to Buy a 2022 Lexus ES – The Cons

1. Four-Cylinder Powertrain Gives Up Some Performance

In order to get all-wheel drive, ES buyers must choose the sedan’s available four-cylinder powertrain. While this 203-horsepower engine will conserve some fuel, don’t expect its performance to be as strong. When launched from a stop, it takes the sedan an estimated 8.5 seconds to reach 60 mph. To no surprise, the V6-equipped models offer noticeably quicker acceleration.

2. Rear Seats Don’t Fold

A large trunk adds to this sedan’s everyday practicality. Unfortunately, its rear seat does not fold down. This means drivers won’t be able to free up more space when hauling larger items.

3. Not a High-Performance Sports Sedan

The 2022 Lexus ES F Sport opens the door for drivers to have more fun. While this car offers an admirable level of performance, it’s still not a pure sports sedan. The ES F Sport is not as quick as the BMW 3 Series or the Audi A4. Car shoppers can also expect the competition to offer more impressive handling capabilities. Lexus built the ES to be more of a cushy highway cruiser as opposed to a track-ready performance machine.

4. Controversial Front-End Styling

Most people consider the new ES to be a good-looking car. New headlights arrive this year. However, its spindle grille remains a controversial topic. Some drivers think it’s a bit over the top.

5. Premium Options Can Cause Prices to Climb

When compared to its primary rivals, the Lexus ES proves to be a strong value. Nevertheless, adding premium options will cause prices to climb. Among these upgrades include a 1,200-watt Mark Levinson sound system, heated/ventilated seats, and a head-up display.

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How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

2022 Lexus ES vs 2022 Toyota Avalon

These two sedans have a lot in common. They both offer great long-term reliability. They also come standard with the same engine. However, only the Lexus ES continues to offer all-wheel drive. A greater number of high-end luxury features are also available for the 2022 Lexus ES.

2022 Lexus ES vs 2022 Acura TLX

The Acura TLX is a strong performer. However, it does not provide as much rear legroom as the new ES. A smaller trunk also means the TLX can’t carry as much cargo.

2022 Lexus ES vs 2022 Genesis G80

An extra-long warranty and gutsy powertrain options make the Genesis G80 a great choice. While the G80 has a good reliability rating, it’s hard to beat the long-term dependability of the Lexus ES. A smaller trunk also puts the G80 at a disadvantage.


The 2022 Lexus ES is a great pick for anyone who’s seeking a comfortable and stylish luxury sedan. Proven reliability also makes the ES a solid long-term investment. While the ES may lack the athleticism of a pure sports sedan, it packs enough performance to keep most drivers engaged. Newly standard safety technologies take driver confidence to the next level.

There are only a few shortcomings for the new ES. You can’t get the V6 engine with all-wheel drive, which means folks living in snow-prone regions must settle for the four-cylinder engine. A non-folding rear seat also limits the sedan’s ability to haul longer items.

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