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2022 Lexus RX Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Lexus RX Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: 350 vs 350L, F Sport vs Black Line, 450h and 450hL
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James Murdoch

Compare the 2022 Lexus RX Trims - 350 vs 350L, F Sport vs Black Line, 450h and 450hL. What is the difference between them?

With its mid-size SUV design, the Lexus RX delivers a luxurious driving experience and unparalleled versatility. Loaded with high end features, this vehicle brings sophistication to every journey for those who desire something extraordinary without sacrificing comfort or space - perfect for individuals wanting extra cargo room but not an oversized cabin.

Lexus makes a lot of versions of the 2022 RX. The 350 is the entry-level trim, and the lineup goes all the way up to the 450hL Black Line Special Edition. Along the way, there are several trims that each have their own benefits. Cost is going to be a factor as people narrow down their options, and powertrain, style, and convenience will likely play important roles as well.

Compare the RX 350 vs 350 F Sport Trims. What is the difference?

These first two trims have the same type of engine. It's a 3.5-liter V6 that can make 268 pound-feet of torque and nearly 300 horsepower.

The 350 and the F Sport version provide drivers with two distinct experiences, as evidenced by their varied mechanical capabilities. The latter trim is specially tuned for a thrilling ride, featuring an upgraded suspension system; front and rear performance dampers; electronic power steering enhanced for peak responsiveness; additional drive modes that let you push past comfort zones safely; plus sound generator functionality to really kick up the excitement factor . Plus both models come standardly equipped with heavy-duty radiators and cooling components so your engine stays running optimally no matter how demanding conditions may be.

Lexus has made the F Sport more aggressive in its appearance. It rides on 20-inch wheels with a dark graphite finish, and it has black outside mirrors and F Sport stylings around its grille, fender, and rear valance. With the 350, 18-inch wheels are standard, but 20-inch versions are available.

Both trims offer convenience through their power rear doors, rain-sensing windshield wipers, and side mirrors that automatically dim and fold themselves in and out. They can come with power moonroofs or panorama glass roofs. Other available components on the 350 F Sport are LED fog lamps and cornering lamps.

The 350 F Sport cabin is equipped with the latest in style and sophistication, boasting a bold black headliner framed by scored aluminum trim. Complete with LED ambient lighting to set the mood and aluminum pedals & door sills for extra flair, this model promises an elevated driving experience that’s sure to impress.

Enjoy the convenience of power-adjustable, memory support in the front seats or opt to upgrade with enhanced bolsters and a heated perforated leather version of both steering wheel and shift knob on the 350 F Sport trim. The tilt-and telescope steering column is another standout feature which provides just the right fit for driving comfort.

The 350 and 350 F Sport are a class of luxury with standard NuLuxe upholstery, which offers an unmistakably upscale look and feel. For additional comfort during the colder months or for warmer climates, you can upgrade both trims to heated seats; only the 350 trim can be upgraded further still to semi-aniline leather upholstery.

Compare the RX 350 F Sport vs 350 Black Line Special Edition. What is the difference?

The 350 Black Line Special Edition offers a more basic driving experience compared to its F Sport sibling, foregoing the advanced suspension and G-meter instrumentation for simplified handling.

The intuitive parking assist program provides an added layer of safety with automatic braking, rear cross-traffic monitoring and collision avoidance. Drivers receive alerts when getting too close to objects in tighter spaces - a desirable feature on the lower trims that's sure to give peace of mind behind the wheel.

The 350 Black Line Special Edition is nothing short of a style icon. Its blacked-out grille, front splitter, and rear diffuser add to the sleekness – further complemented by its 20-inch gloss black wheel rims and aluminum roof rails. An impressive power moonroof also adds that extra touch of luxury.

The interior of the new Lexus 350 F Sport has been fully redefined offering drivers a luxurious experience. It features a cozy leather-wrapped and wood-trimmed steering wheel, plus comfortable black NuLuxe seats with stylish white accents and eye catching gray stitching.

Compare the RX 350 Black Line Special Edition vs 350L. What is the difference?

With the move from the 350 Black Line Special Edition to the 350L, buyers must weigh certain tradeoffs. While features like heated steering wheel and memory system are absent in this trim, it does offer a bonus - an optional third row of seating that can expand cabin capacity for larger families or special occasions. That said, there is some compromise; second-row leg room may suffer when all three rows are used simultaneously.

The 350L comes with a power-folding rear seat, climate control with three zones, and a second-row armrest that has storage and USB ports. It's available with captain's chairs, too; this is not an option on the lower trims.

On the exterior of the 350L, not as many extra details are included. This trim does not have a moonroof, though one is optional, and it has 18-inch wheels rather than 20-inch ones.

Further, the 350 Black Line Special Edition's intuitive parking assist program is not part of the 350L's safety package.

Compare the 350L vs 350L Black Line Special Edition. What is the difference?

With the release of the 350L Black Line Special Edition, many beloved features from its predecessor have been reincorporated. This updated trim includes special amenities such as parking assist and gloss black exterior accents for a sleek look. Furthermore, 20-inch wheels are complemented by heated steering wheel and stylish interior design featuring jet black upholstery with eye catching blue accents - making this edition truly extraordinary.

Get all the room you need for your growing family with the 350L Black Line Special Edition SUV – plus, it's equipped with a third row of seating as an added bonus.

Compare the 350L Black Line Special Edition vs 450h AWD. What is the difference?

The Lexus 450h offers drivers an impressive blend of power and efficiency thanks to its hybrid powertrain. With up to 31 miles per gallon in the city, it significantly outperforms other trims with a maximum rating of 20 MPG in urban settings. On top of that, highway driving rewards you with 28 MPG – 1 better than its predecessors.

The RX 450h is a powerhouse of luxury and performance, offering electric-powered propulsion alongside full all-wheel drive as standard. Boasting 308 horsepower at its disposal, the 450h represents an impressive upgrade on the 290 hp 350L Black Line Special Edition trim - so you can enjoy refined power along with cutting edge technology when you choose this SUV for your next journey.

Unfortunately, the 450h AWD doesn't have a memory system nor does it have a heated steering wheel, though they're both available. It's also available with semi-aniline leather upholstery and heated or heated and ventilated front seats.

Illuminate the night in style with Lexus' premium triple-beam LED auto-leveling headlamps and LED taillights. Make turning corners into a breeze by adding Adaptive Front Lighting – these lights adjust their direction according to your car's path, giving you extra visibility on those dark roads.

One safety mechanisms that the 450h trims have that the others don't is vehicle dynamics integrated management. It can work to prevent skids by making adjustments to braking and torque. Note that the 450h doesn't has intuitive parking assist like the 350L Black Line Special Edition does.

Compare the 450h AWD vs 450h F Sport AWD. What is the difference?

Owners of the RX 450h AWD can now enjoy a dynamic upgrade to their driving experience with the new RX F Sport Hybrid. This trim features performance-enhancing instrumentation and dampers, plus an adjustable suspension system for even greater precision behind the wheel. Plus, it comes packed full of style - boasting 20-inch wheels and alluring design details from previous editions in this beloved lineup.

The interior of the 350 F Sport offers a luxurious experience with its memory system, sophisticated aluminum accents and black headliner for an elegant touch. Drivers can enjoy supreme comfort thanks to front seats equipped with bolsters as well as stylish aluminum pedals.

Compare the RX 450h F Sport AWD. vs 450h AWD Black Line Special Edition. What is the difference?

It comes as no surprise that the 450h AWD Black Line Special Edition shares many things with the other RX Black Line Special Editions trims. Elements like black 20-inch wheels, aluminum roof rails, and black seats with gray stitching and white accents.

Compare the RX 450h AWD Black Line Special Edition vs 450hL AWD. What is the difference?

Lexus sticks to their established formula with the 450hL AWD model: offering a third row at the cost of reduced leg room in the second. With just 30.9 inches available in this area, passengers may feel cramped; and while there is some headroom offered by its 22-inch third row, it likely won't be sufficient for taller riders seeking true comfort on longer rides.

Another key point is that the 450hL has captain's chairs in its middle row. That's the only possible configuration, giving it a total of six seats. Having that extra space in the middle can compensate somewhat for the lack of leg room in the third row.

The 450hL AWD goes back to having 18-inch wheels, and it doesn't have any of the special upgrades seen in the 450h Black Line Special Edition.

Compare the RX 450hL AWD vs 450hL AWD Black Line Special Edition . What is the difference?

Lexus gives drivers an exclusive look with the 450hL AWD Black Line Special Edition, featuring 20-inch wheels and a gloss black grille. It also brings classy touches like power moonroofs and luxurious black seats stitched in blue. In addition to its sleek styling, this trim offers intuitive parking assist along with all of the other standard driver-assist systems on RX trims.

Final Thoughts

Buyers wrestling with the decision of whether or not to opt for a third row may be taking space versus capacity into consideration. While it does provide two additional seats, second-row passengers may find themselves somewhat cramped if this option is chosen. Essentially, choosing a configuration complete with three rows comes down to one's individual needs and preferences when making that purchase.

Drivers looking for an exciting ride should weigh the value of a special trim like F Sport or Black Line Special Edition. The latter may be alluring, but ultimately falls short when it comes to offering extra performance features given its price point. On the other hand, making the switch to F Sport has proven to reward drivers with heart-pumping thrills and handling ability they won't find anywhere else.

The hybrid powertrain is more powerful and efficient than its standard counterpart, making it a highly recommended choice. For true driving enthusiasts, the 450h F Sport AWD offers an exciting ride; for those seeking extra value in their vehicle purchase, there's always the reliable regular-grade 450h. Both options guarantee a top performance that will meet any individual’s high expectations!

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