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2016 Lincoln MKX Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2016 Lincoln MKX?

Are You Considering a 2016 Lincoln MKX? Here are the Pros and Cons

For those looking for a midsize luxury SUV, the 2016 Lincoln MKX fits the bill. Improved styling, impressive engine choices and an extensive selection of new features make the Lincoln a nice choice for 2016. And to top it off, the base model comes in at $800 less than last year’s model.

Also, new in 2016 are four style choices: Premiere, Select, Reserve and Black Label. Features may vary between styles, yet optional packages are also available. One such package is the Technology package that includes a 360-degree surround view camera and automated parking system.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2016 Lincoln MKX – The Pros

1. An engine that packs a punch.

Boasting a 240 horsepower, automatic six-speed transmission the 2 liter 4 cylinder engine with turbo-charge has unbelievable acceleration. And if that’s not enough power for you, the optional 300 H.P V6 engine provides even more under the acceleration.

2. Comparable price.

Starting around $30,000 the Lincoln is competitively priced with Audi and BMW. For consumers comparing the three makes, the changes in the design of the 2016 Lincoln MKX makes cost a non-issue.

3. An impressive list of standard features.

Lincoln is known for providing comfort and convenience to its customers, and this model is no exception. A sampling of the standard features is:

  1. Automatic climate control
  2. Variable speed intermittent wipers
  3. Remote start
  4. Sync infotainment
  5. Heated / cooled leather seats
  6. LED taillights
  7. Power rear tailgate
  8. Parking sensor - Rear
  9. Shift controls - push-button
  10. Two USB ports
  11. Audio system - 10-speaker
  12. Parking sensors - front
  13. SYNC voice command system

If this list of standard features doesn’t impress you, have a look at the optional ones.

  1. Adaptive cruise control
  2. Panoramic sunroof - powered
  3. Revel audio - 13 or 19 speaker system
  4. Radio - HD
  5. Entertainment system - rear-seat
  6. Lane keep assist
  7. Automatic emergency braking
  8. Forward collision warning
  9. Safety belts - inflatable
  10. Blind spot monitoring
  11. Front parking sensors
  12. Rear cross traffic alert
  13. Massaging front seats

4. Customization features of MyLincoln Touch.

This feature allows the driver to customize the two 4 inch color LCD screens that displayed on either side of the speedometer. Additionally, an 8-inch screen is on the center console. The driver determines what information is displayed on each screen, making their driving experience truly unique.

5. Practical storage space.

Although the other luxury SUVs have more storage space, the 32 cubic foot, wide storage available in the MKX is more practical. Competitors have deep; narrow cargo areas make hauling certain items impossible.

6. The hands-free liftgate.

As long as the key fob is in your pocket or purse, the liftgate can be activated by just passing our foot under the bumper. To close, press a button or use your foot in the same manner. The liftgate will slowly close.

7. Enhanced Active Park Assist allows for hands-free parking.

When looking for a parking spot, sensors measure open areas to find one large enough for the vehicle. Once found, the car steers itself into the spot as you control the accelerator and brakes.

8. An exceptional audio system.

The Revel® Audio System provides concert quality music to make your ride that much more enjoyable. Two options are available, one with 13 speakers, the other with 19. Both include HD Radio Technology.

9. Luxurious Interior.

The 2016 Lincoln MKX debuts the new Bridge of Weir™ Deepsoft Leather, which is amazingly comfortable. Designed exclusively for Lincoln, the leather goes through 16 hours of softening before it goes into a Lincoln. A new wood trim and streamlined center console provide a beautiful, inviting interior.

10. MyLincoln Mobile app.

This cool app allows drivers to remotely unlock and start their vehicle. It also will help to locate the vehicle when needed. .

As impressive as the 2016 Lincoln MKX is, not everyone is a fan. Below are some observations from those not completely won over.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2016 Lincoln MKX – The Cons

1. Difficulty using the MyLincoln Touch interface.

The touch features are slow to respond and a little awkward to use, especially while driving.

2. Cramped rear seating area.

Due to the limited headroom, the rear seats are not overly comfortable for tall passengers although leg room seems to be ample. Adults fair better in the front seats.

3. Loss of resale value.

Of the comparable 2016 Lincoln MKX, 2016 Acura RDX, and 2016 Cadillac SRX, the Acura is less expensive and offers a higher resale value.

4. Below average gas mileage.

Averaging 17 mpg city, 26 mpg highway the Lincoln does not get the gas mileage that other makes get. Although the MPG is only slightly less than others makes, for drivers who rack up a lot of miles this could prove to be an issue.

5. Mediocre handling.

Those testing the 2016 Lincoln MKX were not impressed with its handling. Some found it unresponsive and a little sluggish.

Black Label

No review of the 2016 Lincoln MKX would be complete without calling out the exceptional Black Label SUV. This model truly places Lincoln back in the luxury SUV market. The interior is luxurious, trim design outstanding and comfortable. Even with an exhaustive list of options, the Black Label is competitively priced with the Acura MDX, Audi Q5 Infiniti QZ70 and the Mercedes ML 350. With an exterior redesigned to be wider, longer and lower the Black Label is stunning.


To truly experience the 2016 Lincoln MKX, a visit to your local Lincoln dealer is needed so you can have a test drive. After all is said and done the consumer will have a difficult decision to make when choosing between the Lincoln and its rival sedans. The 2016 Lincoln MKX wins on horsepower and engine performance. Others may handle slightly better. Loyal Lincoln owners will not concern themselves about any negative comments regarding the new model.