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2019 Lincoln Navigator Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2019 Lincoln Navigator Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Standard vs Select vs Reserve & Black Label

What 2019 Lincoln Navigator Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The 2019 Lincoln Navigator is a large, luxury SUV. It has four doors and a rear hatch for the cargo area. The Navigator has room for seven or eight average-sized adults. Lincoln offers a few different configuration choices for the 2019 Navigator. It comes in four trim levels called the Standard, Select, Reserve and Black Label. The first two trim packages give you the option of 4X2, two-wheel drive or 4X4, four-wheel drive. The Reserve and Black Label trims come standard in the 4X4 configuration.

The Navigator is available in standard and extended-length versions. You can tell if it's an extended model by the addition of the letter L at the end of the trim name. For example, a Navigator Select becomes a Navigator Select L. Both lengths offer a massive amount of cargo space. The standard length gives you 20.9 cubic-feet of space with all of the seats in use. With the seats folded down and properly configured, the Navigator provides a whopping 103.4 cubic-feet of storage space.

All trim levels come equipped with the same powerful V-6 engine and 10-speed automatic-transmission system. The transmission has overdrive and an auto-manual feature that allows you to manually move through the gears if you need to. The Twin-Turbocharged 3.5-Liter V-6 Engine produces an impressive 450 horsepower and 510 pound-feet of torque. The Lincoln Navigator may be large and heavy, but the powerful engine provides for good acceleration. The Navigator never becomes sluggish even when it's loaded down with people and cargo.

All of the power and torque produced by the Navigator's engine gives it good towing and hauling capacities. A standard-length Navigator can tow up to 8,700 pounds. The longer version can tow up to 8,400 pounds. It makes up for the lower towing capacity by providing more cargo space. Those numbers are among the highest available for this class of vehicle. This SUV even has some serious off-road capabilities. This is especially true with the 4X4 configuration. The Lincoln Navigator lives up to the "utility," part of being a sports-utility vehicle.

The engine and performance stats are mostly the same with all four trim packages. You may be wondering what the differences are and which trim is right for you. We will take an in-depth look at each trim level and what it has to offer. We'll compare each trim to the previous package and the next level up. This information should help you to decide which trim package will best suit your needs.

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Compare the 2019 Lincoln Navigator Standard vs Select Trims. What is the difference?

These two trims come in either a 4X2 or 4X4 version. You get the choice of nine different paint colors for the exterior. These are Blue Diamond, Burgundy Velvet, Ceramic Pearl, Iced Mocha, Infinite Black, Ingot Silver, Ruby Red, Silver Jade and White Platinum. Both trims come equipped with the same V-6 engine and transmission system. The Select model gets an upgraded adaptive-suspension System.

In addition to the improved suspension, you get some additional options to affect the handling when you choose the Select trim. Trailer-backup assist and a trailer-brake controller can be tacked on. You can opt for a two-speed transfer case on the 4X4 model of the Select. You can get electronic traction assist and a heavy-duty radiator added on as well.

The Standard model comes with 20-inch, machined-aluminum wheels with painted pockets. The Select is equipped with 22-inch, ultra-bright, machined-aluminum wheels. The pockets on these wheels are painted with Dark Tarnish paint. Lincoln includes a 17-inch spare wheel and an extra tire for both trim levels.

On the inside of the Navigator, these two trims have the same basic climate-control system. There are vents and controls for the rear seats. The inside of every trim level is posh and exquisite with plenty of real wood trim. The steering wheels are wrapped in leather. A heated steering wheel is standard on the Select model. Audio and speed controls are conveniently located on the steering wheel for both trims.

Rear- and forward-sensing systems give you more awareness for both trim levels. Ambient lighting is standard for both. You get nice, standard features on both trims such as lighted vanity mirrors, cruise control, power locks and power windows. You can opt for adaptive cruise control on the Select. Lincoln has included a lot of pockets, cup holders and other small-item storage options throughout the vehicle.

Some other notable features included in both trims are active noise control, push-button start and rain-sensing wipers. All trims come with personal profiles. This allows you to save and quickly access settings for your seats, climate preferences and audio choices. The Standard and Select models have the same infotainment system that features a massive 10-inch touchscreen. You get the Lincoln SYNC 3 system, 14 speakers and a navigation system.

You get 10-way power-adjustable front seats with lumbar support for both trims. The interiors are not too different between the Standard and Select packages. There are some available options for the Select that you can't get for a Standard. You can upgrade the front seats to include heating and ventilation. You can also opt for some driver-assist systems such as a lane-departure warning and parking assist.

The Standard and Select models are virtually identical on the outside. You get a body-colored spoiler and matching bumpers. A roof rack provides extra storage options. Both trims are equipped with LED headlights, taillights and fog lamps. Daytime running lamps are included as well. One of the few differences here is that the Select has illuminated, power running boards.

The Standard and Select trims come with an anti-theft perimeter alarm. The Select model gets upgraded security and intrusion sensors. A rear-view camera is installed for both trims. The Select package gets you an additional 360-degree camera. All trims come equipped with the same number of front and side airbags. Four-wheel disc anti-lock brake systems are also included for both trims. Lincoln equips every Navigator model with its SOS Post-Crash Alert System.

Compare the 2019 Navigator Select vs Reserve Trims. What is the difference?

The Lincoln Navigator Reserve offers the same nine exterior color choices as before. You get a tenth option called Rhapsody Blue. You still get the same engine, transmission system and suspension system that you would with the Select model. The horsepower, torque and fuel-economy ratings are all the same too. You can get a 4X2 or 4X4 Select, but the Reserve comes standard as a 4X4. Both models have 22-inch, machined-aluminum wheels with Dark Tarnish paint accents. The Select wheels have a 12-spoke design while the Reserve wheels have 16 spokes.

The Reserve gets an upgrade for the sound system. You now get a CD player and 20 speakers. The seats are also upgraded to 24-way power-adjustable models with multi-contour- and power thigh-extension features. You can now choose captain's chairs for the second row. These come with a built-in heating feature. On the outside, you get some new cosmetic flourishes. The Lincoln Star symbol is now illuminated. A panoramic-vista roof is standard on the Reserve and can be added as an option for the Select. The safety and security features and options are the same for these two trim levels.

Compare the Navigator Reserve vs Black Label Trims. What is the difference?

The color choices for the Black Label are somewhat different. You only have seven options with some old and some new. You can select from Agate Black, Burgundy Velvet, Chroma Crystal Blue, Chroma Molten Gold, Ingot Silver, Rhapsody Blue and White Platinum. Several previous options are now standard for the Black Label. Some of these include the upgraded radiator, trailer-backup assist, trailer-brake control and electronic traction assist. The Black Label trim is only available as a 4X4.

The Black Label comes with a set of 22-inch, 21-spoke, aluminum-alloy wheels with ebony-colored pockets. You once again get the top-tier audio system from Revel with 20 speakers. The seats, second-row seat options and upholstery are all the same as before. Black Label badging and floor mats are included for the interior.

The exteriors are once again mostly the same. You again get the illuminated star for the Black Label trim. The Black Label name badge appears on the outside of the Navigator. All of the safety features and security systems are identical between the Reserve and Black Label trim packages. The main difference here is in the fact that the Black Label now includes every extra bell and whistle that were previously offered as options for the Reserve.

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Which Trim Level to Choose?

It's hard to imagine someone being disappointed with any of the four trim levels of the 2019 Lincoln Navigator. This is truly an SUV that can do it all. It offers great performance and plenty of space for passengers and cargo. It can go off road and can tow large amounts of weight. You can easily take a boat or trailer along on family road trips. This is a great vehicle for anyone with a large family.

The Lincoln Navigator won't seem out of place on a campground or at a country club. It has serious SUV credibility as well as serious style and luxury features. The seats are luxurious and comfortable. The infotainment and audio systems are fantastic. The interior build quality is top notch. Everything is wonderfully designed. The engineers made sure that the Navigator will be a convenient and comfortable vehicle to ride in.

Whether you choose a standard or extended-length model just depends on what you need. If you need to haul around more gear, then go for the extended model. If not, the standard length can tow more and gets slightly better fuel economy. It might be tempting to choose the Standard trim as it offers a fantastic base price. The fully-loaded Black Label may seem tempting as well since it offers every available feature and option.

For most buyers, the mid-tier Select trim will be the best value. You get a lot of the best convenience and luxury features with this package. You also get the adaptive-suspension system for a performance and handling boost. With all of the added benefits, the price of the Select trim still stays very reasonable. The only thing you may miss are some of the higher-tier, driver-assist systems. Fortunately, these can be added on to the Select trim as optional features.

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