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2022 Lincoln Aviator Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Lincoln Aviator Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Standard vs Reserve vs Grand Touring and Black Label

Compare the 2022 Lincoln Aviator Trims - Standard vs Reserve vs Grand Touring and Black Label. What is the difference between them?

The 2022 Lincoln Aviator is a three-row SUV that's sophisticated in just about every way. It treats drivers to a smooth and responsive ride, and passengers can be comfortable and entertained in the cabin. On the exterior and interior of the vehicle, there are premium features that one would certainly associate with a luxury brand.

Lincoln makes five trims of this type of SUV. The base trim, which is the Standard, is the most reasonably priced. With each move up to the next trim in the lineup, the price does go up considerably. The two top trims are fairly expensive, so it's important to fully understand how the company has justified those prices with various upgrades. This overview will review what sets each trim apart from the others.

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Compare the Standard vs Reserve Trims. What is the difference?

These two trims use the same type of engine. It's a very capable twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6. It has a good size to it, and the pair of turbochargers gives it a huge boost in performance. It's able to deliver 400 horsepower and 415 pound-feet of torque. Towing capacity is 6,700 pounds, so people can haul bikes, boats, or other types of equipment with confidence.

Rear-wheel drive is standard with the Lincoln Aviator. Many performance-oriented vehicles have this type of drivetrain, in part because it helps with acceleration and traction. All-wheel drive is optional if anyone wishes to enhance traction even more. Hill Start Assist is a standard program that may come in handy more often than people may think.

Every Lincoln Aviator has what most would consider to be premium wheels and lights. The Standard uses 19-inch bright machined aluminum wheels with dark tarnish painted pockets, and the Reserve uses similar 20-inch wheels. Both trims have full LED headlamps and LED Daytime Running Lamps that fade on and off. The headlamps are automatic, as are the high beams, so drivers don't have to worry about fiddling with those controls. The Reserve can come with LED fog lamps and a more advanced adaptive pixel-style of LED headlamps.

Adding to the style of this Lincoln SUV is a quad chrome exhaust. The power liftgate is quite convenient to use, and the Reserve has a hands-free liftgate that can be even more appreciated when someone has his/her hands full.

An impressive number of features have been integrated into the side mirrors. These mirrors can automatically fold themselves in and out, and they have heating elements, LED turn signals, and a memory function. The driver's side can automatically dim if it detects bright lights. These types of luxury items can be really nice to utilize on a daily basis.

Inside the cabin, there are so many high-end amenities. The Standard has a frameless rearview mirror that can automatically dim if needed, and it has tri-zone climate control, intelligent keyless access, remote start, and a piano key shifter.

It also has something called Lincoln Embrace. With this program, the SUV will light up as the driver approaches it with the key fob in hand or in a pocket. Door lights, headlamps, taillamps, and interior lighting can all softly activate as a sort of welcome greeting. Plus, the Lincoln logo can be displayed on the ground next to the driver's door, as if it's a type of door mat.

The Reserve takes things a little further in terms of comfort, convenient, and style. It has ambient lighting to set the mood in the cabin, and it has a climate control system with four zones instead of just three. Its steering wheel is wrapped in leather, and the steering column is power adjustable with a memory feature. The cabin of the Reserve may feel more peaceful because this trim has Active Noise Control. It also has a panoramic vista roof to let in natural light. This type of roof is an option with the Standard.

The "Lincoln Soft Touch" seats on the Standard are soft and supportive, and they look modern and elegant. Up front, the seats are heated and power-adjustable, and they can be moved in ten ways. The driver's seat comes with a memory function and power lumbar. In the second row of the Standard, there's a bench seat that has a power tip-and-slide release, and in the back, there are two additional seats the have a power-folding function. That second row can be heated if a customer wishes to pay extra.

In the Reserve, there are premium leather seats, and the front seats can move in 12 ways instead of ten. The Reserve gives customers the option of getting a three-row bench seat or captain's chairs in its middle row. It would all depend on whether someone anticipates needing seven seats or would be happy with just six. The first- and second-row seats are available with heating and ventilation.

When factoring in technology, the Reserve may be able to attract more attention than the Standard. That's because it has wireless charging and a 360-degree camera. Its audio system consist of 14 speakers and HD Radio Technology, and it could be upgraded to have 28 total speakers. In contrast, the Standard has a ten-speaker system. Plus, the Reserve comes with navigation and SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link. This is a major perk that many customers are looking for these days.

All that being said, the Standard has a great package as well. It has SYNC 3 technology, a 10.1-inch LCD touchscreen, four USB ports, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio. It has Lincoln + Alexa compatibility, too, making it easy for people to look up all kinds of information and take care of various tasks while traveling.

Compare the Reserve vs Grand Touring Trims. What is the difference?

What primary sets the Grand Touring part from the Reserve is that it's a plug-in hybrid. It uses the same V6 engine that the Reserve uses, but it adds on an electric motor and standard all-wheel drive. As a result, the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring is able to generate 494 horsepower and 630 pound-feet of torque. It's not too common to see an SUV with these kinds of numbers.

When exclusively using the electric motor, the Aviator can travel a little less than 20 miles. This isn't a huge range, but it could be ideal for people who take short trips around town on regular basis, with time in between to charge up. Remember that it can rely on its gas-powered engine, too. While the Reserve uses a ten-speed automatic transmission, the Grand Touring uses a modular hybrid transmission. Both have SelectShift capability.

The Grand Touring looks more refined than the Reserve does. First, it has 21-inch wheels. Its upper grille has a dark smoke color scheme, and it has body-color wheel lip and rocker moldings. LED fog lamps are standard on the Grand Touring, whereas they're optional on the Reserve.

The cabins of the Grand Touring and Reserve are pretty much identical to each other. They both have the same type of leather seats and ambient lighting, and their technology packages are the same. The safety package in both trims includes blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert with braking, parking sensors, and automatic emergency braking. These types of driver-assist systems are becoming more common in the industry, and it makes sense that the company would include them with the Lincoln Aviator.

One thing that the Grand Touring has that's unique is the EV pedestrian sounder. Since the vehicle can be so quiet, it may be hard for people walking in a parking lot or street to hear it coming. That's why Lincoln decided to put in an audio signal so that people will be aware of what's around them.

Compare the Grand Touring vs Black Label. What is the difference?

The trims with the "Grand Touring" designation are the ones that are the plug-in hybrids. Therefore, the Grand Touring is going to be significantly more powerful than the Black Label is. It's not as if 400 horsepower is to be dismissed in any way; it's just that having close to 500 horsepower is even better.

Other than that, though, the Black Label has the more elevated style and more advanced technology. On its exterior, it has 22-inch wheels with ebony painted pockets and the adaptive pixel LED headlamps mentioned earlier. It has Lincoln Dynamic Signature Lighting, in which the LED Daytime Running Lamps have a sequential on/off feature. In its grille, it has a black color scheme and an illuminated Lincoln Star embedded in it. That illuminated Lincoln Star is an option with the Grand Touring.

The cabin of the Black Label is well equipped. It has a heated steering wheel, heated and ventilated front seats, and heated and ventilated second-row seats. Even the windshield wipers have heating elements; this can prevent ice build-up in the winter. The front seats can move in 30 ways, and the seats are covered in sophisticated Savannah leather.

Soft-close doors elevate the feel of this Lincoln Aviator. Another notable feature is called "Phone as a Key." With this program, a smartphone can be programmed to take the place of the key fob. The vehicle can be started when the smartphone is in close proximity, with there being no need for the key fob to be present. It's ideal when multiple people are using the vehicle or when someone is going off on an adventure and doesn't want to take the key fob with him/her.

The technology package on the Black Label includes a 28-speaker sound system and a head-up display. Technology is used to enhance the safety package in the form of Active Park Assist 2.0 and adaptive cruise control. The park assist program can actually handle the steering, braking, and acceleration necessary to park the SUV in a parallel or perpendicular spot. Adaptive cruise control can make adjustments to steering and speed as well, but on the highway. It can bring the vehicle to a stop if necessary, and it can read speed limit signs and remind drivers of that information.

Compare the Black Label vs Black Label Grand Touring Trims. What is the difference?

There aren't too many differences between the Black Label and the Black Label Grand Touring. It's mainly that the Black Label Grand Touring has the hybrid powertrain. Remember that this gives it extra horsepower and additional torque, in addition to better fuel efficiency.

Plus, the Black Label Grand Touring has adaptive suspension and air glide suspension. When people enter and exit the cabin when the vehicle is in park, the SUV will lower itself so that they can have an easier time of it. The adaptive suspension can do an excellent job at making the ride quite smooth.

A minor difference is that the Black Label Grand Touring has 21-inch wheels instead of 22-inch wheels like the Black Label has. Also, the Black Label comes with the option to get a second-row bench seat. Some people may prefer this because it gives them an additional seat. The Black Label Grand Touring is limited to having captain's chairs, giving it the ability to accommodate six total passengers.

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Which Trim to Choose?

The advanced elements in the Black Label and Black Label Grand Touring are impressive. However, the elevated price tag of these vehicles can't be overlooked. The truth is that most people won't be able to afford trims like these.

When price is taken into consideration, the trim that comes out on top is the Reserve. It can certainly handle itself well, and with available all-wheel drive, it has great traction. It has several amenities that make it attractive, and they include navigation, wireless charging, leather upholstery, and ambient lighting. Those types of features aren't always seen in trims that are further down in their lineups, so it's nice that they've all been included on the Reserve. The Reserve feels like a very high-end vehicle without being associated with an extremely high cost.

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