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2014 MINI Countryman

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Why Buy a 2014 MINI Countryman?
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The Top 10 Reasons Why You May want to Buy a 2014 MINI Countryman:

The MINI brand of vehicles is famous for their sporty design and fun spirit in a small package. The 2014 MINI Countryman is no exception and features a unique European styling for a compact crossover SUV. Many of the features on the MINI Countryman are built for personalized styling and road-gripping stability.

10 Reasons to Buy A 2014 MINI Countryman

1) Classic exterior styling

The mini Countryman includes 4 trim options with a basic European styling that shows off a mix of British and German craftsmanship. Sleek contoured lines and a flat contrasting roof makes for a very sporty exterior that can turn eyes in its direction. The classic exterior can be custom-designed with multiple color options to make the car appear as simple or dramatic as you like on the road.

2) Demanding performance

The 1.6-liter engine includes the option for most trims to have a turbocharged feature for improved acceleration and overall performance. All models include an electronic throttle and 6-speed manual transmission. The transmission provides quick acceleration and nimble speed changes in the city without hesitation.

3) Front and center navigation

The addition of customized interior options and highly adaptive technology features make the 2014 MINI Countryman a truly fun car. The cockpit itself is designed to give a sporty feel and draw the eye forward for convenience. The displays feature outside and inside temperatures and gauges laid out like a race car for fuel and important car metrics. The car gauges and dashboard are also available for customization.

4) Personal customization

MINI Cooper is a star when it comes to personal customization. Custom trim options create a blank canvas with endless possibilities for the 2014 MINI Countryman. Striped hood bonnets and contrasting body colors such as piano black come as part of the package for versatile design.

5) Off-road capability

The standard 2-Wheel drive includes traction control and the upgraded Cooper S Countryman model includes a powerful all-wheel drive system for any road surface or weather condition. The cornering brake control (CBC) system takes advantage of the go-cart handling to handle slick turns and passes.

6) On-Board technology metrics

The 2014 MINI Countryman is equipped with additional safety and car regulating features that provide a true cockpit experience. A crash sensor turns on the lights of the vehicle engages fuel cut-off for safety to prevent a collision or reduce injuries. The vehicle is equipped with a HD radio capable sound system that can also be connected to the exclusive MINI connected feature. The MINI Connected system is an upgrade that includes a touch-screen for navigation and control of a smart phone for voice recognition. Each model includes controls on the steering wheel and includes an auxiliary input jack for those tunes on the go.

7) All season interior comfort

The 2014 MINI Countryman has improved previous models by including a highly tuned seating system. Optional lumbar support and 6-way adjustable seats provide ample back support on those long trips. The cabin filter includes a pollen micro-filter for fresh clean air during the warm or humid months. An optional feature for an active carbon filter is also available to reduce odors in the vehicle naturally. Winter is also a breeze with heated front seats and mirrors for a truly luxurious ride.

8) Fast maneuverability and road handling

The lineup of models from the MINI brand are famous for their go-cart style handling and gripping power on tight corners. The 2014 MINI Countryman is no exception to this trend. A standard MacPHerson Strut Suspension and optional tuned sport suspension provides the agile movement for this vehicle.

9) Excellent fuel economy

The 2014 MINI Countryman is one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles on the market. The base model features 35 MPG on the highway and 31 in the city. The 1.6-liter engine for the all-wheel drive vehicle is rated at 27 MPG for the city and 35 MPG for the highway. This tight proximity to gas mileage from city to highway means that the overall gas mileage is consistent regardless of where you drive.

10) Improved safety ratings

The 2014 MINI Countryman has a marked rating improvement over the MINI Cooper. The Countryman crossover reduces rolling and pitch when making sharp turns and less crash ratings. The traction control system also engages in both harsh weather and on slippery pavement to reduce this pitch.

Reasons You May Not Want to Buy a 2014 MINI Countryman

1) Smaller cargo space for an SUV

The extended seating in the rear of the vehicle reduces the amount of cargo trunk space for this crossover. The 2014 MINI Countryman also lacks additional seat storage compartments that are more common with competitor models.

2) High road noise

The 2014 MINI Countryman has a low profile that contributes the aerodynamics that affect the sound of the interior cabin. The sound of the engine is robust and can be heard throughout the cabin in addition to road noise.

The 2014 MINI Countryman has a lot of personality and flavor for a crossover vehicle. This highly customizable vehicle can infuse your personality and save on the pump. Consider test driving this impressive vehicle and have fun driving today.

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