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2020 MINI Clubman Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2020 MINI Clubman?
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James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2020 MINI Clubman? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The MINI Clubman has a unique style. Since it was introduced to the public in 2007, it's given MINI customers something to think about, especially since it has a cabin that's larger than the traditional MINI. The 2020 MINI Clubman can accommodate five passengers with its two rows of seating, and there are three different models available: the Cooper S Clubman, the Cooper S Clubman ALL4, and the John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4.

What's New for 2020?

There are many new features on the 2020 MINI Clubman, though they're mostly small changes that most people might not notice on their own. First of all, there have been some changes to the S trim's exterior. The grille and headlights are now complemented by a piano black outline instead of the previous chrome one. The S also has a mesh grille. New exterior paint colors - a bold red, a solid black, and a bright green - give people more options.

Fans of MINI might notice that the brand's badge has been slightly tweaked to show the body color behind the wings. The MINI Clubman gets to use modern LED taillights, and the brake lights can come with a Union Jack design if anyone wants to show off their love of the flag.

Inside the cabin of the MINI Clubman, the USB ports have been upgraded to USB-C ports, making them more compatible with newer devices.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2020 MINI Clubman – The Pros

1. Same Retro Appearance

The 2020 MINI Clubman appeals to customers because of its throwback appearance. For decades, it has stayed true to its style, and modern versions of the Clubman still have retro stylings. The Clubman has round headlights that are now slightly angled back, but they still have that classic shape. The flat roof is a feature that one would definitely expect in a MINI, and the brand hasn't touched this at all when refreshing the Clubman.

2. Customize the Look

With the MINI Yours program, customers can design their 2020 MINI Clubman to have a unique look. Many premium colors are available, and things can be mixed and matched to match people's preferences. People can even set up their cars to have Union Jack designs on the back of the headrests in front, and one version of the wheels has a design that looks very similar to the iconic flag.

3. Solid Engine Options

The Cooper S Clubman and Cooper S Clubman ALL4 both run on a twin-power turbo engine with a displacement of two liters. It feels pretty agile, with 189 horsepower and 207 pound-feet of torque. The John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4 gets to use a much more powerful 2.0-liter engine. It has an impressive 301 horsepower, and torque is equally enviable, at 331 pound-feet.

When clocked, the base Clubman has been able to hit the 60 miles per hour mark in under seven seconds. With its more capable engine, the John Cooper Works model gets to that speed in approximately four and a half seconds.

4. A More Sizable Cabin

The 2020 MINI Clubman is bigger than one might think. Its wheelbase is 105.1 inches, so it's long and lean. Leg room in the front is up to 41.4 inches, and in the back, people can manage to stretch out a little with 34.3 inches of leg room. In the trunk, there is a dedicated 17.5 cubic feet of storage space, giving people opportunities to pack things up and head out on long road trips.

5. Available All-Wheel Drive

A MINI might not be what one would think of when asked to list some all-wheel drive vehicles. People who are new to the MINI world might be surprised to hear that it does have available all-wheel drive. It provides enhanced traction that can come in handy if the weather makes it tough to navigate the streets.

6. Select a Driving Mode

When getting behind the wheel each day, people sometimes find themselves in different moods. Some days, they might want to take it easy and conserve gas, and others, they may want to feel a more punchy acceleration and be aggressive when taking corners. What's nice about the 2020 MINI Cooper is that it comes with multiple driving modes. The Mid setting provides a nice balance and good responsiveness, Sport mode gives the car some more kick, and Green optimizes things so the car can consume less fuel.

7. Foot-Activated Back Doors

A unique feature in the 2020 MINI Clubman is that it has two rear doors that swing open on either side of the cargo area. There is the opportunity to update the car to have power-operated rear doors that can be opened by simply kicking one's foot underneath the sensor in the back. This is a great benefit that can be useful whenever anyone is loaded down with bags and heavy items.

8. An Active Driving Assistant

MINI has incorporated many high-tech features in its safety package. By doing so, it's given its customers more assurance and assistance. Cameras placed around the car continually monitor how the Clubman is doing in relation to other vehicles. One capability that it has is to anticipate forward collisions. If it senses an imminent issue, the system can warn drivers to prompt them to take action, and automatic emergency braking can be activated if necessary to prevent an accident or lessen the impact.

9. Choose Trims on Top of Models

As previously mentioned, there are three models to choose from. Beyond that, people will have the opportunity to choose their trim. The Classic trim has a leather-wrapped steering wheel and 17-inch alloy wheels. The Signature is the next level up, and it includes a panorama roof and touchscreen. This level is where emergency braking starts to be included, and conveniences like heated seats and keyless entry can make a big difference.

At the Iconic level, navigation and Apple CarPlay come standard. These can both be greatly appreciated by anyone who loves staying connected and having access to apps and up-to-the-minute traffic information. Leather seats and 18-inch alloy wheels are elements that help the car stand out.

10. Sporty Elements

The John Cooper Works Clubman comes with a special sport suspension, which gives it the feel of a sports car as drivers accelerate, travel around curves, and navigate their way around town. This car also comes with sport seats and a signature steering wheel.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2020 MINI Clubman – The Cons

1. Sub-Optimal Rear Visibility

The 2020 MINI Clubman is far from being a full-size SUV or even a full-size sedan, and at times, it does feel small when someone is sitting behind the wheel. Front and side visibility generally aren't a problem, but rear visibility can be an issue. This is mostly due to the fact that the windshield is small to begin with, and the glass is interrupted by the frames of the double rear doors.

2. Pricey Models

Starting out at around $30,000, the base model of the 2020 MINI Clubman is affordable for many customers. If people want to upgrade in any way, they should be expecting to fork over some more money. The price jumps between different trims and different models of the Clubman can be significant, and the highest priced models are well into the mid-$40,000s.

3. Standard Infotainment Not Flashy

The standard display on the MINI Clubman is a 6.5-inch screen that shows information about playback and other settings. Incorporating a touchscreen requires at least one upgrade, and this is a drawback considering many companies are really focusing on the infotainment elements of their vehicles.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

MINI has done such a great job of setting itself up in its own niche that it's a bit of a stretch to find comparable vehicles in the modern market. The Hyundai Veloster and Volkswagen Golf R are two similarly sized cars that are somewhat unique because of their design. The 2020 MINI Clubman outshines both vehicles in terms of horsepower.

Its base model does better than the base Veloster that has 147 horsepower, and the John Cooper Works model outpaces the enhanced 201-horsepower engine in the Turbo Velosters and even the high-performing 275-horsepower engine in the Veloster N. The Golf comes with 147 horsepower, and even the Golf GTI and Golf R can't quite hit the level of the John Cooper Works model of the Clubman.


There's no doubt that the 2020 MINI Clubman scores high on style. It's actually a practical car since it has a longer wheelbase than the classic MINI. The second row is comfortable, even for most adults, and there is a nice-sized cargo area in the back. MINI has made a smart move in building the Clubman with two different engines and available all-wheel drive, giving its customers many options and some flexibility as they decide which exact model will meet their needs.
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