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2022 Mazda3 Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Mazda3 Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: 2.0 vs 2.5S, Select vs Preferred, Carbon vs Premium and 2.5 Turbo

Compare the 2022 Mazda Mazda3 Trims - 2.0 vs 2.5S, Select vs Preferred, Carbon vs Premium and 2.5 Turbo. What is the difference between them?

The 2022 Mazda3 is a compelling choice for anyone seeking to enhance their daily drive. It's striking design rivals that of its more expensive counterparts, and it comes with an array of modern features including the new Carbon Edition trim. Underneath this unique exterior lies power afforded by optional turbocharged engines and cutting-edge safety technology - all tucked within the comfort provided by premium interior materials.


Compare the Mazda3 2.0 vs 2.5 S Trims. What is the difference?

Drivers have a choice between two trim levels: the 2.0 and 2.5 S, both named for their engines' capacities -2-liters or 2.5 liters respectively. The difference in performance is noticeable with the larger engine providing an additional 31 horsepower and 36 pound-feet of torque to put you firmly on command of your vehicle's power output capabilities when compared to its entry level counterpart; each come equipped with sport automatic transmissions driving front wheels only which should answer any queries as to how this car performs under different conditions!

The 2.0 offers a slight but noticeable advantage in fuel economy, achieving an estimated 28 miles per gallon around town and 36 mpg on the open road - compared to 26 city MPG and 35 highway MPG when driving with the ever-dependable 2.5 S model.

The entry-level trim of the 2.0 is nothing short of impressive, with its intelligent LED headlights and taillights illuminating your way home safely in any weather condition. Additionally, rain sensing wipers ensure you always have clear vision when out on a drive while 16 inch aluminum alloy wheels guarantee smooth cruising even over bumpy roads.

Upgrade your ride with the 2.5 S option for an extra pop of color - choose from Jet Black Mica, Deep Crystal Blue Mica or splash out on Snowflake White Pearl Mica and add a touch of class to your vehicle.

On the inside of both the 2.0 and 2.5 S, there are black cloth seats. Push-button start and remote keyless entry are nice to have, and there is a manual climate control system.

Cutting-edge technology sets the 2.5 S apart from its predecessor, boasting both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration - making it simpler to stay connected while on the road. As an added benefit of this model's more advanced tech features, you can now fully enjoy hands-free phone calls as well as downloaded songs or streamed audio content with absolute safety in mind for all your journeys.

Mazda has achieved impressive engineering feats with their driver-assisted technologies. Whether you choose the standard trim or upgrade to a higher one, enjoy features such as an 8.8-inch center display and HD Radio – plus, smartphone integration via Pandora internet radio and more! Safety tech like lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control make driving smoother than ever before - so sit back & experience total comfort behind the wheel of your Mazda today.

Compare the Mazda3 2.5 S vs Select. What is the difference?

Elevate your driving experience with the Select. Featuring turn signals that are built into the side mirrors, 18-inch wheels and an array of color options like Soul Red Crystal Metallic and Deep Crystal Blue Mica - this vehicle offers a plethora of features perfect for all customers.

Inside the cabin, there are leatherette seats rather than cloth ones. Plus, the steering wheel and gear shifter are wrapped in leather. In the back seat, there is a rear center armrest that has convenient cup holders.

The Select edition of the Mazda3 features a plethora of convenient and advanced amenities, like a dual-zone automatic climate control system and an upgraded keyless entry system that eliminates the need to press any buttons - just touch the door handle when your car senses it! Moreover, this model also offers two invaluable driver-assist systems; blind spot monitoring helps you stay safe from hazards in hard to see spots while rear cross traffic alert provides additional awareness for approaching crossings. Investing in these select modifies is certainly worth every penny.

Compare the 2022 Mazda3 Select vs Preferred. What is the difference?

The Mazda3 Preferred, which features standard all-wheel drive for those in colder climates, stands out among other vehicles with its styling and convenience options. On the exterior it sports a gloss black finish on the front lower bumper along with memory side mirrors; plus an interior sunshade accompanies its power sliding glass moonroof. For added appeal there is also a bold Gloss Black Front Grille that differentiates itself from the Select trim's matte grille finish.

The 2022 Mazda3 is equipped with a dual memory system that allows drivers to easily pre-set their ideal seating and mirror position. This makes transitioning between family members or carpoolers effortless--no more awkward seat adjustments.

That driver's seat on the Preferred is power-adjustable in eight ways and has power-adjustable lumbar support. In contrast, the seats on the lower trims are manually adjustable.

The Preferred takes luxury to the next level with its heated seats, inviting you and your passengers into an oasis of warmth in even the chilliest months. Its leatherette upholstery comes in both black and griege - a subtle blend of gray and beige that adds a touch of sophistication. With an overhead console perfect for stowing shades or other small items, it's simple to stay comfortably organized out on the open road.

Compare the Preferred vs Carbon Edition Trim Levels. What is the difference?

The Carbon Edition trim is the perfect combination of sophistication and style. This exclusive offering features a Polymetal Gray Metallic exterior, 18-inch black wheels, and an eye-catching roof-mounted shark fin antenna - none of which are available on its Preferred counterpart. While it may cost slightly more than the standard option, this edition offers unique details that make it well worth every penny.

The 2022 Carbon Edition stands out even further with its bold red leather seats, adding a sleek and sporty look to the otherwise luxurious cabin. These striking upholstered chairs are an especially attention-grabbing feature of this edition.

This new has better technology than the Preferred does. It features a 12-speaker premium audio system with Centerpoint 2 and AudioPilot technology. In comparison, the lower trims all have eight-speaker audio systems. The Carbon Edition benefits from having SiriusXM Satellite Radio and an aluminum speaker grille.

Compare the Mazda3 Carbon Edition vs Premium. What is the difference?

Drivers who choose the Premium model have a unique ability to customize their car's look with one of six lively colors, ranging from bold reds to classic grays. All-wheel drive is also an option for those looking for extra control and stability out on the road.

The Premium Edition shines with its signature LED taillights that exude a touch of finesse compared to the Carbon Edition. Additionally, it sparkles with bright-finished wheels in lieu of black ones for an added hint of luxury.

The Premium offers extra layers of protection with two advanced safety features not available on the Carbon Edition. Traffic sign recognition helps drivers stay informed about road rules and conditions, while adaptive front lights provide optimized illumination for driving in dark areas. With these intelligent safety systems, you can drive knowing that your car has got your back.

Inside the cabin of these trims, subtle distinctions exist. The Premium trim adds an upscale flair to your ride with its luxurious leather seats available in sleek black or bright white. Meanwhile, for a more daring touch opt for the Carbon Edition's signature red seating option.

With advanced features such as an active driving display projected onto the windshield and integrated navigation, drivers of the Premium can look forward to a high-tech experience that will truly revolutionize their daily commute. Cutting-edge technology lovers should consider this car for its impressive components!

Compare the 2022 Mazda3 Premium vs 2.5 Turbo. What is the difference?

The 2.5 Turbo is more expensive than the Premium is, even though it doesn't have navigation, traffic sign recognition, or leather seats. It does have an active driving display, and its seats can be black or greige leatherette. Notably, the 2.5 Turbo has a heated steering wheel, a windshield wiper de-icer, and wheels with a black finish. Also, it has heated side mirrors.

For drivers looking for a little extra oomph and capability, the 2.5 Turbo is the prime choice. This vehicle uses an upgraded turbocharged engine to deliver 250 horsepower and 320 pound-feet of torque - power that goes beyond what's available in other trim levels. It also includes all-wheel drive which adds further control when taking tight corners or powering through slippery pavement. With these performance advantages it becomes clear why this option commands a slightly higher price tag than its competition; because those who demand more, get more.

Compare the 2.5 Turbo vs 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus. What is the difference?

For an even more powerful driving experience, the 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus is your go-to option. You'll get all of the advantages and exterior enhancements that come with its engine enhancement - black side mirrors, wheels, as well as a sporty rear lip spoiler! And while fuel economy isn't quite on par with other trims boasting a regular 2.5L engine at 25/35 MPG city/highway respectively, this trim gives you 23/32 MPG – not too shabby for such superior power beneath the hood.

The luxurious 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus trim is the perfect combination of sophistication and safety. Its cabin features perforated leather interior in black or white, as well as navigation for convenience on long trips and 360-degree monitor to make maneuvers easy even when clearance space is limited. Drivers can rest assured knowing that this model also comes with automatic rear braking and traffic jam assist systems to ensure their protection on the roads at all times.


Final Thoughts

The 2022 Mazda3's 2.5 Turbo Premium Plus, the highest-end model available, is a great buy for drivers looking to purchase a feature rich car without breaking the bank; with an MSRP of $33,000 it offers alluring luxuries such as heated steering wheel and perforated leather seats at an unbeatable value. Its advanced navigation system paired with its active driving display provides maximum visibility while its cutting edge driver assist systems provide unparalleled safety on roads – making it not only cost effective but trustworthy too.

Customers on a budget have no shortage of great and reliable choices available to them. The 2.0 Sedan may be the most affordable option, ringing in at only $21,000; however it lacks some features like smartphone integration compared with other more powerful options that won't break the bank either.

The 2.5 S is the ideal trim for those who need a car that offers both capability and affordability without breaking the bank, with technology to satisfy any consumer's needs. If you can afford it, then treat yourself to something special - go up one notch to the Preferred series and enjoy luxuries such as leather seating surfaces, heated front seats, advanced safety systems plus an added bonus of a moonroof! This mid-level compromise between price and features guarantees success in today's market.

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