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2014 Mercedes M-Class

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The Top 12 Reasons Why You May want to
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New Stylish and Practical Features of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

Driving the stylish 2014 Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV is a recognized sign of your good judgment, excellent taste in cars and overall success in life. This luxurious vehicle offers 80.3 cubic feet of luggage and gear space, the latest turbodiesel powered engine plus convenient 4Matic all-wheel drive. This elegant vehicle also offers all the practicality of a sports model. The much in demand new M-Class Mercedes comes in 4 trims: The ML350, considered the entry-level model with powerful V6 engine and all basic features; the ML350 BlueTEC with turbodiesel engine, offering great fuel efficiency and fast acceleration; the ML550 with extra modern features like the twin turbo-charged V8 engine; and the ML63 AMG, which is a track-tested, ultimate-acceleration vehicle produced by the Mercedes AMG racing sector.

By featuring popular AWD (all-wheel drive) on the ML350 model, Mercedes-Benz arrived at the ML350 4Matic sub-trim. The rest of the illustrious trims mentioned above all include 4Matic drivetrain within their standard features. All these models exemplify the highly regarded Mercedes-Benz excellent quality performance, reliability and safety measures. Each new M-Class vehicle offers spacious, modern cabin interiors and sophisticated, classic exterior design. In 2013, Consumer Guide described the Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV as, "a suede- and leather-lined cruise missile."1

12 Good Reasons to Buy a Mercedes-Benz M-Class

1. High-Power Engines. - According to most test drivers today, the Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV models all offer expert engine power as well as good fuel mileage rates. Whether consumers purchase M-Class SUVs with V6, turbodiesel V6 or twin-turbocharged V8 engines, they will be pleased with performance and cost-efficiency.

2. Impressive Fuel Economy. - For the most part, all Mercedes M-Class SUVs offer good fuel consumption rates, although the V8 engines do consume more gas. However, they are amazingly fast-action vehicles. The ML350 (V6 engine) gets approximately 18/24 mpg for in-town and highway driving. The ML350 BlueTEC (turbodiesel engine) reports 20/28 mpg for in and out-of-town driving.

3. Fashionable, Comfortable Cabins. - Plush, modern cabin interiors are both spacious and designed with sophistication and style. Soft suede and fine smooth leather combine to create an inviting, comfortable and elegant interior car environment. The extra legroom is a plus for all tall drivers and passengers, and the ultra-modern conveniences like the Command Infotainment feature bring all their favorite audio, video and communications capabilities along with owners and passengers whenever they travel by car.

4. Plenty of Cargo Space. - Older amenities that remain attractive today include the high center stack along with a steering column gear lever that allows space in the central console for a wide storage container. There is impressive cargo storage room of 38.2 cubic feet behind the SUV's back seats, and 80 more cubic feet are available just behind the front seats.

5. Smooth Riding Luxury and Strong Brakes. - This vehicle is well-balanced. There is very slight body roll. The 2014 M-Class seems well-centered and steady. For drivers, strong brake action lends confidence to operation. The 2014 M-Class is one of the quickest-stopping SUVs ever test-driven.

6. Seven-Speed Automatic Transmission. - This feature greatly increases ease of driving and handling. Speed transitions are subtle, enhancing the smoothness of the M-Class models' rapid acceleration feature as well as non-jerk slowing and stopping due to sudden braking.

7. Superior Powertrain. - With the superior choices of engine types and horsepower, the various M-Class trims are a versatile group of modern elegant, yet practical vehicles. The V6 engine has 302 horsepower with 273 lb.-ft. of torque. The V6 turbodiesel engine offers 240 horsepower with 455 lb.-ft. of torque. The twin-turbo V8 engine is equipped with 402 horsepower and 443 lb.-ft. of torque.

8. AWD Offers Added Control - The valuable feature of all-wheel drive offers excellent performance safety when turning sharp corners or driving on slippery roads. AWD promotes immediate transfer of torque from slipping wheels to the wheels providing grip, either rear or front.

9. Quality Safety Equipment. - Safety equipment includes 4-wheel antilock brakes, head airbags for front and back as well as side-mount airbags in front, front whiplash restraint, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot alerts and systematic safety measures before and after a collision, if needed.

10. Roomy, Comfortable Seats. - Roomy front cabin seats have extra height for increased visibility. Back seats are also spacious with plenty of legroom, even for extra-tall passengers. With the added convenience of the heated/cooled beverage cup holders for the front seats, both driver and front-seat passenger with enjoy the relaxed sensation of sitting in a luxurious easy chair with a favorite beverage close at hand.

11. State-of-the-Art Command Infotainment System. - This console-command controlled system offers an elaborate array of infotainment possibilities including navigation, rearview camera, lane keeping assist and back-seat DVD entertainment options.

12. Panoramic Power Sunroof. - This popular feature allows both driver and passengers to bask in bright, overhead sunlight whenever desirable. It also allows for the cool, refreshing breezes of fresh air ventilation, which can be a welcome change from the equally attractive air conditioning during summer.

Reasons for Not Buying a 2014 Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUV

1. Some test drivers report that steering feels somewhat light or bland at lower-level speeds, without overall operational communication. In blustery weather, the M-Class SUVs without AMG lack clarity of steering control on turns. Steering seems somewhat unresponsive with slow or delayed action.

2. Some rival SUV models include more standard features. For instance, the Porsche Cayenne offers athletic handling and totally responsive steering with easy-to-operate dashboard control panel. The Acura MDX has three rows, seating seven people. It offers fast handling and riding comfort. It also offers such benefits as multi-view backup camera and fine leather upholstery as standard, free features. These features are not considered standard on the Mercedes-Benz M-Class SUVs and are included at additional cost.

3. The cabin's Command infotainment system is operated by a console knob instead of a touch screen, which some drivers report as confusing and somewhat bothersome.

4. Another performance problem reported by some test drivers is erratic transmission shifting. The M-Class SUVs sometimes exhibit hesitation at the 4th speed and below, which can be problematic to the vehicle's overall performance.

5. Steering wheel and console control issues were also reported. Steering action quirks sometimes interrupt otherwise smooth driving action, and the central console's controls are not intuitive. Some consumers feel these issues, though not major, keep the M-Class from attaining highest performance and user-friendly ratings.


Consumers who purchase any of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz M-Class trims this year can expect overall quality performance, workmanship, materials and sophistication along with stylish, yet practical durability. In addition, the long-standing Mercedes reputation of excellence and reliability will bring buyers the additional benefits of driving a luxurious car that will last and provide countless miles of quality road-life and enjoyment.


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