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2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class?
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Should You Buy a 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class, one of the most popular small luxury car lines, has enjoyed "Most Liked Luxury Car" status since its introduction to the auto world in 1993. Even after more than twenty years of existence, the C-Class has maintained its status as one of America's favorite luxury car lines. The following information offers a brief overview of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

The 2015 model has been completely redesigned, as compared to the 2014 model. The turbocharged engine has been upgraded from a 1.8 liter capacity to a full 2.0 liters, and provides 241 HP and 273 LB-FT of torque. The 2014 model, on the other hand, offers 201 HP and 229 LB-FT of torque. The body of the 2015 version is 220 lbs lighter than previous versions.

The length and width, at 184.5 and 71.4 inches respectively, are slightly longer than the dimensions of the 2014 model, at 180.8 and 69.7 inches respectively. The unique Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC all-wheel drive technology now comes standard for 2015 models.

Ten Reasons To Buy A 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class - The Pros

1. Spacious

The cabin of the 2015 C-Class is larger than in previous generations of this luxury vehicle. The greater wheelbase offers more rear-seat leg room, granting maximum comfort to even the tallest members of the family. The front seat is spacious, with more than enough room for the head, shoulders and legs. The trunk has a staggering 17 cubic feet of storage space, and the rear seats slide forward to allow for maximum stowage capabilities.

2. Easy To Drive

The 2015 C-Class comes equipped with the world's first multi-link suspension system. Each rear wheel has five links to create a single dimension of motion that is smooth and refined with a sporty element. The new torque vectoring incorporated into the 2015 C-Class uses physics and geometry to create the perfect ride.

3. Make A Positive Impact On The Community By Driving A C-Class

The sleek, contoured outlines of the vehicles in the C-Class line are sure to turn heads left and right. The boost to your self-esteem makes a very good reason to purchase a Mercedes.

4. Six Dimensions of Vision

The vehicles of the C-Class are promoted as having "six dimensions of vision". The high-definition cameras look ahead and around the vehicle to ensure that you stay out of harm's way. Engaging the multi-purpose cameras, multi-range radar and wide variety of sensors during your drive makes for the ultimate in rest and relaxation during your ride in your "second home".

The optional Driver Assistance Package includes systems that can automatically detect an impending collision and alert the driver. If the driver fails to respond in a timely fashion, the radar-based, autonomous braking will promptly engage, giving the driver time to swerve around the obstruction and continue the drive.

5. UHD Touchscreen Controls

The 8.4-inch touchscreen display is made up of a staggering 864, 400 pixels, providing you with images that are clearer than glass. The animated menus are easy to operate and fun to use, making your drives less stressful.

6. Breathe Pure Air

The Air Balance Package, an add-on to the 2015 C-Class line, is designed to enhance your personal well-being. The specialized dispenser offers subtle aromatherapy while you drive. The ionizer purifies the air by eliminating mold spores, bacteria and allergens. In fact, the package has been certified by an international allergy research foundation. Take advantage of the Air Balance Package, and feel the pure air difference.

7. User-friendly Technology

The technology bundle in the C-Class is impressive. The touchscreen command panel can take you to your favorite restaurant, while helping you dodge traffic on the way. It can play music from your personal collection or import songs from artists across the world. The standard technology included in the C-Class also includes:

• A SanDisk card reader

• Dual USB ports

• Bluetooth Audio streaming

• A 13-speaker, 590-watt surround-sound system

• A WiFi Hotspot

The high-tech features offered in the C-Class are superior to those offered by the competition. The BMW 3-series, the main competitor of the Mercedes C-Class has no USB ports and lacks a 13-speaker sound system.

8. Sure Protection

The C-Class offers full airbag protection to the driver and front passenger. With separate airbags for the chest, side, pelvis and knees, you will be completely protected in the event of an accident.

9. Fuel Economy

The C-Class offers excellent mileage for a non-hybrid vehicle. With 24 mpg in the city and 31 on the highway, you will find yourself spending less on gas. An added plus is that the Mercedes C-Class out-performs the BMW 3-series when it comes to automatic engine start/stop while idling. The BMW 3-series will shut down the engine whenever the car is idling, a feature which some owners find annoying.

10. There's A Price For Every Budget

With prices ranging from $36,000 to $63,000, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class has a car that will fit every budget.

Reasons You May Not Want To Buy A Mercedes C-Class - The Cons

1. Low Resale Value

Luxury vehicles in general tend to have a lower resale price than other vehicles due to the sophisticated mechanics involved in the construction of these cars.

2. Lack Of Buttons

While having a touchscreen to control all features in your vehicle may seem perfect, consider careful before you make this decision. A touchscreen display is far more likely to fail than conventional buttons. Additionally, touchscreens can be very costly to replace.

3. Limited Space In The Rear Passenger Seats

The back seating offers minimum spacing to passengers. There is very little room for additional gear. Additionally, if a rear passenger is tall, he or she will have to bend his or her head in order to fit comfortably. The BMW 3-series has more room in the backseats.

While it is true that the Mercedes-Benz C-Class has several prominent disadvantages, the positive aspects of this line of luxury vehicles far outweigh the negatives. If you are considering purchasing a modestly-priced luxury car, consider the C-Class. It's a decision you are sure to be pleased with.

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