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Compare Trim Levels • Configurations

2020 Mercedes Benz S Class Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

What do you get with each? Find out below..
2020 Mercedes Benz S Class Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: 450 vs 560 & 560e

What 2020 Mercedes Benz S Class Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

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When it comes to high-end, nobody does luxury quite like Mercedes-Benz. For decades now, MB has been synonymous with power and prestige. While they have adapted their line-ups to include different price ranges and styles of vehicles, the luxury sedan remains a strong point for the company.

Take, for example, the S-Class. This is far from being entry-level and is one of the highest-priced sedans MB has available. Last model year saw the debut of the plug-in hybrid variant, the S 560e, which costs over $100,000. Voice command was also added to some of the system controls in 2019, which remain standard in 2020.

Regardless of which trim level you select, you are going to be getting a strong engine performance (which is what you should expect from such an expensive vehicle). While you can no longer get the AMG 65 convertible or coupe (as they were discontinued for the model year), you can get one of three high-powered options.

Of course, the biggest drawback here is the price. These vehicles are definitely reserved for those who have money to spend, both on the dealership floor and at the pump. And with so many features left as stand-alone options and in packages, it is going to be entirely too tempting to blow up the price tag even more.

So, which trim level presents the ultimate deal for buyers? Which optional features are 'must-have's? Read through the rest of this trim level comparison review to find out. In the end, we will tell you which trim level we think most buyers will gravitate toward and which additional features you might want to equip on it.


Compare the 2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S 450 vs S 560 Trims. What is the difference?


First up, we have the 2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class' base trim, the S 450. It comes as a rear- or all-wheel drive (the latter of which is titled the 4MATIC). The S 450 is powered by a 3.0-L V6 bi-turbo engine that gets paired up with a 9G-TRONIC 9-speed automatic transmission. This gets the S 450 362 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. The S 450 has no problem with getting from 0 to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds. The RWD variant gets 19 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway while the 4MATIC drops down to 18 mpg in the city but gets the same mileage on the highway. Other mechanical features include an adaptive self-leveling 4-wheel multi-link suspension with AIRMATIC equipped, 18-inch twin 5-spoke wheels, ECO start/stop, DYNAMIC SELECT, and electromechanical power steering.

Meanwhile, the S 560 gets a hefty boost in power from its 4.0-L V8 bi-turbo engine. This gets paired with the same transmission and has "Hot Inside V" twin-scrolling turbochargers. It gets 463 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque, getting the RWD up to speed in 4.6 seconds and the 4MATIC there in 4.5 seconds. This vehicle rides atop 19-inch multi-spoke wheels and gets a fuel economy of 17 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway.

The only mechanical option available on the S 560 is the MAGIC BODY CONTROL with a CURVE function, which adjusts the adaptive suspension to be proactive, utilizing cameras to scan the road surface before it and brace the vehicle for detected oncoming road imperfections.

As far as the vehicle's design goes, these two trim levels look pretty similar. You will have to look at the nuances on the outside to really tell them apart. These vehicles both have the full LED lighting treatment, inside and out. They also have a panoramic sunroof and a multi-functional steering wheel wrapped in Nappa leather that has easy-to-use left- and right-side thumb controls (left for the digital gauge cluster's menu screen, right for the COMAND controls). Options on both include AMG body styling, 19- or 20-inch wheels, MAGIC SKY CONTROL (which alters the roof panel's glass transparency in order to protect you from infrared and UV rays as well as keep the cabin cool), black poplar wood trim, bure walnut wood, Exclusive Trim (which puts more wood detailing on areas like the front seat backs), and a heated wood/leather steering wheel.

Safety features are also pretty much the same on these two trim levels, and they are fairly well-packed. However, you will find that many high-end features are left as options here. Standard safety features include Car-to-X Communication, which allows the vehicle to communicate with others that are in the area and provide information to you. Active brake assist comes standard as well, as do features like Mercedes-Benz Emergency Calling, ATTENTION ASSIST, intelligent LED lighting with ultra-wide high beams, adaptive high beam assist, blind spot assist, crosswind assist, and active lane keep assist. PRE-SAFE and PRE-SAFE Sound get included too, and there is a Smart Key for easy vehicle entry. A rear-view camera comes standard, and there is an advanced tire pressure monitoring system. MAGIC VISION CONTROL has wiper blades with laser-cut holes in them that let out extremely accurate washer fluid sprays in front of the moving wipers (which are rain-sensing). This prevents over-spray and run-off.

A ton of advanced features get left as options, so choose carefully. You can pick from features like active steering assist, evasive steering assist, active lane change assist, congestion emergency braking, extended restart in stop-and-go traffic, PS PLUS, a surround-view camera, and the Night View Assist PLUS.

Of course, you should expect a lot in the way of luxury here. And, again, these two trim levels share many of the same standard features. They have 16-way power-adjustable heated front seats with a memory function built in, and you get three years of Mercedes me connected services and the Mercedes me connected assist. There is also a remote start function with the Mercedes me mobile app, 64-color/tri-zone LED ambient interior lighting, the ENERGIZING Comfort system (which recalls certain settings, like audio, and also keeps the cabin smelling refreshed), leather upholstery, KEYLESS START, and KEYLESS GO. Soft-close doors, an electronic trunk closer, hands-free vehicle access, dual-zone climate control, illuminated door sills, and a power window sunshade also get equipped. There is a 115-volt power outlet inside the vehicle, as well as a brake HOLD feature and the HomeLink universal garage door opener.

Optional creature comforts range from active multi-contour front seats with a massaging function to the Air Balance fragrance feature. You can also choose front seat or rear seat ventilation, heating for the rear seats, heated armrests, memory on the power outboard seats, easy-to-adjust head restraints for the front seats, folding tables for the rear seats, Nappa and exclusive Nappa upholstery, 4-zone climate control, a fridge box in the rear, and power rear side window sunshades. And that is only a fraction of what you will find on the list of optional luxury features.

As far as multimedia features go, you get a good amount of standard ones. There is a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster as well as a 12.3-inch high-resolution infotainment screen. You get the COMAND infotainment system equipped, as well as FrontBass, the Burmester Surround Sound System, and enhanced voice control functionality. Smartphone app integration comes standard through the use of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and there are two USB ports available. HD Radio, Bluetooth connectivity, 6 months of all-access to SiriusXM Satellite Radio, a 10 GB music register, and an SD card reader come equipped. Three years of Live Traffic info and inductive wireless charging with NFC pairing are also part of the deal.

If you want more, you can opt for things like the head-up display and Burmester High-End 3D Surround Sound System. There are also features like TuneIn Radio, wireless charging for the rear of the cabin, a CD player that is placed inside of the glove box, and a rear seat entertainment system (with or without the comfort adapter).


Compare the 2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S 560 vs S 560e Trim Levels. What is the difference?


You might be looking for something powerful but also a bit more fuel efficient. If so, then you might want to consider the all-new S 560e trim level. This trim is powered by the S 450's 3.0-L V6 bi-turbo engine but gets paired with a plug-in hybrid electric motor. Again, the 9-speed automatic transmission rounds out the powertrain, and rear-wheel drive is standard. Together, the S 560e pulls in a combined 469 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. It can get from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds thanks to its E-BOOST technology.

There are several ways that you can recharge the S 560e. For one, you can charge it while out and about at a public charging station. Easy peasy, right? You can also let the gasoline charge it while you are driving, and the regenerative brakes will recover the natural kinetic energy of acceleration in order to deliver power to the battery. By the way, the regenerative brakes are radar-based.

You also get a haptic acceleration pedal, route-based battery optimization, and an anticipatory operating mode.

Other than that, however, you should not expect there to be any differences between the S 560 and the s 560e since the plug-in hybrid is a variant of its strictly gas-powered sibling.


Which Trim to Choose?


So, as you can probably already tell, the biggest differences between these three 2020 Mercedes-Benz S-Class trim levels is their mechanical specs. All three of these trims have engines that are powerful and have a little something to offer everyone. But there is one trim level that has the best deal.

And that is the S 450. You can choose whether you want rear-wheel drive or the 4MATIC variant (which is typically a better choice for those who live in places where inclement weather often leads to hazardous road conditions), and you get a ridiculous amount of room to customize the vehicle. While this is definitely still an expensive vehicle, it packs in enough standard features to make it a good deal.

The S 450's 3.0-L engine might not be as strong as the S 560's 4.0-L engine, but the amount of power it puts out is still quite ample to get this vehicle going. It does also prove to be a nice component in the S 560e, but the plug-in hybrid probably will not appeal to everyone. If you are adamant on buying a plug-in luxury sedan, though, the S 560e is a strong choice.

We think that the S 450 is going to appeal to the largest group of consumers since it is the most affordable option. But, of course, that's only by high-end luxury standards. Mercedes-Benz knows how to make a high-quality luxury sedan, and the S-Class is a great way to show off to your friends.

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