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2019 Nissan Altima Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2019 Nissan Altima Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: S vs SR vs SV, SL vs Platinum & Edition One

What 2019 Nissan Altima Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

Over the years, the Altima has continued to sell in big numbers. You can expect the redesigned 2019 model to remain among today's most popular family sedans. Not only does the latest Altima boast a more dynamic look, but it also introduces a new engine lineup. Families will especially like this midsize sedan's more spacious cabin. Meanwhile, Nissan's semi-autonomous ProPILOT Assist system makes the new Altima an even more secure driving machine.

Among the most notable changes for 2019 is the availability of all-wheel drive. When winter rolls around, the AWD-equipped Altima will be able to confidently tackle snowy roads. This exclusive feature definitely helps the Altima to better battle rivals like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

The new 2019 Nissan Altima gives you six trims to choose from: S, SR, SV, SL, Platinum, and Edition One. Let's examine the differences between these trims.


Compare the 2019 Nissan Altima S vs SR Trims. What is the difference?

With an MSRP of less than $24,000, the Altima S is the most affordable trim. A 188-horsepower, four-cylinder engine rests under the hood. Like the previous generation, it comes paired with a continuous variable transmission. While most buyers will stick with the standard FWD system, all-wheel drive is now available for the folks who need enhanced traction during the winter.

Most buyers will be satisfied with the base Altima's competitive number of standard features. Remote engine start is a feature rarely found on an entry-level model. You'll also like the improved touch-screen infotainment system, which provides Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone support. Mounted within the gauge cluster, Nissan's Advanced Drive-Assist Display makes information such as fuel economy and safety data easier to access. Some of the other notable features include satellite radio, voice activation, Bluetooth streaming, and a total of four USB ports.

Like the overwhelming majority of today's new cars, the Altima S comes equipped with a backup camera. You'll also benefit from forward collision intervention, which can activate your brakes when approaching unexpected obstacles.

If you desire sharper handling and a sportier look, step up to the Altima SR. It only costs around $1,500 more than the base model. Although the Altima SR comes equipped with the same engine, a performance-tuned suspension sharpens up its driving dynamics. Paddle shifters also enable you to have a bit more fun while behind the wheel.

The Altima SR's cabin has a sportier character as well. Carbon-fiber interior trim and sport seats help inspire drivers. You'll also enjoy the Altima SR's leather-wrapped steering wheel. Along with the standard forward collision system comes blind-spot monitoring. Available as an option, the Premium package adds goodies such as heated front seats and a sunroof. LED turn signal indicators also come in the package.

The Altima's sleeker exterior styling lines up with its sportier driving dynamics. It comes equipped with a larger set of 19-inch performance wheels and a rear spoiler. There's also a few more special touches on the Altima SR, including a dark chrome grille. LED headlights further help separate the Altima SR from the base Altima S.

If desired, you can bolster the Altima SR's performance by opting for a new turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It amps up the driving excitement by producing 248 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque.

Compare the 2019 Altima SR vs SV Trims. What is the difference?

Although the Altima SV isn't as sporty as the Altima SR, it is a bit more luxurious. It comes standard with the SR trim's optional Premium package. LED fog lights are also found on the SV trim. Unlike the Altima SR, the Altima SV does offer the turbocharged four-cylinder engine. It also goes without the SR trim's stiffer suspension tuning and larger 19-inch tires.

Even more advanced safety technologies are featured on the SV trim. Adaptive cruise control, pedestrian detection, and lane departure alert help create a safer drive. You'll also receive Nissan's semi-autonomous ProPilot Assist system, which assists with steering and braking under certain driving conditions. Rear automatic braking and a driver drowsiness monitor give you more reason to like the SV trim.

Compare the Altima SV vs SL Trims. What is the difference?

While you may not notice a big difference in the Altima SL's styling, it does provide more nicities on the inside. While leather upholstery gives the interior a more classy feel, a Bose premium sound system seeks to satisfy music fans. Aside from providing real-time emergency support, NissanConnect app services helps concerned parents to keep an eye on their teenage drivers. Navigation also comes equipped on this trim.

While the SV trim comes loaded with a number of safety technologies, you'll find even more on the SL trim. Traffic sign recognition keeps you aware of the speed limit and helps you to avoid missing highway exits.

Compare the Altima SL vs Platinum Trims. What is the difference?

The Platinum trim sits near the top of the lineup. Nissan loaded it with creature comforts. Unlike the lower SV trim, it comes equipped with a 360-degree parking camera. Ambient cabin lighting helps give the interior a relaxing mood. A unique set of 19-inch wheels bolster the sedan's styling. While the base four-cylinder engine comes standard, a turbocharged engine is available for an extra $3,000.

Compare the 2019 Altima Platinum vs Edition One Trims. What is the difference?

Atop the Altima range is the Edition One trim, which comes standard with the more powerful turbocharged engine. An exclusive set of 19-inch gray wheels help give it a special look. A rear spoiler and external ground lighting take the Edition One trim's exclusiveness to the next level. Unique "Edition One" floor mats also help differentiate the Altima Edition One from the Altima Platinum.


Final Thoughts

The base Altima S should leave you fulfilled. It's relatively powerful, packed with popular features, and good on gas. You'll also greatly appreciate the base Altima's standard forward collision system with automatic emergency braking. Available all-wheel drive gives the base Altima S an advantage over some competitors.

Because of its sportier handling and more aggressive appearance, the Altima SR is well worth the price. It's a good choice for the drivers who crave more fun while hauling around their family. You can opt for the more exciting turbo engine, which provides ample thrust. Blind-spot monitoring also helps keep everyone safe.

Stepping up to Altima SV rewards you with additional safety technologies. Nissan's ProPilot Assist system will certainly make driving in congested traffic less stressful. While the Altima SL is nice, it's roughly $1,900 more expensive than the Altima SV. A Bose sound system, navigation, and leather upholstery highlight the SL's upgrades.

The Altima Platinum is built for the drivers who want a borderline luxury sedan. However, you will still be forced to go without niciities like ventilated front seats. You can save some significant cash by sticking to one of the lower trim levels. The same can be said for the range-topping Edition One trim, which doesn't offer all-wheel drive.

2019 Nissan Altima Key Features

The overwhelming majority of Altima buyers are expected to choose the base four-cylinder engine. You'll be able to experience solid acceleration. In regard to fuel economy, anticipate the 2019 Altima returning an EPA-estimated 28 mpg in traffic and up to 39 mpg on the highway. If you yearn for more power, get the available turbocharged engine. It will definitely give the Altima a strong punch off the line. Fuel economy with the turbocharged engine drops to a combined 29 mpg. Remember, you can only get all-wheel drive with the standard engine.

Nissan equips every Altima trim with its updated infotainment system, which includes an 8.0-inch touch screen with smartphone integration. It's very enjoyable to use. You can easily adjust the temperature settings and stereo volume using traditional knobs. The available navigation system also works very well.

NissanConnect app services is a great upgrade for the parents who have an inexperienced driver at home. If your teenager goes over the set speed limit or travels to a forbidden area, a notification will be sent directly to your phone. With the use of NissanConnect app services, a curfew can be activated as well. You can even use this feature to avoid traffic jams.

Nissan offers an array of advanced safety innovations for the new Altima. Drivers will really appreciate the standard automatic braking system. If you want to make your everyday commute less challenging, go for Nissan's ProPilot Assist. This innovative system keeps you centered in your lane and maintains the appropriate following distance. When traffic starts moving from a stop, ProPilot Assist can automatically bring you back up to speed.

A six-speaker sound system comes standard on the 2019 Nissan Altima. If you're simply looking to stay entertained on your way to work, it'll deliver a satisfactory performance. However, upgrading to the Altima's available Bose audio system is a better choice. This premium stereo system comes equipped with a total of nine speakers, which are perfectly positioned for the best possible sound. Active Noise Cancellation helps prevent outside noise from impacting your music quality.
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