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2020 Nissan NV Cargo Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2020 Nissan NV Cargo Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: S vs SV vs SL, 1500, 2500HD & 3500HD

What 2020 Nissan NV Cargo Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The Nissan NV Cargo can get the job done. It comes in many trims, making it simple for anyone to find the work van that he or she needs. Not only is there a choice of a high roof or a standard roof, but customers can choose from various engines. There are three main types of NV cargo van. The NV1500 trims start things off, the NV2500 HD trims trims come with extra payload capacity, and the NV3500 HD trims are the most qualified to carry a large amount of gear.


Compare the 2020 Nissan NV1500 S V6 vs NV1500 SV V6. What is the difference?

These two trims have a lot of similarities. For starters, they both run on a 4.0-liter V6. It has solid capability, with 261 horsepower and 281 pound-feet of torque. With a maximum payload of 2,730 pounds and the ability to carry 500 pounds on the roof, the NV1500 is practical for many people.

Rear-wheel drive is a good fit for this vehicle and helps it stay in control on the roads. The way the weight is distributed allows for good traction, which can be important when someone is trying to get a van going when it has been loaded down with equipment.

The two 1500 trims have the same vented disc brakes in the front and rear, and the quality suspension on the van - which includes front and rear stabilizer bars - cushions the ride.

On the exterior of the van, both trims have halogen headlights and black grilles and bumpers. Because there are ten roof rack-mounting points, people can set things up according to their needs. Having a sliding side door on the passenger side as well as 50/50 split rear doors in the back can be quite useful to have, depending on what type of gear needs to be loaded or unloaded. For larger items, the rear cargo doors can be utilized, as they have a maximum opening of 243 degrees.

While the S trim rides on 17-inch steel wheels, the SV rides on 17-inch styled steel wheels that are a little nicer. Plus, the SV comes with the option to put in privacy glass in the back and a rear window defroster.

Inside the cabin, the two trims have gray cloth seats that are water repellent. Both the driver's and passenger's seats come with manual adjustments, and the passenger's seat can be folded down to expose a tray table. On the S, vinyl seats are available, and they may be preferable to some since they're easy to clean.

Remote keyless entry is convenient to have, as are power windows and power locks. Some upgrades found only on the SV are cruise control and a rear cargo floor protector. Both trims come with Bluetooth so people can take calls while on the road, and the SV has four speakers rather than the standard two speakers.

In the cargo area, there are numerous elements that are designed for people who have a lot to keep track off. D-rings, reinforced cargo mounting points for bulkhead partitions and shelving, and a cargo-area work light can all be utilized. It can be handy to have a 12-volt DC power outlet as well.

Keeping people and their gear safe are several built-in features. Air bags protect both the driver and passenger, the seat belts have pretensioners, and the side-door has pipe-style steel guard beams. A rear sonar system on the SV helps with maneuvering.

Compare the 2020 Nissan NV1500 SV V6 vs NV2500 HD S V6. What is the difference?

One of the main differences between the 1500 and 2500 series is that the 2500 level is where a higher roof starts to become an option. If this configuration is selected, overall height increases from 83.9 inches to 105 inches. This can be a significant difference for many people who have a lot of gear to transport or who simply want to be able to move around more freely in the van.

The rear door opening height on a high roof model is 71.5 inches. In comparison, the rear door opening height on the standard roof models is 49.8 inches. A few more numbers that emphasize the difference between the two styles is that total interior volume is 420.5 cubic feet in the high room models versus 299.7 cubic feet in the standard room models.

Another way in which the NV2500 HD S V6 differs from the NV1500 SV V6 is in terms of how much it can carry. Payload on the NV 2500 HD S V6 is actually a bit less with the standard roof of the 2500 HD S, but the high-roof version has payload of just over 3,000 pounds. Note that the high roof comes with a roof load capacity of 300 pounds.

An upgrade on the 2500 model is that it has a storage tray under the driver's seat. This can be useful, since many NV cargo van drivers are usually working all day long and need a place to get organized. Plus, the 2500 HD S comes with three cargo-area work lights and a storage pocket in the rear door.

Compare the 2020 Nissan NV2500 HD S V6 vs NV2500 HD SV V6. What is the difference?

In the NV2500 HD SV V6, there are more amenities. It comes with two 120-volt power outlets, and the lockable center console can store a laptop, files, and clipboard. Like the SV trim of the NV1500 model, the NV2500 HD SV has cruise control, and the protector on the cargo floor boosts interior durability.

Some infotainment options are included with the NV2500 HD SV, but not the S. If anyone prefers to have navigation, it's available on this trim. Navigation would make sense for a lot of many professionals who are frequently traveling from one job site to another, and it can make the process of getting directions much more straightforward. SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link are also available, providing people with updated information about any traffic issues.

Compare the 2020 Nissan NV2500 HD SV V6 vs NV2500 HD SV V8. What is the difference?

The V8 version of the NV2500 HD SV has the same features that the V6 version has, with a few notable changes. First and foremost, the engine is upgraded to be a 5.6-liter V8. It comes with 375 horsepower and 387 pound-feet of torque, so this van will feel far from sluggish as it accelerates. While the V6 model come with a five-speed automatic transmission, the V8 comes with a seven-speed automatic transmission.

Some other enhancements in the V8 are chrome extended tow mirrors that are power-operated as well as heated. The V8 also comes with a seven-pin connector and pre-wiring for a brake controller. This can make it much more versatile in terms of hauling cargo around.

Compare the 2020 Nissan NV2500 HD SV V8 vs NV3500 HD S V8. What is the difference?

All of the 3500 trims come standard with the same V8 engine that delivers power to the NV2500 HD SV V8. Like the other models, the NV3500 HD S V8 uses a continuously variable valve timing system and has direct ignition. The S version of the NV3500 goes back to those same steel wheels that the other S trims come with. A full-size spare tire is included on all trims, just in case.

On the exterior of the NV3500 HD S, there are two front tow hooks. In the back, the van has a Class IV tow hitch receiver, so it's ready to be equipped with a trailer.

In terms of technology, the NV3500 HD S has the same features that are seen in the other trims. Audio controls mounted on the steering wheel can be convenient to use, a USB port can be taken advantage of to keep devices charged, and the auxiliary audio input jack allows people to listen to their favorite downloaded music.

2020 Nissan NV3500 HD S V8 vs NV3500 HD SV V8. What is the difference?

At the SV level of the NV3500, the same upgrades are seen as in the other SV models. Going with a SV trim can be smart if anyone wishes to have those nicer amenities, like the multi-functional center console, additional work lights in the cargo area, and the option to include navigation.

It might not seem like the S and SV trims are that distinct, and the truth is that they really aren't. They have many more similarities than differences, and the price jump is only about $1,000, assuming the engine and series remain the same.

2020 Nissan NV3500 HD SV V8 vs NV3500 HD SL V8. What is the difference?

It's only at the SL level of the NV3500 model that more noticeable upgrades are seen. The SL rides on the same size wheels as the other trims, but its wheels are clad in chrome, making them stand out from standard versions. Likewise, the grille, bumpers, and door handles all feature chrome, and this adds to the more sophisticated feel of the SL.

The SL is the only NV cargo van trim to come with a power-adjustable driver's seat. The seat can move in eight different ways and includes a manual lumbar adjustment. Since many NV cargo van drivers are putting in long hours, having this feature can boost comfort and provide some reprieve from tedious work.

CD players aren't always included on vehicles anymore, and this is the case with the Nissan NV cargo van. The exception is the SL, which comes with MP3/WMA and CD playback capability. For those who prefer listening to their discs, this can actually be a key part of the infotainment package.

Security is important for everyone, especially those who carry valuable items and rely on their vehicles to fulfill their professional responsibilities. The NV3500 HD SL is the only trim to come standard with a security system and alarm. It also comes with Nissan's vehicle immobilizer system, meaning that any would-be thieves will have a hard time following through.

Towing capacity on the V8s that come with a tow hitch receiver is an impressive 9,400 pounds. Payload on both the NV3500 SV and SL is 3,700 pounds, so there's definitely a lot of capability in these trims.

2020 Nissan NV Cargo: Which Trim to Choose?


When deciding which Nissan NV cargo van to stick with, it all depends on the anticipated use. Do people need to raise the roof to expand storage or make it easier for them to access their equipment? Another important question ask would be regarding the engine - is a V8 really necessary?

If anyone needs the taller height, than he or she has to choose a 2500 or 3500 model. Remember that the 3500 trims come standard with the V8 engine, and the 2500 trims have a choice of either the V6 or the V8.

Overall, the SV trim would be recommended over the S. It has nicer wheels and more storage features, and it comes with the option to upgrade the infotainment system to one that's more modern. For many, the aesthetic upgrades on the SL might not be worth their cost, and while having a power-operated driver's seat would be nice, it's certainly not a "must have" feature.

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