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2020 Nissan Titan XD Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2020 Nissan Titan XD?

Should You Buy a 2020 Nissan Titan XD? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The Nissan Titan XD combines all the class leading standard features of the Titan with heavy duty, commercial grade enhancements to make it a durable and capable heavy duty truck. A full size truck offers excellent cargo, passenger and trailer hauling capabilities, and the Titan XD is no different. It features more payload, towing capacity and a frame integrated gooseneck hitch combination which the normal Titan can't offer.

The 2020 Nissan Titan XD doesn't skimp on comfort and class either. It offers the best standard technology and infotainment in the full size pickup category. The XD also packs a lot of features and upgrades into the upper trim levels. The XD offers excellent towing technology, optional off road enhancements and next level comfort and convenience.

What’s New for 2020?

The 2020 Titan XD has undergone a refresh for the start of the new decade. It has a refined V8 engine that gets an additional 10 horsepower compared to previous years. It also offers a new eight inch touchscreen display as standard equipment and includes a standard driver assist package that beats out the competition.


Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2020 Nissan Titan XD – The Pros

1. Best Warranty Going

The 2020 Titan XD offers a five year or 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. This is the best available warranty of any truck in 2020. It also offers great reliability and toughness. The rugged and capable XD stands apart from the other entries in the class that offer a much less generous warranty. Buyers looking to make sure their new vehicle will be covered well into the future will definitely be attracted to such generous bumper to bumper warranty coverage.

2. Most Powerful Base Engine

The 2020 Nissan Titan XD offers the most powerful base engine in a full size pickup. The 400 horsepower V8 has enough power to tow over 10,000 lbs on a standard hitch and 12,000 lbs with an optional gooseneck towing configuration. The V8 power outperforms all base engines in the category and also serves as the lone engine offering for any Titan pickup. The engine has been upgraded from the previous V8 to add 10 more horsepower.

3. Best Standard Safety Features

For 2020, Nissan has started including the Nissan Safety Shield 360 as standard equipment on the Titan XD. This safety package offers automatic high beams, lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, forward collision alert with pedestrian detection, and automatic forward and rear braking. The 2020 Nissan Titan XD also includes a standard driver alertness monitor, rear parking sensors and a backup camera.

4. Updated Infotainment System

The Titan XD has been equipped with a standard eight inch, high resolution touchscreen in 2020. The standard infotainment system includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto Bluetooth and satellite radio. The upper trim levels are outfitted with an even more impressive nine inch touchscreen with high resolution display. Other options for the XD infotainment system include navigation and a Fender nine speaker premium audio system.

5. Commercial Grade Toughness

The Titan XD has been equipped with commercial grade features to enhance cargo and towing capability. The frame has been reinforced to make it sturdier while under a load. It is also equipped with over sized brakes and rotors on all four wheels to enhance stopping capability. It also features a double wishbone suspension and heavy duty rear springs to give it one of the highest payload capacities in the category.

6. Towing Innovations

The XD features a variety of towing amenities. It offers a gooseneck hitch system that is engineered directly into the frame to allow for increased towing capabilities. The XD also offers towing technology innovations. The key fob can be used to operate the trailer lights remotely to allow for one person light checks, and the rear backup camera enables the driver to effortlessly line up the hitch with the trailer.

7. Interior Comfort

The XD has been newly refreshed with a functional and welcoming interior. The interior is outfitted with plenty of amenities like optional climate controlled front seats, heated steering wheel and leather upholstery. The rear seats offer generous leg room and also fold flat for additional interior space. The rear portion of the back seat can also be folded down to offer a work bench, and the XD also offers a lockable under seat cargo compartment. The XD also offers an over sized dual pane moonroof for added luxury.

8. Truck Bed Versatility

The bed of the XD features multiple solutions for cargo management. The bed can be equipped with integrated lockable storage containers for convenience when hauling tools or materials. The bed also integrates a rail tie down system for ease in securing cargo. The bed can also be outfitted with an auxiliary power outlet and in bed cargo lighting.

9. Off Road Ability

The XD comes standard with four wheel drive and a sturdy suspension, but off road junkies will want to check out the PRO 4X trim level. It equips the XD with Bilstein shocks, an electronic locking rear differential and four wheel automatic braking for superior traction. The PRO 4X also features a front skid plate and all terrain tires.

10. Top End Options

The XD can be equipped with some truly exciting equipment at the upper trim levels. Options for the XD include remote start with automatic climate control, a mobile device storage system, electronic locking tailgate and dual zone climate control. The features available at the top trim level, the Platinum Reserve, are similar to the top features of any pickup in the category.


Reasons Not to Buy a 2020 Nissan Titan XD – The Cons

1. One Body Configuration

The XD offers buyers one option when it comes to bed and cab configuration. The XD is only available with a Crew Cab and six and a half foot bed. The other options for the standard Titan include a shorted bed and a smaller cab that still has two rows of seating. Compared to other trucks, this is a relatively limited number of options.

2. One Powertrain

While the V8 is the most powerful standard engine available, it is the only option available for the Titan or the Titan XD. Similarly, the XD only comes in four wheel drive and the standard nine speed automatic transmission. While this is a capable and well rounded option that will please most buyers, there is a lack of options when it comes to the powertrain of the XD.

3. Less than Stellar Towing Capacity

While the XD has the best payload capability in the category, many other trucks can be upgraded to tow considerably more weight. The towing capacity of the XD may be better than the regular Titan, but many other trucks top out at over 12,000 lbs of towing at the top trim levels. While it may not be a big deal for many truck buyers, the capacity is somewhat limited.

4. Off Road Capabilities Cost Extra

The XD features a heavy duty steel frame and commercial grade features like four wheel over sized brakes and rotors, but the best off road features are only available at the upper trim levels. The PRO 4X has heavy duty shocks, electronic locking differential and upgraded exterior features for extra ruggedness. These features are not available at the lower trim levels.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

Compared to the other trucks in the full size pickup category, the Titan XD does some things better than any other truck. Compared to the Silverado, the Titan XD has a superior warranty, a more powerful base engine and better standard features. These factors make the Titan a very solid contender in the category. The Titan does lack the wide variety engines, powertrains, bed and cab configurations, and towing capacity of the Silverado. The sheer variety of options available in the Silverado make it a more versatile truck.

The story is the same when the XD is compared to the Ram or the F150. The Nissan does some things better, but lacks variety in engine options and bed and cab configurations.


Buyers looking for a solid, dependable truck should check out the XD. The XD offers upgraded towing capabilities compared to the Titan. With better payload and an optional gooseneck trailer hitch that is engineered to maximize the toughness of the XD, buyers will definitely notice the added capabilities the XD offers.

The XD offers the best warranty in the category and some great entry level features at the base trim level. It is a capable cargo mover and offers plenty of luxurious features at the upper trim levels. The standard V8 offers plenty of well rounded performance and towing capability. The XD also received a refresh in 2020 so has updated key features inside and out with a standard eight inch, high resolution touchscreen and optional dual pane moonroof.

Some buyers will also be interested in the off road capabilities of the PRO 4X trim level. It offers excellent off road capability and ruggedness.

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