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2021 Nissan Rogue vs Toyota RAV4

2021 Nissan Rogue vs Toyota RAV4

2021 Rogue vs RAV4 - How do they stack up? Which is Better?

The 2021 Nissan Rogue and Toyota RAV4 are two-row SUVs featuring spacious cargo areas, powerful engines, and luxurious features available on higher models. Customers searching for practical SUVs may be considering one or both options. Built by companies renowned for their reliability in designing vehicles, both models share many similarities; however, there are important distinctions that this review will highlight to help prospective buyers narrow down their choices.

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The Powertrain

Under the hood of the Nissan Rogue lies a 2.5-liter engine. This four cylinder unit produces 181 horsepower and 181 pounds-feet of torque - an adequate level of performance even if it's not particularly thrilling. Many people would be contented with this engine if they use their car primarily for daily commutes or short excursions outside of town. Furthermore, with capacity up to 1,350 pounds, users can take their Rogue on any adventure they desire.

Toyota is revolutionizing the RAV4 with their upgraded engine options that really pack a punch. For drivers seeking even more power, they can upgrade to one of two hybrid versions - featuring an impressive 2.5 liter and electric motor combination for 219HP or take it up another level with the "RAV4 Prime" plug-in option providing staggering performance capabilities.. All models come standardly equipped with electronic controlled 8 speed automatic transmission which ensures smooth shifting on any terrain.

The Toyota RAV4 offers more towing capacity than its rival, the Rogue. The regular RAV4 can tow 1500lbs while hybrid models can tow 1,750 pounds.

Every model of the Nissan Rogue comes standard with front-wheel drivetrain, though all-wheel drive is available if desired for extra traction. All-wheel drive systems can be activated automatically whenever there is an issue with traction; so drivers don't have to think about when or not to utilize it - instead, the vehicle automatically determines when power should be sent to various wheels.

Additionally, the RAV4 can be ordered with front-wheel or all-wheel drive. Some models, like TRD Off-Road and Adventure, are exclusively equipped with all-wheel drive. A RAV4 designed to tackle more challenging terrain may feature more sophisticated systems including front driveline disconnection. All hybrid models come standard with electronic all-wheel drive on demand.

Nissan has equipped their 2021 Rogue with an Xtronic continuously variable transmission for smooth vehicle operation. This automatic gearbox is user-friendly and easy to operate, providing drivers with greater control over their shifting. Plus, there's a Sport mode which makes the engine slightly more flexible; and alongside Sport modes you can select Eco mode which improves efficiency. All-wheel drive models will also include two additional modes - Off-Road and Snow.

Drivers of Toyota's RAV4 can enjoy the convenience and flexibility provided by Sequence Shift mode, enabling them to adapt their shifting strategies as desired. Plus, with All-wheel drive models boasting Sport, Eco or Normal; Mud & Sand; Rock & Dirt; Snow driving modes - drivers have an array of options giving them added traction no matter what terrain they're traversing.

According to Nissan Rogue estimates, the vehicle can achieve up to 27 miles per gallon when in city driving and 35 when on highways. With all-wheel drive, though, fuel efficiency drops significantly to 25/32 (city/highway). A Toyota RAV4 with a traditional engine can produce similar results as an FWD Nissan Rogue; however, fuel economy decreases significantly when equipped with all-wheel drive.

Consider the hybrid RAV4 as an alternative option. It boasts impressive efficiency numbers: up to 41 miles per gallon in city driving and 38 miles per gallon while driving. With such impressive mileage ratings, it's sure to attract attention.


Both models boast impressive size but are easy to drive. The Nissan Rogue measures 183 inches long and 72.4 inches wide, while the Toyota RAV4 is slightly smaller but wider than both models combined.

What measurements can be found inside? The Rogue offers 43.3 and 38.5 inches of first row and second row legroom, respectively, while the RAV4 offers 41 inches for the front row and 37.8 inches in the second.

In the Rogue, cargo capacity is 36.5 cubic feet when all rear seats are in their correct positions; this can be increased to 774 cubic feet by folding down the seats. By comparison, Toyota's cargo capacity is 37.6 cubic feet or 69.8 cubic feet depending on whether your rear seats are folded up or down.

Each model offers some interior flexibility. Nissan Rogue and Toyota's RAV4 both offer 60/40 split rear seats that can be folded down to create a flat surface or simply lower one side while leaving the other open for passengers.

Contemporary consumers will likely be drawn to the technological features on these vehicles. Most models from Nissan Rogue feature eight-inch touchscreens, while the top-of-the-line model boasts a 9-inch touch. This larger display also comes equipped with integrated navigation software which takes traffic into account by giving directions for turning by turn.

Voice recognition and Android Auto are standard on all Rogue models, while Bluetooth isn't wireless and Apple CarPlay only comes with the more sophisticated touchscreen. Most models also feature Wi-Fi connectivity and SiriusXM for additional entertainment options.

Toyota RAV4's bottom trim model boasts seven-inch touchscreens with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as well as Amazon Alexa, Bluetooth, and SiriusXM radio. Amazon Alexa can be an invaluable feature, providing people with access to a wealth of information. Higher trim models may come equipped with eight inch screens, JBL speaker systems and integrated navigation. Plus there are up to five USB ports in total - up from four on Rogue models.

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Driving the Rogue and RAV4 offers plenty of assurance when it comes to safety. Both vehicles feature standard forward collision warning and automatic emergency brakes, which could play an important role in avoiding accidents. Drivers are alerted if they approach other cars too quickly, with SUVs having the capacity to slow down. They also alert drivers if they start drifting out of their lane by gently correcting steering to center themselves and altering speed when necessary, keeping you safely distance from other cars.

Additionally, the Nissan Rogue comes standard with blind spot and rear cross-traffic alerts - features available only on lower trims of the RAV4. Surprisingly, most Rogue trims feature Intelligent Around-View Monitors that give their drivers 360 degree views of their surroundings; only a select few RAV4 models are equipped with this camera system, known as Toyota's Bird's Eye View Camera.

The list of features that are considered standard is extensive, and could easily be expanded upon. Autonomous high beams, antilock brakes and three-point seatbelts are just a few examples of other safety devices designed to keep passengers protected.

Which Offers the Best Value?

Nissan Rogue offers four variants between $25,750 and $35,530 in price. S is the basic model ($27,440), followed by SV ($27,440), then SL ($32,100), then Platinum. There are 11 trim levels overall in total - LE being the cheapest at $26,150 while Limited Hybrid costs $37,180).

Prices aside, Rogue and RAV4 appear to be competing for the same type of customer. Their entry-level models appeal to those on a tight budget; however, both models offer features that satisfy more affluent tastes.

With the Nissan Rogue, convenience and luxury meet. From LED exterior lighting across models to heated leather steering wheels on higher trims, this car has a sleek yet polished look that will turn heads. Extra features like hands-free liftgates make loading up easier than ever before! Inside the cabin passengers are in for an even bigger treat – leatherette-, cloth- or leather seating options with optional heating capabilities available at all levels of trim create utmost comfort. On top of it all? Remote entry systems provide easy access each time you climb into your ride.

The Toyota RAV4 is packed with the latest and greatest lighting technology for improved visibility. From LED taillights to adaptive headlights, you'll enjoy a well-lit driving experience no matter where your journey takes you! Additionally, this model comes adorned in luxurious details such as heated seats and leather-wrapped steering wheels - plus customizable options like exterior highlights or badges further separate it from Nissan's Rogue. Making every moment of your drive comfortable AND stylish? That’s pure brilliance only available on the Toyota RAV4.

Which Is Better?

When selecting between RAV4 or Rogue, there are several aspects to take into account. The RAV4 has the advantage of offering a hybrid option which will appeal to many consumers. Furthermore, this model has been deemed the more robust of the two; stronger with more horsepower torque, it can haul heavier loads with ease.

For those looking for a reliable two-row SUV, the Toyota RAV4 is sure to be high on their list. However, Nissan's Rogue could give drivers an edge over its competitor with more legroom and cargo capacity - making it ideal for carrying bulky items or sporting equipment. Plus there are plenty of features available such as leather seats and advanced technology elements (not including Apple CarPlay). Better yet? Its base model offers greater affordability than that offered by Toyota which may sway some buyers in this direction.

Determining which vehicle will prevail is a challenge. The RAV4 boasts certain attributes that may appeal to certain buyers, while the Rogue also has its advantages. But ultimately it comes down to personal preference - which one you prefer?

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