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2022 Nissan Kicks Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2022 Nissan Kicks?

Should You Buy a 2022 Nissan Kicks? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The 2022 Nissan Kicks is a subcompact SUV with many pros and some significant cons. It is the smallest and most affordable SUV in Nissan's lineup, which will grab the attention of a variety of shoppers. At first glance, the number of features and other perks of the 2022 Kicks may make it seem like an easy choice. You should also be aware of some of the potential problems that are not as easy to see, however.

What's New for 2022?

This SUV received a rather sizable redesign just last year. It included an update to the exterior design, standard smartphone integration, and better tech features for the top trim levels. As a result of all this, this SUV moves into 2022 pretty much unchanged. Eagle-eyed shoppers may notice that the Kicks now shows off the new Nissan logo on the grille. This vehicle is still in its first generation, which debuted in 2018.

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2022 Nissan Kicks – The Pros

1. Surprising Amount of Cargo Space

The 2022 Kicks is a small SUV, but it has a lot to offer in terms of cargo space. Behind the second row, you find 25.3 cubic feet of space. There are just over 53 cubic feet behind the first row. These are phenomenal numbers for the class. One thing you should be aware of, however, is that the front seats do not fold completely flat. On the plus side, the trunk floor is nice and low, which makes it easy to load the Kicks.

2. Very Affordably Priced

If you want a brand-new SUV but do not have a very big budget, the Kicks is a hard vehicle to beat. The starting price is under $20,000, making it affordable even compared to other subcompact SUVs. For the midlevel SV, buyers are looking at around $21,550. The top SR has a starting price of just $ 22,240, which is still quite competitive.

3. Excellent Fuel Economy

The savings just keep happening when you choose the 2022 Kicks. This vehicle is estimated to get 31mpg in the city and 36mpg on the highway. Once again, these numbers are impressive even when compared to other subcompact SUVs currently on the market. Keep in mind that the 2022 Kicks is only available with front-wheel drive. This, combined with the standard CVT, helps the SUV achieve these strong numbers.

4. Respectable Amount of Driver Aids Standard

One of the ways that some vehicles keep their costs down is by going light on safety features. That is not what Nissan did with the Kicks. This SUV comes standard with lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, and rear parking sensors. Not only does it have forward collision mitigation, but it has reverse automatic emergency braking as well. Automatic high beams are the cherry on top. Higher trim levels are also equipped with driver attention monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and rear door alert.

5. Easy-to-Use Technology Features

The simple menu structure and convenient placement of the touchscreen make it easy to take full advantage of the infotainment system found inside the Kicks. A 7-inch touchscreen is standard for the S, while the upper two trims upgrade to an 8-inch one instead. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are standard across the board, and you get Bluetooth and a minimum of three USB ports. Upper trim levels are home to NissanConnect remote services and a Wi-Fi hotspot for even more convenience. They also can be equipped with fast-charging USB-C ports.

6. Ride is Relaxed and Comfortable

A well-designed suspension helps the Kicks handle bumps in the road. The standard continuously variable transmission is actually quite smooth as well. Good body control is another hallmark of the Kicks, and it further adds to the overall comfort you will experience when riding in this vehicle.

7. Roomy Cabin for Passengers

There is technically room for up to five people in the Kicks, but that might be a bit much. If you are only transporting four adults, however, this SUV has enough space to get comfortable. The legroom is quite generous in both rows. As a bonus, the high positioning of the front seats gives drivers an excellent view of the road ahead.

8. Ultra-Comfortable Zero Gravity Seats

The Nissan Kicks gives you the Zero Gravity seats that are so popular with drivers. They have 14 pressure points that help to support your body from your hips up to your shoulders. This is done to increase blood flow, which in turn reduces the amount of body fatigue you feel. As a result, the Kicks is an excellent choice for anyone with a long daily commute.

9. Fresh and Modern Look

The 2022 Kicks has a unique look and has a bold presence. There are several head-turning paint colors available, and several of them are available with a black roof for a two-tone roof. Choose from paints that pop in 2022 such as Electric Blue, Scarlet Ember, and Gun Metallic. Both the SV and SR models are also equipped with stunning alloy wheels. The body shape of the Kicks is more rounded than many other crossovers, which helps it stand out on the road.

10. Fully-Loaded SR Trim Available

Buyers can get the most out of their Kicks by choosing the top SR trim. It is still quite affordable when compared to other options, but adds things like a dark chrome grille, roof rails, and a rear roof spoiler. Inside, it has a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob. The sport cloth upholstery has orange accents to further set it apart. This is the only model to come with a surround-view monitor and Intelligent Dynamics Control, which improves the ride quality and cornering of the Kicks. There is also an SR Premium package that adds a cargo cover, Bose sound system, and remote monitoring.

Reasons Not to Buy a 2022 Nissan Kicks – The Cons

1. The Only Engine is Weak

If there is one glaring flaw in the 2022 Kicks, it is the lack of power. The only engine available is a 1.6L four-cylinder that will pump out 122-horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque. While this may be enough to move around town, it is severely lacking when you are driving on the highway. An available turbocharged upgrade would be nice to see in the future.

2. No All-Wheel Drive

The Nissan Kicks tries to come across as a capable crossover. While this may be true to an extent, the lack of available all-wheel drive is an issue. Although it would drive up the price a bit, Nissan should consider giving buyers the option to upgrade their drivetrain in the future to broaden the appeal of the Kicks.

3. Engine is Loud

When it comes to issues with the engine, you might think that a lack of power would be the only one. In the case of the Kicks, that is unfortunately not true. This engine struggles loudly, especially at highway speeds. The cabin design does not do an adequate job of blocking the engine noise either, making it harder to relax when riding inside the Kicks.

4. Lack of Steering Feedback

Steering feedback is important for the enjoyment of driving. Unfortunately, the loose steering of the Kicks does not provide much of the needed feedback. Not only can this make the Kicks a bummer to drive, but it can also potentially be dangerous as you try to navigate slick road surfaces or tight corners.

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How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

2022 Nissan Kicks vs. 2022 Honda HR-V

The 2022 Honda HR-V is an appealing option in the subcompact SUV segment of the market. It has a more spacious cabin than the Kicks and also manages to offer a bit more cargo space. Both of these subcompact SUVs are severely lacking when it comes to power and an engaging drive. Between the two, however, the HR-V has the more responsive steering. On the Kicks list of advantages are the longer standard feature list and better fuel economy.

2022 Nissan Kicks vs. 2022 Kia Soul

The Kia Soul is a popular option that has a unique exterior design that allows it to have a large amount of cargo space. It has a lot more options to offer you as well, including a turbocharged engine and a more off-road-oriented model. Of course, these things cost extra, making most models of the Soul significantly more expensive than the Kicks. If you can afford it, however, the improved performance of the Kia Soul may be worth paying for.


Without a doubt, the 2022 Nissan Kicks is a good option for anyone who wants a new SUV that will not break the bank. Not only is the initial cost on the low side, but it also is efficient enough to keep you from spending all of your money at the gas pump. In order to stay competitive moving forward, the Nissan Kicks should offer all-wheel drive and more engaging engine options.

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