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2022 Nissan Titan XD Pros Vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2022 Nissan Titan XD?

Should You Buy a 2022 Nissan Titan XD? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

Offering a lineup of four models, the 2022 Nissan Titan XD has a well-rounded design for urban driving, rural trekking and off-road handling. This full-size pickup truck is available with an enormous cabin for up to six adult occupants. From the Titan Boxes to the bed-mounted power outlet, this versatile vehicle comes in handy for work and recreation. A 9.0-inch infotainment system from the NissanConnect series is the high-tech gemstone inside the cockpit. Additionally, this light-duty Nissan pickup truck boasts more than a dozen active safety technologies that instill plenty of confidence for driving in the city.

What's New for 2022?

The 2022 Nissan Titan XD offers several optional packages, such as the Utility and Convenience bundles for the SV trim level. Highlights from the Premium Reserve Utility Package include the Titan Boxes and rear bumper assist step. The PRO-4X Convenience Package is packed with exclusive items, including embroidered leather upholstery and heated rear outboard seating. Additionally, several two-tone paint combinations are available for most models on the roster.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2022 Nissan Titan XD – The Pros

1. Abundant Power

Standard under the hood of the 2022 Titan XD, the 5.6-L engine kicks out a maximum of 400 SAE-verified horsepower. This eight-cylinder, 32-valve powerplant unleashes 413 pound-feet of peak torque. Every combustion cycle begins with the iridium-tipped spark plugs on the cylinder heads. This naturally aspirated, V-8 powerhouse boasts a towing capacity of 11,060 net pounds per SAE J2807 compliance. When properly configured, this full-size Nissan pick up truck hauls a payload of up to 2,430 lb.

2. Versatile Handling

A nine-speed automatic transmission system propels the 2022 Titan XD on and off the road. This electronic gearbox forms a strong union with a 4x4 drive system and two-speed transfer case. By turning an electronic dial, the driver will optimize traction and other mechanical parameters in the drivetrain. This robust Nissan pickup truck also offers a locking rear differential with electronic management for the ultimate precision. Sensing the tachometer readings in real time, the power steering system comes with a recirculating ball for firm, consistent and reliable handling.

3. Off-Road Design

Equipped with the Active Brake Limited Slip technology, the 2022 Titan XD confidently navigates slippery surfaces far away from the city. In some situations, the ABLS quickly sends extra power to wheels that already have sufficient traction. Carrying the trademark Bilstein branding, unique shock absorbers help this full-size Nissan pickup truck conquer harsh landscapes. High-capacity front springs and multi-leaf components in the rear suspension system further boost off-road performance. All-terrain tires, skid plates, mud flaps and a sport bar further enhance the vehicle's off-road skills.

4. Exterior Appeal

The 2022 Titan XD is manufactured in stylish exterior colors, including Red Alert, Cardinal Red TriCoat and Deep Blue Pearl. Each paint could be combined with Gun Metallic to form a two-tone design. Made of durable steel, 17-inch wheels are standard on entry-level trims. Silver paint decorates the 18-inch alloy wheels on this light-duty Nissan pickup truck. Charcoal accents add some unique appeal to the car's front and rear bumpers. Additionally, the wheel arch moldings and side rocker panels match the color of the body.

5. Utility For Work

Using the 2022 Titan XD's proprietary Utili-Track Channel System, the driver can easily transport irregularly shaped items and other fragile cargo. Several fixed tie-down anchors are also integrated into the corners of the bed, which is protected by a factory-sprayed liner. Of course, the exclusive TITAN Boxes ensure ample and secure storage solutions for tools and other work-related gear. A lockable tailgate with assisted damping is another premium amenity on this light-duty Nissan model. Additionally, a 120-V power outlet is directly mounted on the bed for powering tools and appliances.

6. Interior Amenities

The Nissan Intelligent Key allows the driver to access the 2022 Titan XD's cabin with ease. This advanced key also adjusts the Intelligent Climate Control, which remotely turns on the dual-zone automatic HVAC system with rear air vents. Heated and cooled seats are available in the front row of this full-size Nissan pickup truck. A dual-panel panoramic moonroof certainly facilitates natural circulation throughout the huge cab. This Japanese workhorse has interior mood lighting and LED lamps for convenience and pleasure.

7. Digital Technology

Having a WVGA interface, a 9.0-inch touch screen is installed inside the 2022 Titan XD. Running on the latest NissanConnect software, the multimedia console enables seamless syncing of Android devices and Apple iPhones. SiriusXM also provides various remote services and security functions for this premium Nissan pickup truck. With assistance from the exclusive Nissan Concierge service, the driver will confidently navigate unfamiliar routes. Additional guidance is available from the Nissan Door to Door Navigation that shows 3-D graphics and fully colored maps in select regions throughout the United States.

8. Designed For Modern Gadgets

The 2022 Titan XD comes with a spacious center console that may be used to store a typical laptop or tablet. Generating 120 V, an AC power outlet is integrated into the rear media hub. Two illuminated USB charging ports and a 12-V outlet are within easy reach in the second row. Thanks to Bluetooth and the Text Messaging Assistant, the driver won't be distracted by a connected mobile phone when driving this powerful pickup truck. Featuring a dozen speakers, a high-end audio system from Fender plays songs from SiriusXM, Apple CarPlay and other connected sources.

9. Active Safety Technologies

When deployed at certain speeds, the 2022 Titan XD's Automatic Emergency Braking could prevent a direct collision with pedestrians and automobiles. Detecting the slightest drifting and veering, the Lane Departure Warning decreases the potential for a side crash on busy roads. Similarly, the Blind Spot Warning thoroughly scans any spots around the vehicle that aren't clearly seen from the cabin. When navigating highways at high speeds, this Nissan pickup truck could be partially managed by the Intelligent Cruise Control. Additionally, the Traffic Sign Recognition helps the driver stay below the posted speed limits.

10. Easy Handling in Tight Spots

Featuring front and rear sonar devices, the 2022 Titan XD is easy to handle in confined spaces. When the driver backs up into an approaching vehicle, the Rear Automatic Braking will immediately come on. Before shifting the gearbox into reverse, the driver could carefully look at videos on the Intelligent Around View Monitor that offers composite 360-degree perspectives in real time. With cues from the conventional Rear Cross Traffic Alert, the driver might avoid a close call with a car that suddenly approaches from the side. Some of the audible and visual warnings appear on the Advanced Driver-Assist Display, which offers up to a dozen different home menus.

Reasons Not to Buy a 2022 Nissan Titan XD – The Cons

1. Harsh Ride Quality

Clearing the ground by just 8.2 inches, the 2022 Titan XD provides a harsh ride on paved roads and rugged trails. The driver and entire crew will feel the slightest bumps and other loose items in the way. Unfortunately, the independent double-wishbone front suspension system doesn't fully neutralize vibrations from the road or exposed ground. Measuring over 14 inches in diameter, the bulky disc brakes also create substantial mechanical vibrations and noise when fully engaged. Even when operating at fairly low and moderate RPMs, the massive V-8 gas engine transfers unwanted vibrations into the cabin.

2. Lackluster Interior Design

The 2022 Titan XD doesn't score big points in the interior styling category. This full-size pickup truck offers cloth and leather upholstery in traditional black. A hefty price tag is attached to the more elegant Platinum Reserve Premium Brown leather upholstery. Overall, the boxy geometry inside the cab doesn't make any bold styling statements. Nissan simply didn't unveil its most creative design concepts for this work-oriented pickup truck. Additionally, the column-style shifter further exposes the vehicle's outdated interior layout.

3. Sluggish and Inefficient

Having a base curb weight of more than 6,300 pounds, the 2022 Titan XD isn't exactly known for its nimble character. This sluggish pickup truck might frustrate urban drivers who like to quickly accelerate on streets with plenty of traffic lights. Of course, the gas-guzzling V-8 engine block also requires frequent visits to the pump. On its best day, this heavy truck gets only 16 mpg on the highway and 11 mpg in the city per EPA estimates. When navigating steep hills, this light-duty Nissan model will struggle to maintain a constant cruising speed.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition:

2022 Nissan Titan XD vs 2022 Toyota Tacoma

As a premium pickup that's made by a renowned Japanese company, the 2022 Toyota Tacoma could be fairly compared with the 2022 Titan XD. Standard on most of the Tacoma trims, the 3.5-L, V-6 engine has peak ratings of only 278 hp and 265 lb-ft. Of course, this Toyota doesn't even dare to challenge the Titan XD's maximum towing capacity. Measuring just 7 inches wide, the Tacoma's entry-level multimedia system isn't as advanced as the 9-inch NissanConnect infotainment center. This light-duty Toyota truck offers a six-speaker audio system, which is inferior to the Titan XD's 12-speaker Fender sound system.

2022 Nissan Titan XD vs 2022 Honda Ridgeline

Also made by an acclaimed Japanese auto corporation, the 2022 Honda Ridgeline provides solid light-duty capabilities and premium amenities. This pickup truck runs on a 3.5-L, V-6 engine that peaks at just 280 hp and 262 lb-ft. Despite having a dual-action tailgate, this Honda model still doesn't offer as many utilities as the 2022 Nissan Titan XD. An eight-speaker audio system certainly exposes the Ridgeline's disadvantage in the entertainment category. This Honda pickup truck also has a touch screen that measures just 8 inches diagonally.


Tough, powerful and reliable, the 2022 Nissan Titan XD delivers phenomenal value across several categories that truly matter to the target consumers. This full-size Japanese pickup truck comes standard with the spacious Crew Cab, which has five or six seats depending on the selected configuration. A standard V-8 gas engine and 4x4 drive system make a great combination under the hood of this light-duty behemoth. Leather-appointed front seats with climate control and contrast stitching provide a touch of elegance to the cab. Additionally, this durable Nissan truck offers an array of modern utilities for leisure and work.

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