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2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab 4WD Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab 4WD?

Are You Considering a 2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab 4WD? Here are the Pros and Cons

The 2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab is a robust pickup truck that can handle more than the average workload. Although the 2500 is built to haul heavy loads, it is also a comfortable highway cruiser. If the driver loves traveling off-road, they should take a good look at the rugged Power Wagon model. Useful upgrades such as the cargo-view camera will help drivers to stay safe. 

What's new for 2016? 

There have not been any major changes for the 2016 model year. However, the luxurious Laramie Limited trim benefits from a revamped exterior. 

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab 4WD – The Pros

1) Rock-Solid Hemi Engine

The base V-8 engine deserves some recognition. Although it is not the most powerful engine in the lineup, it is still a great power source. Ram has tuned the 5.7-liter engine to produce 383 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. With a cargo capacity approaching 14,000 pounds, the 2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab proves to be a workaholic. 

2) Beefier 6.4-Liter Engine

If the base engine doesn't cut it, buyers can step up to the larger 6.4-liter engine. The Hemi V-8 engine develops a muscular 410 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque. Drivers can effectively pull up to 16,320 pounds. Like the base engine, the upgraded Hemi engine is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. 

3) Power-Stroke Diesel Engine is a Beast

The Powerstroke diesel engine will be a must-have necessity for some buyers. A turbocharger enables the diesel engine to develop 370 horsepower and an awe-inspiring 800 pound-feet of torque. This is the best choice for the drivers who will need an all-day hauling machine. The diesel version's towing capacity stands at nearly 18,000 pounds. 

4) Manual Gearbox 

Unlike the other heavy-duty trucks in its class, the 2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab is available with a manual transmission. Instead of relying on a computer program to control the shifting, drivers will be able to shift their own gears. However, only the diesel engine can be equipped with a manual transmission. 

5) Off-Road Capable Power Wagon

While some drivers will be traveling strictly on the pavement, there are others who will battle off-road trails. Many people consider the Power Wagon to be one of the most rugged pickup trucks on the market. Electronically locking differentials help the truck to overcome rough landscapes. Some of the other components include tow hooks, skid plates, and all-terrain tires. 

6) RamBox Cargo Management System

Features such as the RamBox cargo management system enhance the truck's versatility. Ram 2500 owners will be able to easily organize their tools and other equipment. From hunting rifles to jumper cables, a variety of different things can be stored in the RamBox. If desired, buyers can opt for a remote locking system. 

7) Roomy Vehicle for Taking Road Trips 

The 2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab is roomier than the typical pickup truck. Passengers can ride without being forced to squeeze into the backseat. Families will surely like the truck's four-door design. When taking a vacation, families can easily bring along a boat or camper. Drivers can also take advantage of the under-seat storage bins. 

8) Smooth Ride

Very few people will have any complaints about this truck's ride quality. Like a luxury sedan, the 2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab floats down the highway. While the standard suspension offers good comfort, Ram also offers an air-suspension. The air suspension can automatically adjust itself according to the cargo's weight. This means that driver will have more security while at the wheel. 

9) Nice Optional Features 

There are plenty of cool features available for the 2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab. A high-powered Alpine sound system allows passengers to hear every musical note. Drivers will also like the customizable gauge cluster. Some of the other popular goodies include the Uconnect infotainment system, ventilated seats, and automatic high beams. 

10) 100,000-Mile Roadside Assistance

All trim levels are provided with 100,000 miles of roadside assistance. This is certainly good news for the drivers who are constantly on the go. 

Reasons You May Not Like the 2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab 4WD – The Cons

1) Not the Most Fuel-Efficient Vehicle 

A light-duty pickup will get significantly better fuel economy. When pulling a load, drivers can expect for the Ram 2500's gas mileage to plummet. 

2) Manual Transmission Cannot Handle as Much Power 

In an effort to protect the manual transmission, Ram detuned the diesel engine. The manual version has been tweaked to produce 660 pound-feet of torque, which is noticeably less than its automatic counterpart. 

3) Harder to Find a Parking Spot

Some drivers may need to park further away from their destination. The full-size truck can take up a great deal of space. This is especially true for the models that are equipped with a long bed. 

How it stacks up to the competition: 

The Nissan Titan XD, the Ford F-250, and the Chevy Silverado 2500 compete against the Ram 2500. Unfortunately, the Nissan Titan XD cannot tow nearly as much weight. Furthermore, the Ram 3500 is arguably the most comfy truck in its class. It is also the only truck in the segment to offer a manual transmission. 


Although the 2016 Ram 2500 Crew Cab has not received many updates this model year, it is still a very strong contender. The heavy-duty truck's roomy design and high towing capacity make it a good pick. When it comes to traveling in an extreme environment, the Power Wagon model has been built to withstand the additional abuse.