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2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab?

Are You Considering a 2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab? Here are the Pros and Cons

Everyone appreciates that today full-size pickup trucks are becoming fancier, getting bigger and more powerful each year. The new 2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab, with upscale trimmings like high-end audio components, leather upholstery, infotainment systems, and automatic climate control is certainly a far cry from the old sturdy yet unremarkable Dodge Ram workhorse of 10 years ago.

The Dodge Ram pickup truck is a popular choice for everything ranging from the family vehicle to a heavy-duty workhorse. The latest edition of the Ram 2500 is designed to handle the daily commute, backwoods bushwhacking, a night out and heavy-duty towing tasks, all with equal ease.

This truck has received honors as Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year for an impressive 5 times, and it remains a leading US top selling vehicle.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab – The Pros

1) Powertrains and Performance

Standard on the 2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab is a V8 gasoline 5.7-liter engine whose output is 383 horsepower and some awesome 400 pound-feet of torque. This comes paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission which has received acclaim from most auto reviewers.

2) Body Styles and Trim Options

The 2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab comes to you with an 8-foot bed only, although there are several other trims in the Ram 2500 family. Lots of the upper Ram 2500 trim features can also be accessed on lower trim levels but as options.

3) The Interior/Cabin

Auto reviewers think that the 2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab is offering one of the nicest interiors you can ever find in the full-size heavy-duty pickup kingdom.

Depending on your trim-level selection, the interiors of the 2016 Ram 2500 come equipped with:

  • Either leather or cloth upholstery
  • Ventilated and heated Power-adjustable front seats
  • Tilt-wheel steering and cruise Control
  • Full power accessories

On the higher Ram 2500 trim levels, you will get soft-touch materials as well as very tasteful stitching throughout the cabin. Plush metallic accents and seats transform this workhorse to give you something you would not normally see in a truck.

4) Control Features

Controls in the cabin are user-friendly and within easy reach. This has been described by auto critics as one of the best arrangements on a touchscreen. 

  • It has logically and large virtual buttons
  • Response times are reasonably quick
  • Gives ample smartphone functionality for users

Available are optional rearview back-up and cargo-view cameras displayed on an 8.4-inch screen.

5) Infotainment System

The2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab package comes with an 8.4-inch touchscreen infotainment interface that has:

  • Uconnect Access
  • Subscription-based smartphone app with Wi-Fi
  • Satellite radio
  • SD card slot
  • Upgraded instrument cluster
  • Voice-to-text messaging and emergency assistance

6) Seating

Typical to most full-size trucks, the 2016 Ram Cab has plenty of room that can comfortably hold 5/6 passengers of diverse sizes. The legroom is spacious and accommodating thanks to reclining seatbacks.

7) Cargo Capacity

Properly configured, this heavy-duty truck is capable of towing close to 17,980 pounds as well as haul 3,990 pounds.

The truck’s interior storage is quite generous.

  • Plenty of pockets and bins supplement the double glove boxes. 
  • A pair of lockable compartments located over the truck’s rear fenders.

8) Driving Impressions

While the 2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab has been designed for serious hauling and towing jobs, it's quite civilized for everyday driving.

  • The coil spring rear suspension has made the ride more comfortable and smoother than you would expect in a truck.
  • Tire and wind noise have been nicely suppressed
  • Modified front suspension works superbly
  • It has decent hill descent control
  • Electronically locking differentials and sway bar significantly increase the performance off-road.

9) Safety Features

Standard 2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab safety equipment includes:

  • Stability and traction control
  • Power-adjustable pedals 
  • Antilock disc brakes
  • Tire-pressure monitoring system
  • Available cross the line-up is a rear-view camera

The NHTSA has given the 2016 Ram 2500 a 4 Star Rating Overall.

10) Vehicle Warranty

The 2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab comes with solid warranties from the auto maker.

  • Transferable limited 100,000-mile/5-year diesel powertrain warranty.
  • Limited 60,000-mile/Five year gas powertrain warranty

Reasons You May Not Like the 2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab – The Cons

1) Safety and Performance

In tests carried out by Edmunds testing, various Ram 2500 versions came to a complete stop from a distance of 60 mph in between 136 and144 feet. 

  • For this vehicle segment, this is average.
  • With the Ram 2500 manual transmission, diesel output is lower.

2) Ride Quality

When you are in a tow truck capable of hauling such weights, there's no way you will escape a bumpy ride. 

  • On pavement, the truck feels even stiffer. 
  • Test drivers have noted that the diesel 2016 Ram 2500 emits the signature diesel growl as you when accelerate.

3) Not Very Economical

At the pump, there is a price to pay, no matter the fossil fuel chosen. The choice between diesel and gas would appear to come down to the weight of your haul.

How it stacks up to the competition:

Competition to the 2016 Ram 2500 is basically limited to the Ford F-250 and the 2500HD Chevrolet Silverado (and the counterpart GMC Sierra).

Even among the available few rivals, none seem to enjoy one of the best features you will get in the 2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab: a powerful coil spring rear suspension. 

  • No matter whether you're driving empty or towing, the coil spring will give you a more compliant ride in comparison to the leaf spring setup you will find in rivals trucks. 
  • All three truck boast similar ratings in terms of towing. 
  • The 2016 Ram gets a nod from auto reviewers for best-in-class interior ratings which they say is more plush and inviting. 
  • The “A” rating for the Ram reflects its top status in this segment.

Automotive journalists have observed that the 2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab remains very relevant as a result of its exceptional durability.


For over three decades, the Dodge Ram has stayed in production and it remains a proven production line for the Dodge Company. Lots of reviews have hailed Dodge for offering quality, comfort and performance in one truck. The Doge vehicles are pleasing to the eye and lots of people consider them a joy to drive. The 2016 Ram 2500 Regular Cab is no exception.

The Dodge has remained a top choice for buyers interested in quality full-size pickup trucks. The 2016 Ram 2500 is a leading choice in terms of heavy-duty trucks thanks to how it has been refined, tremendous hauling, and towing capabilities as well as the forgiving ride.