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2017 Ram 2500 Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2017 Ram 2500?

Are You Considering a 2017 Ram 2500? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

There are only a few pickup trucks that compete against the 2017 Ram 2500. It can haul a serious load while still treating you to a luxurious ride. A number of premium features are now offered,including a powerful Alpine sound system. For the drivers who have a passion for traveling off-road, the ultra-rugged Power Wagon model will keep them satiasfied

What’s New for 2017?

For the 2017 model year, Ram has introduced a new 4X4 Off-Road package. Some models also benefit from an upgraded suspension.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2017 Ram 2500 – The Pros

1. Hardworking Base Engine

If you don’t need the ultimate towing capabilities, the base V-8 engine should get the job done. It develops a solid 383 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. You will be able to climb hills with ease. A six-speed automatic transmission comes standard. With the ability to pull more than 10,000 pounds, the base engine is far from being puny.

2. Monstrous Diesel Engine

The turbocharged diesel engine is for the drivers who need the maximum power. Ram tuned the monstrous Cummings engine to push out 370 horsepower and a commanding 800 pound-feet of torque. Even when hauling massive loads for the entire the day, the engine never seems to be fazed. You will be able to tow nearly 18,000 pounds.

3. Superb Ride Quality

Pickup trucks have not always been known for offering a comfortable ride. However, the Ram 2500 gives you to feeling of riding in a luxury sedan. Its suspension system promises to keep you relaxed throughout the day. Because of its smooth ride, the Ram 2500 is more than just a work truck. It is certainly worthy of a long road trip.

4. New 4X4 Off-Road Package

A new 4X4 Off-Road Package can now be added to the crew cab models. It transforms the 2500 into a tougher driving machine. You will be able to face nature’s obstacles with more confidence. When traveling on rough terrain, Bilstein shocks help the truck to absorb harsh impacts. Some of the other upgrades include tow hooks, hill descent control, and a limited-slip differential.

5. Extremely Rugged Power Wagon

The 2017 Ram 2500 Power Wagon is specially engineered for hardcore adventures. It has already racked up a few awards for its legendary off-road capabilities. Electronic locking front and rear differentials allow you to obtain the optimum traction. When encountering deep mud, the truck’s aggressive tires enable it to keep churning. To help keep you out of trouble, a powerful winch has been mounted on the front bumper.

6. Stylish Truck

It is hard to ignore the Ram 2500’s muscular appearance. Highlighted by a bold grille, the heavy-duty truck definitely makes its presence known. Chrome exterior trim and projector headlamps give the higher trim levels a bit more flair. Flaunting a set of 20-inch wheels, the top-of-the-line Limited trim is destined to grab your attention. You will be able to choose from vibrant paint colors such as Blue Streak and Flame Red.

7. Roomy and Comfortable

Drivers from across the country rave about the Ram 2500’s outstanding level of passenger comfort. Whether you are tall or short, you can look forward to experiencing a pleasurable ride. The seats are remarkably plush and supportive. If you need to haul around a couple of extra people, the gigantic Mega Cab model will provide a surplus of room.

8. Manual Transmission

If you love being able to change your own gears, the 2017 Ram 2500 is sure to put a smile on your face. The diesel-powered Ram 2500 is the only truck in its class that can be equipped with a manual transmission. You will be in complete control over the truck’s performance. Fortunately, the gear shifter is quite easy to use.

9. Award-Winning Infotainment System

When equipped with the Uconnect infotainment system, the 2017 Ram 2500 immediately becomes a more satisfying pickup. Not only does the system benefit from an 8.4-inch touch-screen display, but it is also extremely quick at processing information. Smartphone integration is included with the interface.

10. Luxurious Trims

You will find several luxurious features on the top-of-the-line trims. Heated and ventilated seats help you to remain cozy on a year-round basis. A surround-sound audio system makes the Ram 2500 an even more exciting daily-driver. Upgraded leather upholstery is available as well.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2017 Ram 2500 – The Cons

1. Consumes Extra Fuel

The 2017 Ram 2500 is less efficient than a regular full-size truck. Because of its heavy-duty design, the 2500 carries around more weight. If fuel efficiency is a key concern, consider the diesel-powered Ram 1500. It can return up to 29 mpg while still being able to tow more than 10,000 pounds.

2. Some Trims Are Costly

For the drivers who desire the rugged Power Wagon model, they can expect to shell out around $52,000. When equipped with four-wheel drive, the upscale Limited model demands more than $60,000.

3. Eats Up a Lot of Space

Like virtually every other pickup truck in its class, the Ram 2500 takes up a great deal of space. Often times, you may have trouble finding a suitable parking spot. This is especially true when traveling in a busy metropolitan area.

How it stacks up to the competition:

For years, the Ram 2500 has competed against the Ford F-250 and the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD. Neither of these longtime rivals offers a traditional manual gearbox. Furthermore, they don’t have a model that matches the Ram Power Wagon’s off-road capabilities.


For the drivers who need a heavy-duty workhorse, the 2017 Ram 2500 absolutely deserves a test drive. Its class-leading ride comfort and spacious cabin set it apart from the competition. While the Ram 2500 is a large truck, it feels very stable on the open road. All versions of the truck offer an enhanced level of durability. However, the Power Wagon is perfect for tackling extreme terrain.