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2018 Ram 2500 Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2018 Ram 2500?

Are You Considering a 2018 Ram 2500? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The Ram 2500 has long been a favorite workhorse for those who need something strong and durable to constantly lug cargo around. The heavy-duty 2018 Ram 2500 is a bit stiff when it comes to the ride quality, but it is an excellent off-roader and tows without a problem. Also, the cabin has a nice, refined interior that you might not expect to find on a truck in this class. While you will have to front more money for the expensive stand-alone options and packages, this truck is easy to customize so that it fits your unique needs.

What's New for 2018?

New for the 2018 Ram 2500 is the addition of the range-topping Limited Tungsten trim. An 8.4-inch touchscreen infotainment display with smartphone app integration is now standard, as is a rearview camera. Other than that, almost everything carries over from the outgoing 2017 model.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2018 Ram 2500 – The Pros

1. The Towing Capacity

When properly equipped, the 2018 Ram 2500 has a maximum towing capacity of almost 18,000 pounds, which is superior for its class. Even the four-wheel-drive crew cab versions get a solid 16,000-pound towing capacity. Needless to say, with 800 lb-ft of torque, you won't have any problem towing a huge camper.

2. A Refined Interior

The interior of the Ram 2500 looks surprisingly chic and contemporary for a truck that is built for power. All of the paneling looks to be high-quality, and there aren't too many noticeable gaps. The chrome trim adds an element of luxury that you might not expect to find on a vehicle in this class.

3. Comfortable Seating

Not only does the cabin look great, but it is extremely comfortable to sit in. The seats are all well-bolstered, and there is plenty of lateral and lumbar support. The seats are formed and padded so that the driver and passengers can easily endure long road trips in this truck.

4. The Turbodiesel Engine Option

It might cost a pretty penny, but the turbodiesel engine option is truly the way to go if you want to take this vehicle off the beaten path. While it can be a bit noisy during acceleration, the turbodiesel's exhaust brake control works well at controlling downhill speeds. It also provides much quicker acceleration.

5. A Powerful Off-Roader

It should come as no surprise that the 2018 Ram 2500 is a capable off-roader. For a vehicle its size, the 2500 has a small turning circle. It also has a coil spring rear suspension that is able to handle intense frame-twist scenarios and smooths out the ride. Since the truck gets good ground clearance, you won't have to worry about bottoming it out or getting a ton of debris lodged in the undercarriage.

6. Swift Acceleration

When equipped with the turbodiesel engine option, the Ram 2500 can get from 0 to 60 mph in roughly 8.7 seconds. For such a hefty truck, this is a pretty decent speed. In fact, it bests the acceleration that you get on the Ram 1500.

7. Secure Braking

Braking on the 2018 Ram 2500 feels secure and easy to manage on any road surface. The brakes have the right amount of firmness and hold up well when burdened with heavy loads.

8. Superb Handling and Steering

Handling and steering on the Ram 2500 both feel solid. Steering is incredibly predictable, and the system provides the driver with a good amount of feedback. The truck handles narrow turns with ease and has minimal body roll.

9. A User-Friendly Interior Design

The dashboard and center console are extremely user-friendly. Even the infotainment interface is well-organized and easy-to-use. All buttons and knobs are clearly labeled and intuitively placed. The dash doesn't feel overly-busy, and a sufficient amount of control buttons are mounted on the steering wheel.

10. A Well-Designed Exterior

Trucks aren't exactly meant to look pretty, but the Ram 2500 has a superb exterior design. Not only are body gaps incredibly small, but the massive chrome-framed grille looks incredibly upscale and contemporary. Also, the side mirrors are massive, which helps out tremendously.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2018 Ram 2500 – The Cons

1. Not Much Rear Visibility

Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues you will encounter on the 2018 Ram 2500 is the limited rear visibility. With the naked eye and even the rearview mirror, drivers will have trouble seeing what is behind them. Drivers will have to rely on the rearview camera for assistance while backing up.

2. Pricey Options

While the starting MSRP is pretty competitive, stand-alone options and packages tend to get pretty expensive. You will have to pick carefully when deciding what to add on if you are shopping on a budget.

3. A Stiff Ride Quality

The ride quality can feel a little too stiff for some drivers, especially when the truck is not carrying much extra weight. The coil spring suspension does a good job of eliminating some issues, and the truck definitely performs better when toting a heavy load.

4. Awkward Placing of the Manual Shift Control

One minor problem that drivers might have with the 2018 Ram 2500 is that the manual downshift switch is awkwardly placed on the gear column shifter. It just seems a bit counterintuitive for most drivers.

How it Stacks up to the Competition:

2018 Ram 2500 vs. 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD

The 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD looks great inside and out and has a list of great engine options to choose from. However, the Silverado 2500HD simply isn't as high-tech as the Ram, and it lacks the safety scores to justify making such an expensive purchase. Also, the Silverado's ride quality is duller than the Ram's.

2018 Ram 2500 vs. 2018 Ford Super Duty F-250

The 2018 Ford Super Duty F-250 is a major competitor for the model year. It is highly customizable, has numerous strong engine choices, and has an optional steering system that is worth sinking money into. However, upper trim levels get insanely expensive, and there is no load-leveling ability available on this truck.


Overall, the 2018 Ram 2500 has a lot of power. The max of nearly 800 lb-ft of torque is truly impressive and gives the truck more than enough strength to pull a heavy load. While rear visibility suffers and the ride can feel a bit stiff, the cabin itself is very comfortable and high-tech without being fussy.

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