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2019 Ram ProMaster Cargo Pros vs Cons

Why Buy a 2019 Ram ProMaster Cargo?
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James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2019 Ram ProMaster Cargo? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The 2019 Ram Promaster Cargo is an all-purpose, heavy-duty work van. It comes in a wide variety of body styles and trim levels. There is something available for just about any type of work or business need. The van is reliable, well built and offers plenty of power and torque. It offers excellent towing and payload capacities too. The Promaster Cargo is also one of the easiest vans to drive in this class of vehicle. A tight turning radius and great steering dynamics make it easy to handle.

What's New for 2019?

The 2019 model of the Promaster Cargo is still considered part of the first generation for this vehicle. The Promaster Cargo first rolled off of assembly lines in 2014. The towing capacity and payload limits have been raised for this year's model. The van gets a minor, cosmetic update to its front end for 2019. There are two new configurations this year called the 3500 and the 2500. Both have a 136-inch wheelbase. The 3500 has a tall roof while the 2500 has a low roof.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2019 Ram ProMaster Cargo – The Pros

1. A Powerful Engine

The Ram Promaster Cargo only comes equipped with one engine. The award-winning motor is a Pentastar 3.6-liter, V-6. It can crank out up to 280 horsepower and 260 pounds-feet of torque. These numbers are the best-in-class for any standard, V-6 engine. This power plant is quiet, vibration free and efficient. You'll get good fuel-economy for this class of vehicle with the Pentastar V-6. It's packed with advanced technology such as variable valve timing and a two-step variable valve lift.

2. Excellent Steering and Handling

The 2019 Ram Promaster Cargo offers some great steering and handling dynamics. Steering is light and easy. A tight, 36-foot turning radius is yet another best-in-class feature for this cargo van. Never before has such a large vehicle been so easy to maneuver. The transmission system shifts smoothly and accurately. The brakes are firm and provide excellent stopping power. Electronic Stability Control keeps the van stable and helps your wheels to maintain proper traction.

3. A Variety of Body Styles and Options

You can get a Promaster Cargo in a variety of configurations. There's something available for just about any possible business need. You can get a standard cargo van. You can also get a window van that is built more for passenger transportation. Ram also offers this vehicle in chassis van and cutaway-cab configurations. Once you select the appropriate body style for your needs, the options don't just end there. You can still customize the interior and exterior to accommodate your specific needs. Ram even provides a surprising number of paint colors for a work van. This allows you to pick the perfect look for your brand or business.

4. It's Tough and Reliable

This van is tough and built to last. The engineers at Ram realize that work and fleet vans will see a lot of use and abuse. This type of vehicle needs to last to save money for you and your company. The Promaster Cargo is mechanically simple and easy to work on. You should save a lot of time and money on both routine maintenance and more serious repairs. The frame is over-engineered to provide a sturdy and safe vehicle. These vans have a good reputation for going strong year after year.

5. The Cargo Capacity

The cargo capacity of the Promaster Cargo depends on which body style and model you choose. You can have a setup with a whopping 460 cubic-feet of storage space. You get a best-in-class overall width of 75.6 inches. There is 55 inches of space between the wheel wells. The ceiling height is nice and tall in every configuration. The payload capacity is an impressive 4,680 pounds.

6. Plenty of Room for Passengers

The 2019 Ram Promaster Cargo can be configured to transport your goods or for human transportation. In the standard cargo format, you'll only get two seats up front. Even in this configuration, you'll have plenty of head, leg and elbow room.

7. The Ability to Haul and Tow Heavy Loads

The powerful engine and sturdy frame allow for serious hauling and towing. Not only can this van transport up to 4,680 pounds of cargo, it can tow as well. If the standard size and capacity isn't enough, hitch a trailer to the Promaster Cargo and you can pull along an additional 5,100 pounds.

8. Impressive Technology

The 2019 Ram Promaster Cargo may be a simple van, but it still offers some modern, high-tech features. There are a few choices for the audio system. You also get a 5-inch touchscreen with Ram's intuitive interface called Uconnect. A navigation system is available to help you to get your goods to the right destination on time. There are numerous connectivity options for your smart phone and other devices too.

9. An Available Onboard Internet Connection

The available onboard internet connection is a wonderful tool for business owners. Whether you need a fleet or just one work van, it pays to have an internet connection on the go. You can use your van as a WiFi hotspot and connect smart devices or laptops. You can keep track of your vehicle's, your cargo and your deliveries. This makes your driver's seat a second office.

10. Good Safety Features and Crash Test Ratings

This is a large vehicle with a sturdy frame. As such, it fares quite well in crash tests. Ram has also included some nice safety features to protect you or your company drivers. Anti-lock, ABS brakes are standard. You get the previously mentioned stability-control system and an advanced airbag system. The vehicle was designed to increase driver visibility. A rear-view camera further aids you in keeping track of your surroundings.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2019 Ram ProMaster Cargo – The Cons

1. A Strange Driving Position

The driving position sits up kind of high. It's similar to that of a bus driver. This is a work and delivery van, so this may not matter much for a lot of people. For some, it may even be quite comfortable. The seats are certainly comfortable and supportive enough. It's just something to be aware of. It wouldn't hurt to test drive a Promaster Cargo to see

2. The Rough Ride Quality

This van can sometimes be a rough and bumpy ride. The suspension system can be stiff and you'll feel virtually everything that the road has to throw at you. This isn't something that's unique the the Ram Promaster Cargo. Many vans and most cargo vans share this exact same problem.

3. Simple and Basic Interior

The Promaster Cargo was made with function and utility in mind. The interior is as basic as it gets. It looks very plain and quite dated on the inside of this vehicle. This is another instance of function over form. Most buyers won't really mind this as this van is meant for work. Still, if this is your one business vehicle and not just a company-fleet vehicle, you'll be spending a lot of time in it. There may be some more comfortable and stylish alternatives.

How It Stacks Up to the Competition

The Ram Promaster Cargo has three main competitors. These are the Ford Transit, Ford Transit Connect and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The Transit and Promaster Cargo both have powerful, efficient engines. The Transit also offers a diesel model with more horsepower than the Ram's V-6. The Ford has a higher towing capacity while the Ram provides a higher payload capacity. The Ram offers room for three while the Ford only has space for two in standard cargo configurations. The Ram has better reliability and much nicer steering and handling.

The Ford Transit Connect offers something unique on this list. The Connect is built for light-duty work while the regular Transit is built for heavy-duty jobs just like the Ram Promaster Cargo. If you need less cargo space and better fuel efficiency, the Transit Connect may be an interesting choice. If you need cargo capacity, the ability to tow and just more interior space overall, stick with the Promaster Cargo.

The Mercedes-Benz on our list offers some style and comfort features. It also offers a diesel engine with slightly more horsepower than the Ram Promaster Cargo. The gasoline engine of the Sprinter falls way behind the performance of the Promaster's V-6. Once again, steering and handling are superior in the Ram Promaster Cargo. The Ram can tow more as well.

In Conclusion:

The 2019 Ram Promaster Cargo is an excellent work van. It's suitable for a variety of uses and business needs. If you have a small service or even a one-man business, then this is a great van for carting your equipment around in. If you have a delivery service, this is the perfect van for that as well. The simple construction, customization options and fuel efficiency make it the perfect choice for a fleet van for just about any type of business. This is a tough and reliable workhorse of a vehicle that can tackle almost any kind of job.

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