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2020 Ram 3500 Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

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2020 Ram 3500 Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Tradesman vs Lone Star vs Bighorn, Laramie, Longhorn & Limited

What 2020 Ram 3500 Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

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The 2020 Ram 3500 is one of the most capable trucks out there. As the big brother to the Ram 2500, the 3500 model is quite powerful while also having a nicely appointed cabin. With six trims to choose from, customers will have a lot to consider, and they can choose either a basic version of the truck or one that's fully equipped with luxury amenities.

Three engines are available on the Ram 3500, and what's nice is that any trim can have any of these engines. The standard option is a 6.4-liter HEMI V8, and it packs a punch with 410 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque. Towing capacity is 18,210 pounds, and maximum payload is over 7,500 pounds.

The other choices are diesel versions. First, there's the 6.7-liter turbo diesel I6 engine. While it has slightly less horsepower (370) than the HEMI V8, its torque is significantly higher, at 850 pound-feet. This gives the truck the ability to tow up to 22,670 pounds. Payload capacity is 6,840 pounds.

If this isn't enough, there's another diesel engine that can power the Ram. It's another 6.7-liter Cummins turbo diesel, but it's a high-output model. With this engine under the hood, the Ram 3500 hits the 1,000 pound-feet mark in torque, giving it a towing capacity of 35,100 pounds. This would definitely do the job if any professionals are looking for a highly reliable truck to get things done on the work site. The high-output model comes with 400 horsepower and has a payload capacity of 6,570 pounds.

All the trims of the Ram 3500 can either be configured as 4x2 or 4x4 vehicles. Since it seems like most truck owners might find themselves dealing with difficult conditions at some point, getting the 4x4 would be a smart choice. Heavy-duty shock absorbers, a three-link front suspension, and a leaf spring system in the back all work together to smooth out the ride.


Compare the 2020 Ram 3500 Tradesman vs Lone Star Trims. What is the difference?


The Tradesman is the base model of the Ram 3500. Seating isn't an area in which the Tradesman shines, as it has vinyl seats with the option to get cloth. In the Lone Star, cloth is standard and there's the opportunity to upgrade to premium cloth. The Lone Star gives people the option to get heated seats. The extra package that would have to be purchased to get heated seats would also come with a heated steering wheel that's wrapped in leather.

When looking at the floor of the truck, the results are similar. The Tradesman has a black vinyl floor covering that's easy to clean, making it more ideal for those who are often getting muddy and dirty at work. Carpet floor covering is found in the Lone Star.

The Tradesman is the lone trim that has manual windows. Some people may prefer the traditional feel of rolling down a window, but most would opt for the power windows that the Lone Star has. Other features that the Lone Star has, but the Tradesman doesn't, are an overhead console, illuminated mirror on the passenger sun visor, and vinyl door trim with a map pocket.

Both of the trims feature a five-inch touchscreen display and six speakers, though customers can upgrade to a larger, 8.4-inch display. Unfortunately, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are only available as add-ons rather than being standard, and only the Lone Star gives people the chance to get navigation, SiriusXM, and HD Radio. However, Bluetooth and Uconnect 3 technology are standard.

On the exterior of the truck, there are 18-inch steel wheels on the Tradesman and 18-inch steel chrome clad wheels on the Lone Star. They both have automatic headlamps, halogen quad headlamps, and Daytime Running Lamps. While the Tradesman has black bumpers, the Lone Star has bright ones to stand out more.


Compare the 2020 Ram 3500 Lone Star vs Big Horn Trim Level. What is the difference?


These two trims are essentially the same vehicle, with the Lone Star version being a truck that pays homage to the Lone Star state. It has some emblems and special logos that anyone in Texas, or Texans at heart, would be happy to showcase.

Like all of the other trims of the 2020 Ram 3500, these trims have several standard safety components to prevent the likelihood of accidents occurring. The Electronic Stability Control system can engage the brakes and make adjustments to engine throttle in order to keep the truck going in the right direction, and Electronic Roll Mitigation specifically works to prevent wheel lift. The ParkView rear back-up camera provides a view of what's behind the truck while it's backing up, which could come in handy when pulling out of a parking spot or trying to hook up a trailer. Finally, Hill Start Assist is key when the truck is stopped on a hill, as it keeps pressure on the brakes until the driver has a chance to get the truck moving forward again.


Compare the 2020 Ram 3500 Big Horn vs Laramie Trim. What is the difference?


A somewhat significant price jump is seen when moving from the Big Horn to the Laramie. For this extra price, customers will definitely get much more. The seats in the Laramie are power-adjustable in eight different ways, and there are map pockets behind both front seats. A bonus is that the front seats are heated, and there's the opportunity to get heated rear seats as well. The leather trim on the seats feels much more elegant than the cloth seats seen on the Big Horn.

In the Laramie, the climate control system gets upgraded to an electronic dual-zone system. There are two glove boxes for extra storage, with one of them being lockable. Another place for storage is the overhead console. The steering wheel is also upgraded, as it has a heating element to make cold days a little more comfortable. To make things more convenient, the rear sliding window can be operated with the push of a button instead of manually, and the truck comes with a built-in universal garage door opener.

There are some other interior differences as well. The Laramie has more lighting to make it easier to find what people are looking for. A glove box lamp, an LED dome lamp, and LED interior lighting are all built into the Laramie.

In terms of infotainment, there is a big change from the Big Horn to the Laramie. The Laramie lets drivers take advantage of Uconnect 4 technology and an 8.4-inch display. It includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, two features that many consumers are looking for these days. The steering wheel has audio controls to help drivers keep their hands where they belong. Instead of having the standard six-speaker set-up, the Laramie has nine Alpine speakers and a subwoofer to round out the sound.

Safety is a category in which many people notice differences between trims. With the Laramie, drivers will have a remote start system and a built-in security alarm for peace of mind. Remote proximity keyless entry means that keys can stay tucked away in a pocket or bag as the driver walks up to the truck and unlocks the doors by simply touching the door handle. In addition, the Laramie has a park assist system that notifies drivers when they're in danger of hitting objects in front or behind them.

Looking at the outside of the Laramie, there are some differences when comparing it to the Big Horn. It has the same size wheels but in polished aluminum versus steel chrome clad. Along the doors is a highline trim panel, and it comes with a chrome billet grille. The front LED fog lights improve visibility in poor conditions, and the LED reflector headlamps and LED tail lamps are bright and easy to see.

An important distinction that happens at the Laramie level is that the truck is no longer offered with a regular cab. The Laramie and the higher trims can come with a crew cab or mega cab. The mega cab is paired with a 6'4" box, and the crew cab can either have that same-sized box or a longer one that measures eight feet. The regular cab, which is offered on the Tradesman, Big Horn, and Lone Star, is matched with the eight-foot box as well.


Compare the 2020 Ram 3500 Laramie vs Laramie Longhorn. What is the difference?


In the Laramie Longhorn, the seats are trimmed with a premium filigree leather. The rear seat passengers get to enjoy heated seats, and people up front can take advantage of heated and ventilated seats.

Where the Laramie Longhorn differs from the Laramie is that it has navigation as a standard component. In contrast, this program is only available on the Laramie. Navigation can be very convenient when trying to avoid traffic or find new destinations, and SiriusXM Traffic Plus and Travel Link can provide updated information about road conditions.

Moving to the exterior of the truck, an upgrade that the Laramie Longhorn has is extra rear lighting. There are reverse lamps mounted on the side mirrors that can activate when the truck is in reverse, providing more light if needed. Automatic high beams, which can turn on whenever they detect no other vehicles in front of the truck, are integrated into the Laramie Longhorn, and the headlights in this high trim are upgraded to Bi-Function LED projector headlamps. When people are getting things from the truck bed, it can be useful to have the Laramie Longhorn's LED bed lighting.


Compare the 2020 Ram 3500 Laramie Longhorn vs Limited Trim Level. What is the difference?


When approaching the Limited, one of the first things that people might see are the 20-inch wheels. They're finished with satin carbon and have chrome inserts, and they're illustrative of the overall quality of the Limited trim.

In terms of seating, the features in these two trims are pretty similar. One notable difference is that the higher trim has a premium leather that feels more luxurious.

On the Limited, the infotainment system is run through a massive 12-inch screen. This takes things to a new level, as the screen can be split into two windows and has pinch-and-zoom technology. Wireless charging is standard on the Limited, while it's an option on the Laramie Longhorn. This component will likely be used every time someone gets into his or her truck, and it eliminates the need to fuss with any cables.

In the area of the safety, the Limited has the best package out of all of the trims. It comes standard with blind spot monitoring and cross-path detection, two components that are only available on the other trims.

Another bonus of having the Limited is that it's the only trim to have power-deployable running boards. These can be deployed whenever people are entering the exiting the truck, and this very modern feature is sure to attract attention.


Which Trim to Choose?


There's a lot to think about when deciding which 2020 Ram 3500 to purchase. Of course, price is going to be a factor. Note that the Ram 3500 isn't the most budget-friendly vehicle on the market. Tthe numbers only rise from the Tradesman's starting point, which has a price tag of around $35,000 in its most basic form. Expect to be paying over $60,000 for a top-of-the-line 2020 Ram 3500.

With some basic features, the Tradesman should appeal to those who want nothing more than a work truck. The main factor in drawing in customers with the Tradesman is the impressive engine.

If someone has decided on something a bit more upscale than the Tradesman, than the Laramie seems to pull ahead from the others. It has more upgrades than the Big Horn and Lone Star, but it doesn't have the premium price points that are attached to the two higher trims. With its comfortable and elegant cabin, modern infotainment system, and attractive exterior components, the Ram 3500 Laramie is a winner.

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