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Compare Trim Levels • Configurations

2020 Ram ProMaster City Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

What do you get with each? Find out below..
2020 Ram ProMaster City Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: Tradesman vs The Wagon & SLT Trims

What 2020 Ram ProMaster City Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

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The Ram ProMaster City is a small van that can be configured for a variety of purposes. It is primarily a cargo van. It can also be outfitted as a passenger vehicle. It's a great business solution for deliveries or taxi services. The affordable price and great fuel economy make it perfect for the single entrepreneur or as a fleet vehicle.

Ram gives buyers a lot of customization options for the ProMaster City. It can easily be configured as a work van for the tradesman. Ram even offers special lifts created specifically for electricians, plumbers and construction workers. There are also lifts for standard cargo deliveries and for wheelchairs. Ram has designed the ProMaster City for easy loading and unloading no matter what you use it for.

This work vehicle can also be purchased with custom logos or paint jobs. You can have your small-business name and phone number right on the side of the van. Larger companies can even have a fleet of matching vehicles to advertise their business.


Ram ProMaster City Cargo Van vs Passenger Van


The ProMaster City comes in two major configurations and four different trim levels. The main two configurations are the cargo models and the passenger models. The cargo vans are divided into two trim levels. These are called the Tradesman and the Tradesman SLT. The passenger vans also get two trim levels. These are the Wagon and the Wagon SLT.

All four of these models come equipped with the same engine and transmission system. Most of the mechanical features are the same. This may leave buyers wondering what the difference is between the trim packages. We will take a look at what each one has to offer.


Compare the 2020 Ram ProMaster City Tradesman vs the Tradesman SLT Trim Level. What is the Difference?


Every trim level is powered by a 2.4-liter, I4 engine. Shifting is handled by a 9-speed automatic-transmission system. Every model has front-wheel drive. The I4 is a peppy engine that cranks out around 178 horsepower with 174 pound-feet of torque. All of that power and torque helps the van to achieve excellent acceleration, even with a full load of cargo.

The powerful and efficient little I4 engine helps the ProMaster City to carry a payload of up to 1,883 pounds. It can even tow an addition 2,000 pounds if needed. This motor also provides good fuel-economy numbers. The ProMaster City can get around 21 miles-per-gallon in the city and 28 miles-per-gallon on the highway.

The Tradesman and Tradesman SLT both have power rack-and-pinion steering. Both have disc brakes up front and drum brakes in the rear. The suspension system is comprised of MacPherson struts up front and Ind Bi-Links in the back. Both vehicles have the same basic exterior and interior dimensions.

On the outside of these two ProMaster City models, there are some cosmetic and functional differences. The Tradesman has 16-Inch x 6.5-Inch steel wheels with a silver paint job. The SLT model adds on a full cover for the wheels. Aluminum-alloy wheels are optional for the SLT as well. Both models are equipped with a set of all-season tires.

For the roof, both models have the option to have roof-rack side rails installed. There is also the option for a 3-bar utility roof-rack. Both setups use all MOPAR parts. There are four total doors and a window-insert panel for the rear-cargo doors. Both vans come with standard halogen headlamps.

The SLT gets some extras for the exterior such as body-colored fascias and mirrors. All glass in the SLT is upgraded to Deep Tint Sunscreen Glass. The mirrors are manually folding and also have a nice heating feature. They can be quickly defrosted on those cold winter mornings. Both of these trims offer Remote Keyless Entry.

On the inside of these trims, we get bucket seats up front for both. Both models have headrests for the driver and front passenger. The Tradesman gets low-back bucket seats with cloth upholstery. The SLT offers premium cloth upholstery. Both offer vinyl seats that are easy to clean and ideal for fleet vehicles. The SLT also has the option of having heated front seats.

The interior lighting is the same no matter which trim level you have. There are standard map, courtesy and cargo lights. Both trims have the option of adding MOPAR cargo lights for better viewing as you load and unload your goods. Both models have two 12-volt power outlets. One is located up front and one is in the rear area.

Air conditioning is standard on every trim for the ProMaster City. Every model gets an outside temperature display and power windows. A tire-pressure monitor helps to make sure your tires are always inflated to safe levels. The interior controls and gauges are all the same for the most part.

Both vans will come with a carpeted floor. The SLT trim gets a leather-wrapped steering wheel. A tilting and telescoping steering-wheel column is standard across all four trims. There are a number of different cargo partitions and window configurations that can be added for either of the models. The interiors are highly customizable for whatever work purposes the van is needed for.

The ProMaster City Tradesman and the Tradesman SLT both come with Ram's Uconnect 3 System. This infotainment system has a 5-inch touchscreen display. The display is in color and offers high-definition graphics. A full navigation system can be added to either trim for an additional fee. This is an invaluable feature to have for a work van. You or your company drivers will be able to always find the destination in a timely manner.

The Uconnect 3 System has a radio and four high-quality speakers. Sound clarity and volume are great here. Integrated voice commands and Bluetooth technology are both included in this system as well. The SLT trim gets some extra controls on the steering wheel for the driver's convenience. Ram offers a one-year SiriusXM radio package for an additional fee.

Safety is an important category for any vehicle. The Tradesman and Tradesman SLT trims both have identical safety features and options here. There is Electronic Stability Control to make sure these vans are stable and have good traction. Electronic Roll Mitigation helps to reduce the chances of wheel lift and rollovers during extreme maneuvers.

There are plenty of airbags on tap here. The driver and front passenger each have an advanced, multi-staged airbag in front of them. There are also supplemental side airbags for these two. A knee-bolster airbag gives the driver a little extra protection. There are also side-curtain airbags that cover the front and rear passengers.

Every trim level gets a ParkView Backup Camera for a better view of what's behind the van. A ParkSense Rear Park-Assist System is optional for both the Tradesman and the Tradesman SLT. The rear-seat passengers get head restraints to mitigate head movement and whiplash in the event of an accident. Hill-Start Assist and Brake Assist round out some of the more notable safety features for the ProMaster City.


Compare the 2020 Ram ProMaster City Tradesman SLT vs The Wagon. What is the Difference?


The first major difference here is that the Wagon is the base model of the passenger van. The Tradesman SLT is the upgraded version of the cargo van. The Wagon has room for up to five passengers instead of all of the cargo space. The ProMaster City Wagon was designed for maximum room and comfort for each and every passenger. The Tradesman SLT was designed for easy loading and unloading of cargo. The Wagon was designed to be easy for passengers to enter and exit.

The Wagon goes back to the 16-Inch x 6.5-Inch steel wheels that were found on the Tradesman. The Tradesman SLT has extra wheel covers to set it apart here. Most of the options, such as the MOPAR roof racks, are available for the Wagon base model. The same halogen headlamps make a return. The Tradesman SLT has the option of adding on fog lamps.

Most of the Wagon's exterior features revert back to what was found on the base Tradesman model. The fascias and mirrors are no longer painted to match the body color. The same can be said for the interior. The seats take a step back to the regular cloth upholstery, while the Tradesman SLT gets the upgraded upholstery. The Wagon has the option for vinyl seats just like the two previous trim models.

On the inside, the Uconnect 3 infotainment system makes its return for the Wagon. Both of these trims have the same 5-inch display, the same stereo and the same four speakers. The navigation system is once again optional for the Wagon.

When it comes to safety, we again see the exact same features for the Wagon. All of the options are the same here as well. You get the same number of airbags as before. All of the nice driver-assist features make a return too.


Compare the 2020 Ram ProMaster City Wagon vs the Wagon SLT Trim. What is the Difference?


By now, we see a pattern emerging for the trim levels. The Wagon SLT is to the Wagon what the Tradesman SLT was to the regular Tradesman. Most of the same upgrades apply here. As always, the two trims have the same engine, transmission system and mechanical features. The payload capacities, towing capabilities and performance stats are identical here.

All of the same safety features found on the Wagon are present for the Wagon SLT. There's nothing new to be found in this category. The SLT version gets the wheel covers and goes back to the mirrors and fascias with paint to match the body color. The interior sees the upgraded seats for the driver and front passenger. The SLT can add on heated front seats for a little extra.

It's important to note here that with the extra rear seats for passengers, Ram has also added on some more small-item storage spaces. Little touches like pockets and overhead compartments are there to make life easier for your passengers. Last of all, we still get the same infotainment system with the option for a navigation system.


Which Trim to Choose?


Which trim to choose will largely depend on what the van will be used for. The first major decision to make is whether to get the cargo van or the passenger van. This should be an easy decision to make. If you need a delivery vehicle or work van, go with the cargo model. If you need to transport people, then the Wagon passenger model is your only choice.

The SLT versions of the Tradesman and Wagon offer most of the same features and extras. Fortunately, there isn't a huge jump in price when moving up to the SLT model of the Tradesman or Wagon. In either case, it will be well worth it for most owners. The extra convenience features far outweigh the increase in cost.

No matter which trim level you choose, there will still be a lot of custom options to look into. This van can be set up for just about any task. You can also get a custom look to represent your business. If you're looking for a work van in this class, the 2020 Ram ProMaster City is hard to beat.

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