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2021 Toyota Camry Trim Levels with Comparisons & Configurations.

2021 Toyota Camry Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: LE vs SE vs Nightshade, XLE vs XSE & TRD

What 2021 Toyota Camry Trim Level Should you Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The Toyota Camry has long been one of the leaders in the market. This sedan is still doing well after all of these years, and it has been updated with numerous features to make it more stylish, safer, and more convenient to drive. The 2021 Toyota Camry comes in several different trims, and this guide can provide prospective customers with detailed information so that they can make wise purchasing decisions.

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Compare the 2021 Toyota Camry LE vs LE Hybrid. What is the difference?

The LE is a solid option for anyone interested in getting a budget-friendly sedan. What's really great about the LE is that it comes as either a front-wheel or an all-wheel drive model. All-wheel drive costs about $1,500, but it could be considered necessary in many climates because of the additional traction it provides.

Under the hood of the LE, there's a 2.5-liter engine. With 203 horsepower, this engine is capable and gives the car the ability to outshine many of its competitors. Even if people are just using their car for everyday errands or commutes to and from work, they'll be able to take advantage of the power of the Camry, and they can drive more confidently.

In the LE Hybrid, there is about the same amount of horsepower. The hybrid version uses a 2.5-liter engine like its counterpart, but it has an electric motor as well. The LE Hybrid is only available as a front-wheel model. Obviously, its main benefit is its efficiency. The LE Hybrid can achieve up to 53 miles per gallon.

That being said, it's not like the LE is a gas guzzler. The front-wheel-drive LE can earn up to 39 miles per gallon on the highway and 28 miles per gallon in the city. Even with all-wheel drive, the LE has an estimated fuel economy of 25/34 (city/highway) miles per gallon.

With the LE level, there are a number of quality components. The LE and LE Hybrid have backup cameras, several interior compartments, LED Daytime Running Lights, and LED taillights. Some differences are that the LE Hybrid has a temperature control system that has two zones and that the hybrid has a smart key system. This system lets people keep their keys safely stored in a pocket while they touch the door handles to lock or unlock them.

The LE and LE Hybrid have seven-inch touchscreens with smartphone compatibility. The Toyota + Alexa app is easy to use; all the driver has to do is verbally ask Alexa for directions, the weather forecast, or other types of information.

Technological advances give the Toyota Camry the ability to monitor its situation. Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 + is standard on the sedan. Some of its features are pre-collision braking with pedestrian detection and advanced cruise control. This latter feature can adjust the speed of the Camry so it can maintain proper distancing with other vehicles. A few other driver-assist systems that are found in the LE and LE Hybrid are lane departure alert with steering assist and automatic high beams.

Compare the 2021 Toyota Camry LE Hybrid vs SE Trim Levels. What is the difference?

If just going by starting price, the trim-by-trim breakdown can start to get complicated. This is because the LE Hybrid is actually a bit more expensive than the front-wheel-drive SE. To keep things simple, this overview will disregard these minor differences in price and instead use the trim level to stay organized.

The SE is the level at which the Camry gets a bit sportier. It has black accents near its headlights as well as a black front grille. Even its wheels are black, and they measure 18 inches. The SE is further highlighted by a rear spoiler and dual chrome tips for the exhaust.

Seats in the SE are upgraded with SofTex upholstery. SofTex is a type of synthetic leather. The driver's seat is power-adjustable in eight ways, just like the driver's seat in the LE Hybrid. However, the LE Hybrid has cloth seats. Another upgrade is the leather-wrapped steering wheel in the SE. It's soft to the touch and looks elegant.

Interestingly, the LE Hybrid has the smart key system but the SE doesn't. If anyone likes what the SE has to offer and wishes that it had a smart key system, then he/she can go with the SE Hybrid. Like the LE Hybrid, it has that more convenient entry system.
(Since the differences between a non-hybrid and hybrid trim were described in the previous section, it's not necessary to go over them again.)

Compare the 2021 Toyota Camry SE vs SE Nightshade Edition. What is the difference?

For those potential buyers who would like their next vehicles to really stand out in a crowd, the SE Nightshade Edition would be something to consider. It has many of the same features as the SE does, but it takes style a step further.

Whereas most other trims are available in a variety of exterior paint colors, the Nightshade is offered in three colors: Midnight Black, Super White, and Celestial Silver. Window trim on the Nightshade is black, and the outside mirrors, badging, shark-fin antenna, rear spoiler, and door handles are all painted black, too.

Compare the 2021 Toyota Camry SE Nightshade Edition vs XLE Trims. What is the difference?

When moving to the XLE trim, there's definitely a different feel. The XLE is more sophisticated rather than sporty. It has some chrome exterior accents, and its side mirrors are color-keyed and come with heating elements and integrated turn signals.

Inside the cabin, there are many more upgrades. Wireless charging becomes standard a this level, as does a backup camera that has dynamic gridlines. One of the most noticeable features of the XLE is the leather upholstery on the seats. In this trim, both front seats are power-adjustable and heated. Toyota has matched the leather upholstery with a wood trim on some of the interior surfaces. More features that are standard on the XLE are an auto-dimming rearview mirror and ambient lighting to add to the atmosphere.

A major enhancement in the XLE is related to technology. In this trim, there's a nine-inch touchscreen. It's a bit easier to read than the seven-inch touchscreen on the other trims, and it can be upgraded with navigation. The XLE is equipped with Remote Connect: Toyota Skill, and this gives drivers the ability to use an Alexa device to remotely start their engines, lock their doors, and handle several more tasks.

Blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert become standard in the Camry XLE. In the lower trims, it's only an option.

Again, the XLE also comes in a hybrid model if anyone is interested in saving money on gas in the long run.

Compare the 2021 Toyota Camry XLE vs XSE Trim Levels. What is the difference?

The XSE is a sportier version of the Camry, and like many other trims, it's available with a traditional or a hybrid powertrain. It is similar to the SE in that they both have sport-tuned suspension systems and paddle shifters to give drivers a little more control.

In the XSE, drivers can choose Sport Mode if they wish to really push the limits. Accelerating is a lot of fun when Sport Mode is engaged.

Adding to the athletic flair of the XSE are 19-inch gloss-back wheels and a gloss-black front grille. The XSE is available with a two-tone roof. A black metallic paint can be used on the roof and rear spoiler while the rest of the car is painted in Supersonic Red, Wind Chill Pearl, or several other color choices. The XSE comes standard with color-keyed heated outside mirrors, but there's the opportunity to get those mirrors in black. In the rear of the car, there is a a dual exhaust system with quad tips.

Inside the cabin of the XSE, the leather seats are complemented by a patterned metal interior trim. This style of trim contributes to the modern vibe to the car.

Compare the 2021 Toyota Camry XSE vs TRD Trim. What is the difference?

Toyota has made a bold move with the Camry by offering it in a TRD trim. Some people might associate the TRD trim with trucks or SUVs, but it can fit in well with the Camry.

The main difference with the TRD trim is that it runs on a 3.5-liter V6 engine. This takes horsepower all the way up to 301 and boosts torque to 267 pound-feet. There's no doubt that the Camry TRD is powerful, quick, and agile. It has some additional underbody bracing and Active Cornering Assist to help it maintain stability. However, it's exclusively offered as a front-wheel-drive car.

The TRD feels edgy, with Bi-LED headlights, black exterior mirrors, and black window trim. It's another one of the Camry sedans that can come with a two-tone exterior color scheme. With special TRD badging, cat-back dual exhaust tips, and side aero skirts, this trim can't be mistaken for another Camry.

There is a tradeoff associated with the TRD. While it may have the enhanced engine and higher quality exterior components, its cabin is a little more basic than the cabin of the XSE. For example, the TRD has SofTex seats rather than leather ones, and it doesn't have an auto-dimming rearview mirror. It does, though, have aluminum pedals, red stitching, and black floor mats.

The TRD has the same seven-inch touchscreen seen on the lower trims of the Camry, but a nine-inch touchscreen is available.

Compare the 2021 Toyota Camry TRD vs XLE V6. What is the difference?

The XLE V6 has the same type of engine that the TRD does. This sets these trims apart from the previous ones, and it puts the Camry in competition with sports sedans and models made by luxury competitors.

Some of the bold exterior accents found on the TRD are taken away when moving to the XLE V6. The XLE V6 is very much in line with the XLE in terms of its appearance. This is true for both the exterior and interior features. Some examples of what the XLE V6 has to offer are an overhead console and LED reading lights for the rear-seat passengers.

One thing that is included on the Camry at the XLE V6 trim but not on the regular XLE is a head-up display. This display measures ten inches, and it shows drivers information regarding their speed, shift position, messages, temperature, and more.

Another feature that's standard on this trim is a premium infotainment system. It has a nine-inch touchscreen and nine JBL speakers. Those speakers include a subwoofer and amplifier to improve the quality of the sound.

Compare the 2021 Toyota Camry XLE V6 vs XSE V6 Trims. What is the difference?

People would be correct in assuming that the XSE V6 has the same type of engine as the XLE V6 and TRD. Combining this larger engine with a better suspension package results in a car that's exciting to drive.

Its interior and exterior elements are similar to what's seen in the XSE. So for some, the XSE V6 will have the best of both worlds - it will handle itself adeptly and look modern and sleek.

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Which Trim to Choose?

Toyota clearly knows how to play to its audience. With the Camry, the company is giving the market a reliable and powerful car that comes with all of the high-tech features that consumers are interested in these days.

It's hard to say that any particular trim would be best since the various options are so different. Any model with the V6 engine is the one to pick for anyone who wants a car that's quick to accelerate. The SE and XSE trims are flashy, but they might not be right for everyone, and the hybrids are intriguing options because of their efficiency.

Most people will be choosing between the more luxurious XLE trims and the nicely appointed, but cheaper LE trims. One can't go wrong with picking the base model, especially since it has available all-wheel drive. If a customer wants some extras with his or her next car, then the XLE would be a smart choice.

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