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2021 Toyota Camry vs Corolla

2021 Toyota Camry vs Corolla

2021 Camry vs Corolla - How do they stack up? What are the differences?

The 2021 Toyota Camry and Corolla have been long-time favorites among sedan drivers for decades. For 2021, these classic cars just got a helpful upgrade with an impressive arsenal of high-tech features - from entertainment options to safety measures! All the comforts of modern motoring make this unbeatable combo a must try.

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Size and Styling

For those looking for more size, the Camry has it! Not only is this car taller and wider than its counterpart - 10 inches longer to be exact - but with a higher ground clearance of 5.7 inches as opposed to the Corolla's measly 5.3 inches, you'll get plenty of headroom too. Inside reveals an even bigger difference: front-row passengers have 42.1 glorious inches in leg room while rear row occupants receive 38 (also quite comfortable)inches respectively.

The Corolla and Camry offer plenty of room for the driver, front passenger, and their belongings. While in the first row you can bask comfortably with 42 inches of legroom; unfortunately, rear passengers may need to get cozy at 34.8 inches - so remember this if planning longer road trips! However when it comes to stowing your cargo- don't fret as these vehicles come complete with a large trunk space –13 cubic feet for those behind the wheel of a Corolla and 15 cubic feet boasting from within a Camry's boot.

These two cars look very modern. They have a sporty appearance and have a bit of an edge to them. Helping in this regard are LED Daytime Running Lights, LED taillights, and LED headlights. Some trims have black or dark grey front grilles, and some have special side rocker panels and rear spoilers.

The wheels on the Corolla range from 15-inch steel wheels to 18-inch alloy or aluminum wheels. With the Camry, the basic wheels are 16-inch steel ones, whereas the higher trims can have 19-inch gloss-black or matte-black wheels.

Both models have trims that are designed to look really athletic and stylish. The athletic and stylish Corolla XSE Apex Edition exudes class with its two-tone exterior color scheme featuring a black roof, spoiler, badging, and an enhanced sport-tuned exhaust. It also comes equipped with power moonroofs for added convenience along with heated side mirrors complete with integrated turn signals to keep you safe on the road. Meanwhile over at the Camry camp there are quad chrome tips gracing their own performance tuned exhaust as well as options like panoramic glass roofs both of which can be significantly elevated by adding touches such as beautiful 2 tone color schemes throughout.


With Toyota's new models, customers have their work cut out for them! How to decide between efficiency, power and affordability? Thankfully you don't have to pick just one: the various powertrains offer a mix of all three qualities. So whichever option best suits your unique needs is sure to be easy on both your wallet AND give an unbeatable performance.

Whether you need a bit of pep in your step or something more, the Corolla has an engine for every situation. The first option features a 1.8-liter power plant offering 139 horsepower and 126 pound-feet of torque to get drivers where they're going quickly while those looking for extra oomph can opt for the 2.0 liter configuration that ups both figures accordingly.

The Toyota Corolla Hybrid offers unbeatable fuel economy - up to 53 miles per gallon! That's almost double what the regular Corollas can do, with a maximum of 38 mpg on highways. It runs surprisingly well too, powered by a combination 1.9 liter engine and electric motor for 121 horsepower and 105 pound-feet of torque. If you prioritize efficiency then this is an option that absolutely cannot be overlooked.

Every Corolla has front-wheel drive. Most have continuously variable transmissions, with there being some that have six-speed manual transmissions. To make things a little more exciting, there are some trims that have Sport driving modes. By simply pushing a button, drivers can engage Sport mode, in which their cars can be a little more aggressive. Some models also have paddle shifters to give people manual control over shifting.

With its potent 2.5-liter engine, the Camry offers an impressive 203 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque guaranteed to thrill drivers who demand standout performance. Get ready for plenty of attention when you take this dynamic vehicle out on the roads.

The Camry's standard engine is already a strong pick, but its available all-wheel drive really sets it apart. With AWD always at the ready, this compact car can confidently tackle icy and snowy roads with ease! For those looking for an even more powerful ride experience? An upgrade to the 3.5L V6 will unleash 301 horses under your hood - giving you sports car performance in a sleek sedan silhouette. Unfortunately though, that whoosh of power is limited only two front wheels.

After much consideration, the final pick is a Camry with an impressive hybrid powertrain. Boasting 208 net horsepower and cutting-edge technology such as electronic continuously variable transmission and manual sequential shift mode, this car has plenty of muscle to take on any terrain while still offering drivers dynamic control over their vehicles - perfect for those who want both excitement and efficiency in one awesome package.

The Camry hybrid offers all the fuel efficiency of its Corolla counterpart, boasting up to 53 miles per gallon. But if you feel you need more power and capability than this option provides, non-hybrid models can deliver too with a 2.5L engine providing 28/39 mpg in front wheel drive and 25/34 mpg when outfitted with an all wheel drivetrain; those stats lower slightly to 22/32 mpg for versions incorporating a 3.5L V6 motor - so there's no compromising on performance at the cost of economy.

Comfort, Options and Performance

The Camry proves to be the more luxurious choice when it comes to driving, as its higher trims come packed with enhanced interior amenities. No matter your pick though, both cars have plenty of features that can transform any commuting experience into a joyride.

In the Corolla, lower trims have fabric seats, manually adjustable front seats, and standard air conditioning systems. Mid-level trims could get upgraded with automatic climate control, SofTex or premium fabric upholstery, heated front seats, and a smart entry system. That smart entry system lets people keep their key fobs tucked away somewhere safe, and all it takes to unlock the door is to touch the sensor on the door handle. Higher trims can have many more features, such as ambient lighting, wireless charging, and leather-wrapped steering wheels.

The Toyota Camry isn't just reliable and efficient, it offers all the creature comforts you'd expect in a luxury car. Cruise in comfort with dual zone automatic climate control or heated/ventilated front seats - plus an extra touch of luxe with leather upholstery. Upgrades like seven-inch digital information displays, auto-dimming mirrors, sports pedals and even LED reading lights make this model one to watch out for.

In every trim of the Camry, there's a touchscreen that measures at least seven inches. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Bluetooth are standard, as they are on many modern cars. Notably, the Camry comes standard with SiriusXM, Amazon Alexa, Wi-Fi Connect, and three USB ports. Higher trims have nine-inch touchscreens, and they could have nine JBL speakers and integrated navigation.

Likewise, the Corolla comes standard with a seven-inch touchscreen, smartphone compatibility, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa, and SiriusXM. The lower trims have two USB ports instead of the three ports that the Camry has. The available technology is comparable with what the Camry offers, though higher trims of the Corolla have eight-inch touchscreens instead of nine-inch ones. Navigation is available, and so is a nine-speaker JBL sound system.


Customers should be happy that Toyota has worked hard to integrated driver-assist technology into its vehicles. Every Corolla and Camry has a comprehensive Toyota Safety Sense package. With this package, one of these cars can sense when it's drifting out of position or approaching another vehicle or pedestrian too quickly. If so, it can warn drivers and potentially correct its steering or hit the brakes.

Cars these days are truly a marvel of modern technology. They can tell when its dark and light up the road with their high beams, allowing drivers to continually stay informed thanks to features like adaptive cruise control that adjusts speed based on conditions ahead, as well as sign recognition for relevant info like the speed limit. But if you want even more protection from those pesky blind spots or other vehicles crossing your path in reverse, some trims have additional safety tech available too.

The Camry helps make parking and maneuvering in tight spaces a breeze with its 360-degree camera. This bird's eye view of the car lets you see exactly how close it is to other objects, so no need for guesswork or anxiety about your next move! For extra visibility when backing up, the Corolla offers an upgraded rearview camera with guidelines - proof that even smaller vehicles can pack plenty of convenience features.

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Which Model to Choose?

Those who may have had a preconception of the Toyota Camry being an affordable basic vehicle will be in for a pleasant surprise. The Camry offers 12 stylish and sophisticated trims, ranging from entry-level to upscale - including models with V6 engines and hybrid systems! For those looking for something more budget friendly there is still hope though, as even their top trim XSE V6 starts at just $35,545 – quite reasonable given its impressive amenities package.

The Toyota Corolla offers customers the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a reliable car without breaking their budget. With nine different trim levels ranging from an affordable base model at $20,025 up to a luxurious XSE Apex Edition for $28,310 and many points in between, drivers can find just what they need with this trusty ride.

With the Camry and Corolla, two of Toyota's top models, car buyers are spoilt for choice. Both offer excellent value when it comes to size, power and affordability but depending on one’s needs or preferences they could come down under different categories: those wanting a traditional ride may go with the Camry while its younger competitor – the Corolla – is ideal if space-saving features take priority. Regardless of which option you choose however; driving pleasure might just be guaranteed.

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