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2021 Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser

2021 Toyota Sequoia vs Land Cruiser

2021 Sequoia vs Land Cruiser - How do they stack up? What are the differences?

The Sequoia and Land Cruiser are two premium vehicles that are powerful, spacious, and sophisticated. These full-size SUVs definitely have a strong presence on the roads. Just by looking at them, they do seem fairly similar, so it may be hard for a prospective customer to decide which one to get. This comparison will go into the details of how the Toyota SUVs differ from each other so that hopefully the decision will be much easier.

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Size and Styling

The Sequoia and Land Cruiser are two behemoths of the automotive world. While both already massive vehicles, a comparison between their dimensions reveals that the Sequoia towers over its peer with an impressive additional three inches in height, two inches in width, and ten extra inches of length. However - not to discount its competitor - even at it's 'smaller' size compared to the Sequoia; Land Cruisers still remain far bigger than most average SUVs on today's roads.

The Sequoia towers over the competition with its impressive 9.9 inches of ground clearance, outstripping even some pickup trucks! With that kind of enviable height and an inch more than its Land Cruiser counterpart, rest assured your drive will be an obstacle-free joyride in a tank-like SUV.

When setting out to buy an SUV, interior space is a critical factor in making the right decision. The Sequoia can comfortably accommodate either seven or eight passengers by offering seating options that provide ultimate convenience and comfort for backseat travelers: bench seats with room for three people each across two rows; alternatively, captain's chairs in its middle row which makes entry into the rear uncomplicated while also giving occupants increased legroom.

The Toyota Land Cruiser provides versatile seating options, allowing up to eight passengers in a carefully crafted configuration. There is no need for middle-row captain's chairs as the car can easily be transformed from a five passenger vehicle into one that accommodates an extra three occupants with ease.

The Sequoia takes the cake when it comes to providing a comfortable cabin experience - its first-row passengers have plenty of legroom, and those in rows two and three will enjoy even more. With 40.9 inches for middle row occupants and 35.3 for third-rowers, this SUV is unbeatable compared to the Land Cruiser's 34.4/28.3 inch offering.

Likewise, the Sequoia has more cargo space. When all of its rear seats have been folded down, it has an impressive amount of space. Its maximum cargo capacity is 120.1 cubic feet. Behind its second row, there's 66.6 cubic feet of space, and the dedicated cargo hold in the back has a volume of 18.9 cubic feet.

The Land Cruiser's spacious rear cargo area offers a generous 16.1 cubic feet of space, and up to 82.8 when all seats are stowed; though still far off the sizeable capacity found in its competitor, the Sequoia. This provides plenty of room to lug around any bulky gear you might need on your journey.

Despite its larger size, the Sequoia and Land Cruiser share many exterior features to give them a bold and rugged presence. Both boast standard LED lighting, power moonroofs, heated side mirrors with optional chrome or black accents - truly giving these vehicles an eye-catching flair. But that's not all! Select trim levels on the Sequoia come with additional bonuses such as skid plates for adventure seekers wanting more protection offroad adventures.

However, the Land Cruiser is going to have nicer features than what any of the Sequoia trims have. For instance, it comes standard with special LED stop lights that have light-pipe taillights with vortex generators, side mirrors with cameras and a reverse tilt-down function, rain-sensing wipers, tow hooks on the front and rear, and heavy-duty mudguards. The Land Cruiser can even be set up with a Yakima MegaWarrior roof rack to make the SUV ready for any kind of adventure.


Under the hood of Toyota's Sequoia and Land Cruiser lies a beastly 5.7-liter V8 that can roar up to 381 horsepower while also providing 401 pound feet of life-altering torque! Both vehicles are capable hauling titanic weights, with the Sequoia being able to pull up to 7,400 pounds and an impressive 8,100 for it's bigger brother - the mighty Land Cruiser.

The Sequoia and the Land Cruiser possess distinctions in terms of mechanics, beyond just having similar engines. While both feature Torsen limited-slip center differentials with locking features, only the former offers a choice between rear wheel or four-wheel drive while the latter is fitted with full time 4WD capability complete with Active Traction Control capabilities for increased control on difficult terrain.

The Sequoia and the Land Cruiser possess distinctions in terms of mechanics, beyond just having similar engines. While both feature Torsen limited-slip center differentials with locking features, only the former offers a choice between rear wheel or four-wheel drive while the latter is fitted with full time 4WD capability complete with Active Traction Control capabilities for increased control on difficult terrain.

The Sequoia is renowned for its superior suspension systems, from the TRD Fox shocks of the formidable TRD Pro trim to the electronically modulated air and adaptive variable suspensions in Platinum – these features will keep you comfortable no matter what terrain or conditions arise! Moreover, with this intuitive technology it quickly senses even minuscule changes in road surface so that your ride stays consistent.

Cruise through life with confidence and comfort in the incredible Land Cruiser. This majestic vehicle offers a high-end sound system as well as optimal suspension for an unbeatable ride: four-link springs, stabilizer bar support and semi-floating axle technology are all included! And don't forget the KDSS - Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System - that provides you with supreme smoothness on even the bumpiest of roads.

Fuel efficiency is not a strength of either the Sequoia or Land Cruiser. They can only earn 17 miles per gallon on the highway and 13 miles per gallon in the city. Those looking for efficient SUVs will definitely want to search elsewhere.

Comfort, Options and Performance

The Toyota Land Cruiser offers a comprehensive suite of luxury features to make every drive more comfortable. From four-zone climate control and a bird's eye view camera for easy parking, to auto dimming rearview mirrors, interior LED lights and wireless charging - this SUV has it all.

On top of that, the driver is treated with an adjustable memory seat complete with heated ventilation plus power lumbar support; while passengers in row two can recline their 40/20/40 configuration seats into ultimate comfort thanks to heating elements built right into them! Whether you're behind the wheel or along for the ride - your journey will be one of absolute indulgence when gliding through town in a Land Cruiser.

If you're looking for a vehicle that can comfortably seat the whole family, look no further than the Toyota Sequoia. Not only does it feature a three-zone climate system to keep everyone comfortable and cozy, but depending on your trim level there are additional features like heated and ventilated front seats as well as power reclining third row seating - making long car rides with young children something they may actually enjoy! Additionally, many trims come equipped with an entertainment system featuring Blu-ray disc player and wireless headphones so kids of all ages can be entertained while cruising along in style.

Toyota has packed their Sequoia and Land Cruiser models with plenty of cutting-edge tech, but they haven't opted to join the trend of massive touchscreens. This decision shows that while other companies may be focused on making devices bigger for better visuals, Toyota is more concerned about creating a comfortable journey no matter where you're going.

Cruise through the streets in stylish comfort with a Sequoia, featuring an array of tech features such as Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay for easy connectivity. Enhance your ride even more with up to 14 JBL speakers and dynamic voice recognition on top trims! Easy navigation is available from lower trim packages all the way up, while Amazon Alexa integration offers access to countless commands so you never lose control over every aspect of your journey.

The Land Cruiser is stacked with impressive features such as a digital touchscreen measuring nine inches, integrated navigation, and the powerful JLB sound system. However, Toyota has failed to keep up with modern trends by not offering Apple CarPlay or Android Auto connectivity - something which may be an influencing factor for shoppers on the lookout for advanced technology packages in their vehicles.


Cruising the streets just got a lot safer with Toyota's Land Cruiser and its cutting-edge bird's-eye view camera. Capable of providing drivers insight on their surroundings, it drastically reduces the chance of getting any scratches or dings when parking your vehicle - in addition to delivering peace of mind through its sonar system that will alert you if you're too close to objects around you.

Otherwise, the safety packages in the two models are pretty much the same. They have blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert to help drivers when they can't necessarily see other vehicles. They both have the Toyota Safety Sense P package, which includes pre-collision braking, pedestrian detection, and lane departure alert. This package also comes with high beams that can turn on and off depending on the light situation as well as adaptive cruise control. Multiple airbags that have been placed all around the cabin, the LATCH system for child seats, and strong and sturdy frames contribute further to passenger safety.

All roads can lead to adventure in the Land Cruiser. It's multi-terrain select function and Crawl Control make sure you're equipped for any situation, while its Trailer Sway Control ensures that your cargo is safe whenever you hit those more rugged trails. The Sequoia offers peace of mind when it comes time to tow - no matter what tricks mother nature throws at you.

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Which Model to Choose?

These vehicles may look the same from the exterior, but they actually have some significant differences. Most importantly, perhaps, the Sequoia is the much larger vehicle. If people are going to be transporting a handful of passengers on a daily basis, it could be the right SUV to pick. With the Land Cruiser, there's just not very much space in the third row. Adults and teenagers would probably not be comfortable riding in the back seat, even on shorter trips around town.

In terms of cargo capacity, the Sequoia has the advantage as well. However, the Land Cruiser has a higher tow rating and can come with a special roof rack. Truthfully, both SUVs can get the job done if it involves hauling large equipment or gear.

It's a tight race between the Toyota Sequoia and Land Cruiser, with both SUVs boasting strong mechanical components. But each has its own advantages: for example, the Sequoia offers several trim selections to meet various needs while Nav system is standard on the Land Cruiser. No matter which vehicle you choose; they both promise top of line tech and safety features that make them worthy contenders in today’s SUV market.

For those looking for a luxurious and sophisticated ride, the Land Cruiser is an attractive option with its top-tier leather seats and added amenities. However, be aware that these lavish luxuries come at price - $85,665 for the base trim or even as high $87,995 for their Heritage Edition model! The Sequoia on the other hand offers more budget friendly options, starting out around $50k with it's SR5 entry point or topping off near mid-$60ks range in their TRD Pro trim. A great compromise between luxury and wallet friendly pricing.

When deciding between the two models, a customer will have to think about several factors. If interior space or budget is going to be the deciding factor, then the Sequoia wins the battle. If someone is primarily looking at towing capacity or the number of premium components in the cabin, then the Land Cruiser would be the right pick.

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