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2022 Toyota C-HR Pros vs Cons. Should You Buy?

Why Buy a 2022 Toyota C-HR?

Should You Buy a 2022 Toyota C-HR? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

The subcompact SUV market is popular. These vehicles are nearly as efficient as a sedan but are also a touch more practical for families. The 2022 Toyota C-HR is one of many options available in this class. It has some very appealing selling points but also several red flags. To determine whether or not this is the subcompact SUV for you, consider the following pros and cons.

What's New for 2022?

Toyota has elected to delete the LE trim level this year. Unfortunately, that was the most affordable trim level previously. Now, the C-HR with the lowest price tag is the XLE. Elsewhere, Wind Chill Pearl replaces the Blizzard Pearl color that was available last year. This paint can be paired with a black roof for a striking two-tone look.


Top 10 Reasons to Buy a 2022 Toyota C-HR – The Pros

1. Fun & Engaging Handling

Drivers are always looking for a car that not only looks stylish but also offers a wonderful driving experience. The 2022 C-HR merges the two, offering precise steering and strong braking combined with its bouncy suspension to absorb even difficult bumps in the road. Despite being front-wheel drive only - no upgrades available - it still delivers an energetic ride making way for an engaging afternoon behind the wheel.

2. Full Suite of Driver Aids

Just about every safety feature available for the C-HR in 2022 comes standard. The list includes some impressive ones, including road sign recognition, adaptive cruise control, and automatic high beams. Blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian detection, and forward-collision mitigation are all standard ass well. Then you get lane tracing assist, lane-keeping assist, and lane departure warning. The only safety feature that is available rather than standard in 2022 is adaptive headlights.

3. Standard Features Offer Great Value

The entry-level C-HR XLE has a comprehensive list of technology features. Compatibility with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa is included on all three trim levels. A Wi-Fi hotspot is also standard on all models, plus a six-speaker audio system and satellite radio. Dual-zone automatic climate control is an example of a comfort feature you will find on any 2022 C-HR. For the exterior, alloy wheels are found underneath the SUV for a little extra style. Of course, these features are all joined by the long list of driver assistance tech.

4. Strong Fuel Economy Estimates

There is only one powertrain and one drivetrain option for the C-HR in 2022. As a result, any model you choose will be estimated to get 27mpg in the city and 31mpg on the highway. These are strong numbers for the subcompact SUV class.

5. Bold Exterior Styling

With the 2022 C-HR, stand out from the crowd with bold exterior styling. Featuring sharp angles and lines as well as unique features like hidden rear door handles, this standout ride also offers select trim levels in dramatic two tone paint jobs to turn heads wherever you go! Choose between stunning options such as eye popping Blue Eclipse or Black Sand or Supersonic Red for a look that's truly one-of-a kind.

6. Interior Feels Upscale

Non-luxury subcompact SUVs are often full of plastic and feel cheap overall. This is not the case for the 2022 C-HR. Synthetic leather and patterned plastics make a big difference in the way its cabin looks and feels. The 8-inch touchscreen is positioned in a way that makes it easy to access at a glance when driving. All models come standard with a leather-wrapped steering wheel for an added touch of class.

7. Spacious Seating for Subcompact SUV

When looking at the C-HR, you have to keep in mind that this is a subcompact SUV. That means that adults will not want to ride in the backseat on a cross-country road trip. Still, there is a respectable amount of head and legroom in both rows in comparison to the C-HR's rivals. Two adults should be comfortable riding around town in the C-HR. As a bonus, the seats are supportive and well-cushioned.

8. Available Nightshade Edition is Sleek

Amplify your style with the bold and daring Nightshade Edition of Toyota's C-HR. Its exterior is completely blacked out, from its dark paint options to its sleek set of wheels – sure to turn heads wherever you cruise! Make an even bigger statement by combining a different colored roof - like red or white -with the Midnight Black trim for some serious street cred. And don't forget about those inside accents adding exhilarating character all around the cabin that will ensure every drive feels special.

9. Limited Model Approaches Luxury Level

Driving luxury just got within reach with the 2022 Toyota C-HR Limited. Featuring chrome and glossy black exterior trim, adaptive LED headlights, 18-inch wheels exclusive to this model, genuine leather upholstery and heated front seats - all at an incredibly competitive price point of $27k – you'll be sure to make a statement on the road without breaking your wallet! Plus enjoy extensive safety features plus tech connectivity for added convenience.

10. Impressive Safety Scores

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has not yet rated the 2022 C-HR. That said, the 2021 model, which is nearly identical, received the top "Good" score in all of the categories it was tested in. It was also named a "Top Safety Pick" last year.

Reasons Not to Buy a 2022 Toyota C-HR – The Cons

1. No Available All-Wheel Drive

Although the C-HR is in a class of more affordable SUVs, it is a bit odd that all-wheel drive is not at least offered. If that is a deal-breaker for you, know that there are several subcompact SUVs on the market in 2022 that make AWD either available or standard. This is an easy problem for Toyota to fix moving forward.

2. Engine Feels Weak

Behind the wheel of a C-HR, you'll experience exceptional handling and responsive steering. Though, to truly make your drive complete, there is something missing: power. Underneath its hood sits a 2 liter four cylinder engine that only produces 144 horsepower with no more than 139 pound feet of torque - barely enough oomph for around town driving or entering highways quickly and safely. Additionally, the attached continuously variable transmission leaves much desired in terms refinement which makes it difficult to justify this little pep on account of fuel efficiency alone.

3. Rear Visibility is Compromised

Toyota’s highly-stylized C-HR delivers the aesthetic that drivers desire, however this eye candy comes with its drawbacks: small windows and thick pillars compromise rear visibility. As a result of these design elements, navigating is complicated and puts driver safety at risk. Toyota must find an innovative way to improve overall usability while retaining their iconic styling cues – allowing customers to enjoy both style & utility in one modern package.

4. Lacking in Cargo Space

Cargo space is not something that any subcompact SUV is known for. That said, there are many rivals of the C-HR that have more to offer. With just 19.1 cubic feet behind the second row, you will need to fold down the backseat to haul anything bulky. Doing this will only reveal 37 cubic feet, which trails the class leaders.

5. Wind & Road Noise is Excessive

You already know that the CVT is unpleasant and the engine is weak. To add insult to injury, the whole setup is incredibly noisy. If that is not enough, the amount of wind noise that will make it into the cabin at highway speeds is overwhelming. Addressing this issue should be a top priority for the C-HR moving forward.



Those in the market for a new vehicle should approach the 2022 Toyota C-HR with caution. It boasts some exciting features, such as standard tech and its distinct design, but falls short on power and storage space - making it less than ideal to those seeking utility or thrill behind the wheel. To maximize performance potential down the road, Toyota must look into offering multiple engine options coupled with transmission upgrades – this would dramatically drive up appeal among shoppers.

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