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2022 Toyota Camry Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Toyota Camry Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: LE vs SE and Nightshade, XLE vs XSE and TRD

What 2022 Toyota Camry Trim Should You Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

While not as popular as they once were, midsize sedans still make an excellent choice for a family vehicle in many cases. They can be spacious and versatile while often being more fuel-efficient than an SUV. Some would argue that they are even more fun to drive.

The Toyota Camry is a vehicle that has been attempting to balance family-friendliness with performance for decades. For the most part, it does it incredibly well. The Camry has a large back seat, respectable cargo space, and an extensive list of standard features. It is also available with both a hybrid powertrain and all-wheel drive, helping it to stand out from many of its competitors.

On top of all of these options on the table, buyers also have six trim levels to consider. The entry-level LE will be adequate for many drivers' needs, while mid-level trims are increasingly more luxurious and convenient. The top TRD model is intended for those who really want an exhilarating experience at the wheel.

Which trim level is the right one to choose? To determine that, buyers need to know the differences between them all. Here is a thorough breakdown that can help.

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Compare the LE vs SE Trims. What is the difference?

Coming standard underneath the hood of the 2022 Camry LE is a four-cylinder engine that makes 203-horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. It comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission as well as Eco, Sport, and Normal drive modes. This engine pairs with front-wheel drive. This model can also have all-wheel drive, but this upgrade will result in the engine turning out 202-horsepower and 182 lb-ft of torque.

The LE trim level sits on 17-inch alloy wheels, and it has body-colored side mirrors and door handles. For its front grille, Toyota gives the base Camry a dark gray look. Bi-LED headlights and LED daytime running lights are both standard. On the back of the LE, buyers will find LED combination taillights along with a single exhaust port.

Inside, drivers will be greeted by a very well-equipped Camry. The fabric-trimmed front seats include eight-way power adjustment for the driver and six-way power adjustment for the passenger. The steering wheel includes audio controls, and dual-zone automatic climate control is a standard feature. There is a single USB port found in this model.

Moving on to technology, the Camry LE gives buyers a 7-inch touchscreen. The infotainment system is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It also works with Amazon Alexa. This trim is available with a 9-inch touchscreen as well. Going with that option will mean getting a Wi-Fi hotspot added to the Camry.

Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+ is included for the 2022 Camry LE. This includes lane departure alert with steering assist, full-speed adaptive cruise control, a pre-collision system including pedestrian detection, and lane-tracing assist. Automatic high beams are included as well, along with a tire pressure monitoring system. The Camry LE is equipped with ten airbags and front and rear energy-absorbing crumple zones.

Mechanically speaking, the SE trim level of the 2022 Camry is nearly the same. It does gain sport-tuned shock absorbers and springs. As for the exterior appearance, this sportier model adds black trim around its headlights. The front grille is black and features a sport mesh lower insert. The side mirrors are black and gain turn signal integration. The Camry SE sits on 18-inch alloy wheels. For the back, this model goes with a single exhaust featuring dual stainless steel tips.

Inside, the SE has a synthetic leather upholstery along with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter knob. The tire pressure monitoring system gains a direct pressure readout function. Otherwise, the tech and safety features are the same as the ones found in the base LE model.

Compare the SE vs SE Nightshade. What is the difference?

The SE Nightshade is essentially the same as the SE, just with different packaging. It has the same engine options and performance features as the trim that came before it. Setting it apart are things like the black window trim and a black trunk-mounted spoiler. All of the badging becomes black, as well as the door handles. The wheel size remains 18-inches but they are painted black to help complete the look of the SE Nightshade. There is less than $1,000 difference between the SE Nightshade and the SE.

Compare the SE Nightshade vs XLE Trims. What is the difference?

The standard engine for the 2022 Camry XLE remains the four-cylinder. That said, this is the first model that allows drivers to get their hands on the available V6. This engine pumps out 301-horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque. The eight-speed automatic transmission remains standard. Buyers should be aware that this engine cannot be paired with all-wheel drive, however. The XLE does not have the sport-tuned shock absorbers or springs.

Full-LED headlights with LED accents are standard for the XLE. The taillights are full-LED as well. This model loses the sporty front grille in favor of a dark gray option with chrome accents. A power moonroof is an optional feature for the XLE.

This mid-level trim adds rear-seat air vents to the Camry. It also upgrades to an electric parking brake, rather than the foot pedal version found on the lower trim levels. The upholstery is leather-trimmed and the rear seats gain adjustable headrests so that everyone can be more comfortable. Heated front seats are standard, and a heated steering wheel is available.

An auto-dimming rearview mirror and wood interior trim help to give the XLE a more luxurious look and feel. This model gains LED rear-seat lighting along with ambient interior lighting. The overhead console also gets a universal garage door opener.

While previous trim levels had a 4.2-inch multi-information screen, the XLE upgrades to a 7-inch version instead. It is customizable to allow drivers to quickly see pertinent info in the way that works best for them. Coming standard for this trim level is the 9-inch touchscreen that was previously found on the options list. While XLE models with front-wheel drive stick with six speakers, the all-wheel-drive models get nine. With either engine, this trim level gains a wireless charging pad with a charge indicator light.

The XLE gains several driver assistance features as well. Road sign assist, which will display speed limit signs and others on the multi-information screen, is one example. Blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert is another.

Buyers can choose to add the Driver Assist package to the XLE. It includes a bird's eye view camera system and intelligent clearance sonar. Both of these features are designed to help drivers in tight parking situations. The package also includes ventilated front seats.

Compare the XLE vs XSE Trims. What is the difference?

Like the XLE, the XSE can be had with either of the available 2022 Camry powertrains. It gains back the sport-tuned aspects of the suspension that the XSE did not have. The front grille has the same black finish and sport mesh that is found on the SE version of the Camry. Underneath the XSE are gloss-black 19-inch wheels. This model is also home to a body-colored rear spoiler.

Unlike the SE, the XSE has a dual exhaust with four chrome tips. Inside, buyers will find that the XSE gives them paddle shifters. Instead of the wood inlays, this version of the Camry gets patterned metal interior trim. Otherwise, there are no notable differences between the XLE and XSE models.

Compare the XSE vs TRD. What is the difference?

The TRD is the performance-oriented model of the 2022 Toyota Camry. It is only available with the V6 engine, which means that it is not available with all-wheel drive, unfortunately. This model does get increased thickness for the underbody braces, along with added rear-seat V-bracing. It also gets an even more sophisticated "track-tuned" suspension.

When it comes to the brakes, the TRD goes up to 12.9-inch front disc brakes. All other models have 12-inch ones. This top trim level has eye-catching red-painted front and rear calipers. The pedal stiffness and brake tuning are unique to the performance-oriented TRD. Toyota also gives this model what they call "active cornering assist." This feature will reduce the understeer in certain situations, adding to the agile feel of the Camry TRD.

Like the SE Nightshade, the TRD comes standard with black trim around its head and taillights. It also regains the black window trim and black side mirrors. Exclusive to the TRD are matte-black 19-inch alloy wheels. Buyers will find red "TRD" badging in several spots when looking at the exterior of this trim.

Another unique exterior feature for the TRD is the pedestal-style rear spoiler. To enhance its performance, this model also gets side aero skirts, a front-splitter, and a rear diffuser that includes red pinstriping. The dual-exhuast system features polished stainless steel tips.

Inside, the TRD actually downgrades in a few ways. It has single-zone automatic climate control rather than dual-zone, and it goes back down to the 4.2-inch multi-information display. The instrumentation does get a unique look that includes red accents. This trim has synthetic leather upholstery with red accent stitching and red seatbelts. "TRD" is also stitched into the headrests of the front seats.

While every other version of the 2022 Camry gives drivers a 60/40 split-folding rear seat, the TRD has a fixed one instead. The auto-dimming rearview mirror is also deleted on this top model in favor of the standard day/night option found on the lower trim levels. Drivers can say goodbye to the universal garage door opener if they opt for the TRD.

As for the touchscreen, it goes back down to 7-inches. This means the Wi-Fi hotspot is no longer standard and the sound system goes back to six speakers. Naturally, the wireless charging pad is gone as well. Luckily, blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic stay standard, along with road sign assist. The package that adds extra driver aids that were available for the XLE and XSE is not available for the TRD.

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Which Trim to Choose?

Buyers will want to stick to the middle of the trim list when selecting their 2022 Camry. The LE is not a terrible choice, but stepping up just one trim will add a variety of important features to the sedan. As for the TRD, it is undoubtedly fun to drive, but it gets rid of too many features for the average driver to justify paying its hefty price tag.

The SE will be an appropriate choice for many drivers. It opens up some package options and gives the Camry a sportier feel. That said, buyers should step up one more trim level if possible. The XLE has the larger touchscreen, heated front seats, and wireless device charging, along with many other tech and convenience upgrades.

Buyers will be well-served by the 2022 Toyota Camry XLE. They should stick to the four-cylinder engine, which performs nicely and opens up the option to upgrade to all-wheel drive.

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