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2022 Toyota Corolla Pros vs Cons

Reviewed & fact checked by
James Murdoch

Are You Considering a 2022 Toyota Corolla? Here Are Some Reasons For and Against

If convenience and reliability are your main goals, then look no further than the 2022 Toyota Corolla – one of today's top-selling vehicles! Not only is this car incredibly cost effective, but its sleek design coupled with an array of features make it stand out from many competitors. Ready to learn how choosing a Corolla could benefit you? Let’s explore ten reasons why buying this automotive gem may just be ideal - plus two potential cons so that you feel empowered in making an informed decision on investing in your next vehicle purchase.

Ten Reasons You May Like the 2022 Toyota Corolla – The Pros

1. Excellent Fuel Economy Estimates

The Corolla is an ideal commuter car, offering outstanding fuel efficiency thanks to the available 2.0L engine and CVT - boasting up to 32mpg in city driving and 41 mpg on highways; even with the standard 1.8L it still achieves a respectable 30/38mgy respectively! This puts its economy amongst some of the best compact cars out there today – making it hard not to include this as your top choice when considering a new vehicle purchase.

2. Comfortable Ride and Balanced Handling

Experience driving precision and comfort with the 2022 Corolla. Boasting balanced handling, a responsive steering system, and an expertly designed suspension to reduce body lean - you'll have confidence behind the wheel wherever your adventures take you! An added bonus? The suspension's ability to absorb common bumps in even city streets for maximum driving pleasure.

3. Impressive Safety Tech Standard

The 2022 Corolla comes with a suite of impressive safety features that make for an easier and more relaxed driving experience. Adaptive cruise control allows drivers to remain at the same distance behind other vehicles in heavy traffic, while lane departure warning and forward collision mitigation provide additional layers of protection from potential hazards on the road. Automatic high beams, road sign recognition, and pedestrian detection all come standard as well – providing comprehensive coverage every time you take your vehicle out onto the streets.

4. Available Six-Speed Intelligent Manual Transmission

Drivers of select Corolla models can enjoy the added responsiveness and control that comes with an Intelligent Manual Transmission. This six-speed transmission has close-ratio low gears to help you get up to speed, while higher gears provide greater fuel efficiency at cruising speeds. Additionally, built in rev matching technology reduces strain by automatically adjusting your engine RPMs for smoother gear shifts - all without compromising on overall performance compared against a CVT model.

5. Upscale & High-Quality Interior

The Corolla cabin is designed to provide comfort and luxury, no matter the trim level. With the tablet-style infotainment screen as your first impression, you'll find premium cloth upholstery in base models while higher trims feature genuine leather seating for an even more sophisticated experience. Soft-touch surfaces throughout create a high end look that will satisfy all of those looking for quality interior design elements.

6. Easy-to-Use Technology Features

Toyota is applauded for its intuitive infotainment system. Inside the Corolla, the system runs on either a 7-inch or 8-inch touchscreen. On top of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, all models come with Amazon Alexa compatibility. Between all of these features, drivers can easily use their voice to access a variety of tech features. The base model has two USB ports and six speakers, while higher trims add more. Available tech upgrades include wireless device charging and navigation.

7. Available Corolla Apex Model

The Apex has been a game-changer for the Corolla. This trim level comes standard with an upgraded suspension and a lower ride height, along with the larger 2.0 engine standard. On the style front, this Corolla has a rear spoiler and unique black and bronze exterior accents. The back of the Corolla Apex is also home to a sport exhaust. Inside, there are front sport seats and a driver-focused cockpit. The bronze theme continues inside with eye-catching contrast stitching. Summer tires with extra grip are available for this trim level.

8. Adaptive Front-Lighting System Available

Toyota has given the 2022 Corolla features that increase safety as well as convenience. One example is the available adaptive front-lighting system. The system has the headlights following the front wheels when they turn, dramatically increasing visibility at night and giving drivers more time to react to hazards in the road.

9. Two Body Styles to Choose From

Buyers can choose between sedan and hatchback variations of the Corolla. While many people will find that the sedan is adequate as a daily commuter, some may be attracted to the added cargo space provided by the hatchback model. It offers nearly 18 cubic feet. If drivers fold down the back seat in the hatchback, they can easily throw in their bikes or head to the hardware store.

10. Five-Star Safety Rating

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has tested the 2022 Corolla and given it an overall score of five out of five stars. It received five stars in both frontal and side crash testing and four out of five stars for rollover testing. Although the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has not yet tested the 2022 Corolla at the time of this writing, it did name the very similar 2021 model a Top Safety Pick.

Reasons You May Not Like the 2022 Toyota Corolla – The Cons

1. Base Engine is Slow

The 2022 Toyota Corolla may not be the best choice for thrill seekers; its base engine produces just 139 horsepower. But this vehicle compensates with a modern, sophisticated design and an impressively comfortable interior to make up for it. Furthermore, drivers will enjoy optimal fuel efficiency as they cruise along at around 32 mpg in city driving or 41 on highways - proving that sometimes function trumps excitement.

2. Lack of Backseat Space Gets Annoying

Those in need of a reliable, efficient vehicle for commuting may find the Corolla to be an ideal choice; just make sure you don't plan on giving anyone else a ride! The Hatchback model offers quite limited space while Standard and Sedan models provide only slightly more legroom – perfect if your passengers are young ones or simply nonexistent.

3. Noisy Cabin Makes it Hard to Relax

Despite the upscale cabin, drivers may have a hard time relaxing inside the 2022 Corolla. This is primarily due to the amount of road and wind noise that makes its way inside the cabin. Although this is true of most compact cars, the Corolla seems to struggle with it more than its rivals.

4. Sedan Model Lacks Trunk Space

The hatchback version of the Corolla offers more practicality than its sedan counterpart, with only 13.1 cubic feet available in the trunk - an amount less spacious than those found on other leading compact cars. Those looking for extra cargo room should consider upgrading to a hatchback model or exploring alternative options entirely.


With the 2022 Toyota Corolla, drivers get a review-winning combination of dependable performance, unparalleled safety features and modern technology. The vehicle offers admirable fuel efficiency on top of an impressive array of driver aids to keep you safe while driving. You'll even benefit from extras like Amazon Alexa integration and wireless device charging—plus five star NHTSA crash test rating for added peace of mind! Whether sedan or hatchback style is your preference, there's something here for everyone - so don’t miss out on all that the 2022 Toyota Corolla has in store.

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