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2022 Toyota RAV4 vs Venza

2022 Toyota RAV4 vs Venza

2022 RAV4 vs Venza - How Do They Stack Up? What are the differences?

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 is a compact crossover SUV with exceptional off-road capabilities. It's a great vehicle for families or outdoor enthusiasts. Toyota's 2022 Venza is also a compact crossover SUV. The Venza, however, is strictly a hybrid vehicle that offers exceptional fuel efficiency. The Venza is perfect for families and anyone who wishes to save money on fuel costs.

Toyota is a brand that's know for their reliable, long-lasting vehicles. Potential buyers can expect the same from the latest RAV4 and Venza models. It's only natural that these two vehicles should be compared to each other. They're both in the same class and both made by Toyota. In a lot of ways, they fill the same roles.

Are you in the market for an SUV? Weighing your options between two great contenders – the Toyota RAV4 and Venza? Look no further! While these models may seem similar at first glance, diving deeper into their price tags, fuel efficiency ratings and more reveals one clear victor. The hybrid powertrain on offer with a higher priced Venza could provide long-term savings that make its cost worth it - but compare all aspects to decide which of these powerful SUVs is right for you.

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Size and Styling

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 and Venza have nearly identical builds, sharing a 105.9-inch wheelbase - meaning only 6 inches separate these two beasts of the road! Despite their size parity, the vehicles offer different levels of interior comfort: while both boast enough space for five passengers to get comfortable on long trips, making optimal use out of its 2 additional inches in length compared to the Rav 4 ,the Venza adds just that little bit extra legroom so you can really stretch your legs during those long drives.

The 2022 RAV4 and Venza offer a spacious interior experience, with plenty of room for both passengers and cargo. Both feature generous headroom in the front at nearly 38 inches while the rear features almost 40-inches of legroom – perfect for rides to school or carpools alike! For extra storage space, simply fold down either SUV's backseats: you'll be left with up 69 cubic feet in total on the RAV4 and 55 on the Venza. No matter where your next trip takes you - these SUVs are equipped to handle it all.

Hop into either the RAV4 or its competitor, and you'll find a spacious passenger cabin with slick ergonomics. With enhanced visibility from cameras, drivers will enjoy an unbeatable view of their surroundings as they cruise in comfort alongside friends and family who can stretch out on inviting seats while admiring generous cargo capacity - all cleverly tucked away inside these two SUVs!

The RAV4 and Venza make for a dynamic comparison. On the one hand, you have an adventurous off-roader with its sporty exterior design; on the other is a sleek hybrid embracing sophisticated style. Together they capture two sides of versatility - all within Toyota's lineup!

With their eye-catching exterior features, the RAV4 and Venza stand apart in a class of their own. For those looking for something extra special, the top trim levels offer LED headlights with modern accents to maximize visibility on nighttime journeys; plus Bi-LED projector headlights or multi-reflector LED headlights which come complete with advanced auto beam technology perfect for illuminating dark roads ahead.

The RAV4 and Venza both have heated, power-adjustable exterior mirrors for comfortable driving even in extreme conditions. Plus their exhausts are dual chrome-tipped to maximize engine performance while the rain-sensing wipers automatically adjust themselves according to weather -- so no matter what Mother Nature throws your way, you're covered!


Get ready for a thrilling ride with the 2022 Toyota RAV4! This adventure-ready SUV is designed to deliver unbeatable power and performance, thanks to two incredible engine options—including one that boasts 203 horsepower. Whether you go all-wheel drive or front-wheel, rest assured knowing your vehicle will have an 8-speed automatic transmission so no journey ever feels dull.

This 2.5-liter engine is a fuel sipper, with city drivers seeing up to 27 mpg and highway cruisers getting 35. Together that's an impressive combined rating of 30 mpg - slightly lower for those who choose all wheel drive models, but still offering the same economy prowess you'd expect from this class leader!

Toyota is making waves with their new hybrid RAV4 model. Powered by a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine, two electric motors and boasting an impressive 219 horsepower output, the environment - as well as drivers' wallets – will be thanking them in no time!

Drivers looking for a smooth, fuel-efficient ride can now experience the power of hybrid technology in any trim level with Toyota's RAV4. The all-wheel drive system combines electric and gasoline to provide up to an impressive 42 miles on one full charge - making it great for city driving or highway commutes alike! Plus, you'll be able to maintain 41 mpg in the city or 38 mpg out of town.

The Venza packs a powerful punch with its 2.5-liter engine and trio of electric motors, providing an earth-friendly but powerhouse performance that easily matches the hybrid RAV4's 219 horsepower output at every trim level - all while sporting standard all-wheel drive for maximum control.

Get ready to tackle the open road with confidence in your Venza! This unstoppable hybrid vehicle offers up to 40 mpg when cruising through town, and a remarkable 37 mpg on highways for those long-distance adventures. You'll have plenty of time before refueling - its full tank gives you an impressive range of 580 miles! Plus its continuously variable transmission provides smooth handling similar to that found in the RAV4 Hybrid – all at a lower cost too.

Taking a ride in either of these two SUVs is sure to be an enjoyable experience; their steering and handling are nearly identical, matched only by their reliable braking performance. When it comes to off-roading though, the Toyota RAV4 reigns supreme - its TRD Off-Road models feature an enhanced suspension system with multiple stabilizer bars for ultimate stability both on and off pavements.

Comfort, Options and Performance

Comparing the interiors of these SUVs, both get a Dual-Zone Automatic Climate-Control System. There are vents for the rear passengers. This system also has filters to remove dust and pollen from the air. Both vehicles offer SofTex® trim for the seats. At the higher trim levels, the driver and front-passenger will get an 8-way power seat with adjustable lumbar support.

The RAV4 and Venza both have available heating and ventilation for the front seats. They also offer heating for the rear outboard seats. Both vehicles offer a leather-wrapped, heated steering wheel with a three-spoke design. The quality of materials, as well as the build quality and layout of the interior, are all pretty equal when comparing the RAV4 to the Venza.

Toyota's Venza and RAV4 have Push-Button Start and a Smart-Key System. Every model of these SUVs gets power windows and power door locks. Both vehicles have four cup holders and four bottle holders. The interior lighting setups are basically identical here.

Get ready to take your drive up a notch with the RAV4's advanced infotainment system. Experience crisp sound and visuals on its 7-inch touchscreen or upgrade to an even bigger 9-inch display complete with built-in navigation!

Keep connected by pairing Bluetooth devices, interacting via Voice Recognition technology, connecting multiple phones through WiFi hotspot support, or taking advantage of features like Amazon Alexa Auto integration and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto compatibility.

Enjoy crystal clear audio wherever you go thanks to six speakers placed throughout the vehicle as standard - choose upgraded options for exceptional 11 Speaker JBL systems too.

The Venza comes fully-loaded with state of the art infotainment technology, starting out with an 8" touchscreen display for basic models. Upgrading to top trim level gives you access to their impressive 12.3" screen, plus a premium audio system from JBL including nine speakers and subwoofer backed by an amplifier - guaranteeing superior sound quality that immerses you in your soundtrack!

While both the Toyota RAV4 and Venza provide drivers with a range of infotainment features, one may get more bang for their buck when considering purchasing the latter - many items that would require an upgrade on the RAV4 come as standard options in a base-level Venza. However, this minor advantage is offset by its higher starting price; thus making it ultimately less cost effective than its counterpart.

The RAV4 offers a world of possibilities to customize your driving experience. With their two-tone exterior option and available panoramic glass roof, you can turn heads as you take in the sights above you or store items securely with the rear cover for cargo area. If that wasn't enough, most trim levels also include an advanced Blind Spot Monitor feature which allows drivers to stay vigilant while on the road by providing Rear Cross Traffic Alerts!

The Venza offers an array of stock features as well as various optional packages. For those seeking a more luxurious experience, the top two trim levels feature an upgraded audio system and Star Gaze™ Fixed Panoramic Roof - perfect for taking in stunning views while on-the-go!


All models of the 2022 RAV4 and 2022 Venza get the Toyota Safety Sense™ 2.0 package. This package includes a number of safety and driver-assist features to protect the driver and passengers. Two notable features here are the Pre-Collision Alert and Pedestrian Detection. There's also a Lane-Departure Alert with Steering Assist. The Steering Assist kicks in automatically and makes slight adjustments to prevent the vehicle from going too far out of its own lane.

Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 also provides Automatic High Beams and a Road-Sign Assist feature. There's also a Dynamic Radar Cruise-Control feature that works at full speed. The RAV4 and Venza both get Toyota's Star Safety System™. This set of features includes Traction Control and Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control.

The RAV4 and Venza come with Brake Assist, Electronic Brake-Force Distribution and Anti-Locking Disc Brakes as part of Toyota's Star Safety System. They both share the same advanced airbag system too. This includes front and side-impact protection for the driver and front passenger. The driver gets extra knee protection, and there's a seat-cushion airbag for the front passenger. Side curtain airbags add another level of protection for both the front and second rows.

The RAV4 and Venza provide the latest in child safety, with LATCH systems for secure installation of car seats. Rear windows are also equipped with built-in locks to keep little ones inside at all times. Safety doesn't stop there - both vehicles come standard with an engine immobilizer anti-theft system that keeps thieves away from your ride while you're gone. However, if you opt for the top trim level on the RAV4, they offer a bonus alarm package too! But why even bother when going up one more notch puts you into a Venza – where every model boasts not only these features but additionally includes proximity alarms which alert owners before any trespassers have time to make their move!

The Venza gets some features as standard here, where the RAV4 only offers them on higher trims, or as an option. This includes Hill Start Assist Control and a Blind-Spot Monitor with Rear Cross-Path Detection. Toyota's Safety Connect® system is also standard for the Venza. This includes Emergency Assistance, Roadside Assistance and a Stolen Vehicle Locator.

With the Venza and RAV4, backing up is a breeze: Their rear-view camera allows for increased safety when driving in reverse. But that's not all! The optional Bird's Eye View Camera of the RAV4 lends an extra layer of confidence - it helps drivers navigate even tight spaces or off-road paths with its perimeter scan and 360° view from above – perfect at lower speeds.

There are 3-point seat belts for every seating position inside of the Venza and the RAV4. Both vehicles get a Tire-Pressure Monitor. The RAV4 comes with Trailer-Sway Control at every trim level. The RAV4 also gets some extra reinforcement in all four doors from side-impact beams.

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Which Model to Choose?

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 and 2022 Toyota Venza are both great crossover SUVs. For most buyers, the RAV4 will be the better choice. The Venza is more expensive at every comparable trim level, though it does offer more standard features. Most of these are optional for the RAV4 and can be added on for a small price increase. This usually ends up still being less expensive than a comparable Venza.

For drivers looking for luxury and style, the Venza may be their best bet - while still boasting a top-notch hybrid powertrain. On the other hand, if more off-road capabilities are desired then Toyota's RAV4 is an obvious choice as it offers these features at a competitive price. Ultimately either vehicle will provide impressive performance; however RAV4 comes out ahead in terms of overall quality and value.

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