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2022 Toyota Sequoia Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2022 Toyota Sequoia Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: SR5 vs TRD, Limited vs Nightshade, Platinum vs TRD Pro

What 2022 Toyota Sequoia Trim Should You Buy? What is the Difference Between Trims?

The Toyota Sequoia stands tall and proud as one of the sportiest SUVs on the market. Its interior is designed to make passengers feel like royalty, with three rows of spacious seating ideal for family trips or a large group adventure. This SUV also features modern technological advancements that take its performance capabilities up another notch - plus there are six trims available so every driver can customize their perfect ride!

Every trim of this powerful vehicle comes equipped with a 5.7-liter V8 engine along with an electronically controlled six-speed automatic transmission, ensuring drivers can handle any terrain they come across without missing out on the power to match it. A whopping 381 horsepower and 401 pound feet torque will guarantee you won't be found lacking in spirit while your rear wheel drive system or multi mode 4WD keeps you safe no matter what nature throws at you!


Compare the Sequoia SR5 vs TRD Sport. What is the difference?

The only mechanical difference is that the TRD Sport is enhanced with special suspension parts. It features TRD Sport performance-tuned Bilstein shock absorbers along with a TRD Sport performance-tuned anti-sway bar so that it can better deal with the ups and downs commonly found on rugged trails.

The TRD Sport rides on 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels while the SR5 only has 18-inch wheels. Both trims have LED headlights, LED Daytime Running Lights, and LED fog lights. The fog lights on the SR5 have a dark silver surround, while those on the TRD Sport have chrome surround. That dark silver is found on other places on the SR5, including around the grille and on the bumper. In those locations on the TRD Sport, there are chrome or black accents instead.

The Toyota TRD Sport and SR5 are designed for the elements, offering heated outside mirrors to help you battle winter. Make a bold statement with the black-on-black look of the TRD Sports trim-- from its ebony exterior logo, to color matched trims & running boards paired with a stylish roof rack - while those who prefer something brighter can opt for chrome accents on their SR5.

The Sequoia's interior offers excellent standard features, making it the perfect choice for a luxurious yet family-friendly ride. Enjoy maximum air flow and open space when you slide back the power moonroof or tilt it up to let in some fresh air. And never worry about not being comfortable with tri-zone climate control and both fabric and leather seats available, as well as heated options on select trims. Just add your own key fob into its smart system—simple!

The SR5 and TRD Sport offer customers two unique seating options. With an 8-passenger setup, the SR5 includes a spacious bench seat in the middle row for extra legroom. Conversely, SLT's second row is equipped with captain's chairs to accommodate 7 occupants - perfect for smaller groups on road trips! Both vehicles provide convenient folding seats that can be adjusted with ease and speed.

The technology packages on these trims are identical. They include seven-inch touchscreens, eight speakers, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, Amazon Alexa, and SiriusXM. With the SR5 and TRD Sport, there's the opportunity to upgrade to a system with dynamic navigation and advanced voice recognition.

Likewise, the safety components on the TRD Sport are the same as those found on the SR5. There's an array of driver-assist technologies that are ready to take action on behalf of the driver, and blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert are both standard.

Compare the TRD Sport vs Limited Trims. What is the difference?

Moving up to the Limited offers a more luxurious experience, with 20-inch split spoke wheels in dark silver accents adding an elegant touch. Despite this upgrade, however, you have to sacrifice the special suspension system that comes standard with the TRD Sport; though it makes do with its black alloy wheel set instead.

One of the major ways in which the exterior of the Limited has been enhanced has to do with its liftgate. It has a power-operated liftgate with jam protection; this can be convenient to use when loaded down with gear.

Other exterior differences are minimal. For instance, the Limited has chrome body side molding, chrome logos, chrome doorhandles, and chrome outside mirrors. Those mirrors are advanced in several ways, as they have integrated turn signal indicators and a power-folding feature. The running boards on the Limited are black, like the ones on the lower trims, but they have a color-keyed surround.

The Limited boasts a luxurious cabin with eight sumptuous leather-covered seats, including the optional captain's chairs in the middle row. Experience ultimate comfort when sitting up front where you'll find both heated and power adjustable seating while only the driver's seat on the TRD Sport can boast such an amenity.

Experience total relaxation as you sink into the power-reclining seats in the third row of this luxurious ride. Plus, if your version has manual recliners instead? No worries! They still fold up flat for maximum versatility and convenience. The Limited model goes one step further with retractable window sunshades to block out unwanted light from bothersome passengers...and don't forget about that upgraded auto-dimming rearview mirror--it's an optional extra on lower trims, but includes HomeLink® connectivity and a built-in compass so you'll never lose your way again!

Even the sun visors have been improved on the Limited. They have illuminated vanity mirrors and secondary visors. In the cargo area on this trim, a cargo net is standard to help with organization.

Many buyers will appreciate the more comprehensive infotainment system on the Limited. It has a premium audio package with 12 speakers, and it comes standard with navigation in addition to all the other elements that the TRD Sport has. The Limited is available with 14 JBL speakers with Clari-Fi technology if anyone wants to enjoy even better audio quality.

Compare the Limited vs Nightshade Special Edition. What is the difference?

The Nightshade Special Edition is similar to the Limited in many ways, but it has a more aggressive style. It has black wheels to match its black running boards, black roof rack, black door handles, and black badging. Its mirrors are black, too, and they have a power-folding feature, turn signals, and built-in heating like the mirrors on the Limited do. The Nightshade Special Edition has darkened chrome on its body side molding and around its bumper and LED fog lights.

Those looking for an automotive experience as dark and mysterious as its name suggests may be interested in the Nightshade Special Edition. The cabin is decked out with striking black leather seating, including two captivating captain's chairs when selecting seven or eight passenger accommodation options. If maximum versatility suits you perfectly then don't forget to check out the Limited edition too!

Compare the Nightshade Special Edition vs Platinum Trim Levels. What is the difference?

The Platinum offers a more comfortable ride in that it has advanced suspension. Specifically, it has electronic modulated air suspension and adaptive variable suspension. It's the only trim in the Sequoia lineup to have these elements.

Unlike the Nightshade Special Edition, the Platinum is decked out with chrome exterior accents, and it has a silver roof rack. Instead of black wheels, it has ones with silver accents. Plus, its side mirrors have three extra abilities. They can display puddle lights as a type of welcoming sign, they can remember someone's preferred position, and they have a reverse tilt-down function that can come in handy when parking.

The Nightshade Special Edition feels fairly refined with its leather seats. At the Platinum level, sophistication is taken up a notch. This trim has perforated leather seats, with the front seats being heated and ventilated. The driver's seat comes with power thigh and lumbar support, too. Further, the second row has heated captain's chairs.

A classic look of elegance is provided by the carefully crafted maple-style accents adorning this luxurious leather-wrapped steering wheel. Power tilt and telescoping features make sure you can find a comfortable driving position, while further touches of sophistication on the shift knob and door panels complete your perfect set up.

The Platinum model offers long-distance riders the perfect way to pass time. With a rear-seat entertainment system featuring Blu-ray Disc player, nine inch display and two wireless headphones plus an easy remote control operation, no road trip will ever be boring again! Plus with convenient RCA jacks and even a 120V AC power outlet--it's movie night in the car every drive from here on out.
Upgrade to the Platinum package and experience a new level of in-vehicle entertainment with 14 JBL speakers! With this elite option on the Nightshade Special Edition, your car will be an audio oasis.

Compare the Platinum vs TRD Pro. What is the difference?

The TRD Pro stands out from the rest with its unique styling, giving off an unmistakably rugged presence. It includes a stylish front skid plate only available on this trim and has smaller yet highly durable BBS forged-aluminum alloy wheels measuring 18 inches in diameter.

The TRD Pro offers a bold driving experience with its 4WD model and advanced Fox shocks complete with piggyback reservoirs. Perfect for those ready to take on any terrain, this trim is the ideal choice for adventurers looking to tackle whatever their journeys have in store!

The TRD Pro stands out with its extreme style, featuring powerful Rigid Industries LED fog lights to brave any low visibility conditions. Plus, black TRD Pro logos and Toyota emblem add a touch of class while cast aluminum running boards and a sleek-looking roof rack complete the look - making it an unstoppable force of performance and fashion!

The Toyota Platinum comes decked out with an advanced, futuristic set of mirrors boasting memory and reverse tilt-down features - all designed to heighten convenience. Unfortunately however, these impressive technology enhancements are not included on the TRD Pro package.

Step inside the stylish TRD Pro cabin and enjoy a truly unique experience! Crafted with genuine black leather, adorned with fetching red contrast stitching, and featuring an eye-catching TRD Pro logo stitched into the headrests - this vehicle offers all of the comfort without losing any visual appeal. Although it may not be as luxurious as its Platinum counterpart's interior, you will still get to take pleasure in heated front seats on your journey.

The TRD Pro features an unmistakable seven-seat configuration, with specially designed all-weather floor mats and a stylish shift knob. Despite not having the same accents as found on the Platinum model or options like sunshades and Blu-Ray players, you can still enjoy access to advanced infotainment technology including navigation capabilities backed by 14 powerful JBL speakers for premium audio quality.


Final Thoughts

There is a good range of trims with the 2022 Toyota Sequoia. The mechanical differences are minimal since they all run on the same type of engine. Unless someone is using the Sequoia in particularly rough conditions, the standard suspension should get the job done adequately.

It's also nice that Toyota has given the Sequoia a full set of driver-assist technologies and a solid infotainment package. If people want navigation, they'll have to pay extra for that, but the standard package should please most people.

The Toyota Highlander's base trim – the SR5 – delivers an ideal combination of power, size and tech that fits most needs. But for those desiring further refinement, there is also the Limited option boasting luxurious features like heated front seats plus navigation. It flexibly adapts to larger groups too with options for seven or eight passengers seating capacity - a great blend of luxury and functionality!

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