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2023 Toyota Camry Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons.

2023 Toyota Camry Trim Levels, Configurations & Comparisons: LE vs SE and Nightshade, XLE vs XSE and TRD

Compare 2023 Toyota Camry Trims: LE vs SE and Nightshade, XLE vs XSE and TRD.

From its first appearance in the 1980s, Toyota Camry has held onto its reputation as one of America's favorite midsize sedans. Spanning a total of eight generations and without fail impressing year after year with new models, it is no wonder why this beloved car continues to stand out despite an increasingly competitive market for cars that prioritize practicality over flashiness. It looks like classic style will never be outdated.

The 2023 Toyota Camry line-up has plenty of space, both inside of the cabin and in the cargo area. No one's legs are going to feel cramped, and you can load up the trunk with all kinds of things. Its 15.1 cubic feet of cargo space is above average for a midsize sedan, and the rear seatback can be folded down for some extra passthrough space.


The Camry is a fuel-efficient powerhouse - its four cylinder engine delivers 203 horsepower and an impressive EPA rating of 32 combined mpg. Need more power? Look no further than the V6 on TRD trim, which offers up 301 hp without sacrificing too much efficiency compared to the base engine. It's clear that whatever your needs may be, there's always something for you under the hood.

The Camry comes loaded with all the bells and whistles a driver could need! Toyota's SafetySense 2.5+ bundle is packed full of advanced features - from automatic braking to lane-keeping assist, no detail was overlooked during their fine tuning process. After some initial issues in development, Toyota has perfected this impressive set of safety technologies ensuring every ride behind the wheel feels safe and secure.

Toyota has given drivers the chance to customize their Camry experience with a range of six distinct trim levels and front-wheel or all-wheel drive options. For those looking for something unique, the SE Nightshade offers 19" bronze wheels that add an extra touch of sophistication. With so many choices available - you can truly make your Camry one in a million.

Compare the LE vs SE. What is the difference?

The all-new 2023 Toyota Camry LE is perfect for driving in any conditions! It's powered by a reliable four-cylinder engine and an eight speed automatic transmission, giving you the power to zip around town or explore off the beaten path. Cruise with confidence on either front wheel drive systems or upgrade to AWD for maximum traction and control when it matters most.

Step into the distinguished Camry LE and you'll find yourself enveloped in power adjustable luxury. Thanks to a rear seatback that has a 60/40-split fold, choose between extra storage room or an additional passenger with ease! State-of-the art LED headlights illuminate your travels while dual zone automatic climate control system maintains optimum comfort levels for all aboard - no more wrestling over what temperature setting is best! What's more? A variety of colors set this vehicle apart from its competitors. Finally, 17" wheels effortlessly complete the look for those who like their ride fast yet fashionable.

The LE offers an up-to-date technology suite with a 7" touchscreen display for entertainment and communication, as well as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration so you stay connected at all times.

As already touched on in the opening of this trim level comparison, Toyota equips each of the Camry's six trim levels with the Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+ suite of standard advanced driver aids. This bundles together features such as forward collision mitigation (which will alert you to an impending frontal crash and will apply the brakes for you in order to try to avoid that crash), a feature that recognizes road signs, automatic high beam headlights, lane keeping assist (which will steer the Camry back into the center of the lane for you if it detects the vehicle drifting over the line), and adaptive cruise control (which allows you to set a safe following distance between the Camry and the vehicle driving in front of you, adjusting as traffic flow changes).

You can get a few more things tacked on if you decide to upgrade to the Camry's SE trim level. The SE's exterior has some special trim equipped on it, and it has larger 18-inch wheels equipped. Therefore, it does look just a little bit different than the base LE trim, but they are otherwise fairly similar to one another from the outside.

Inside, there are a few more differences to be seen. Th SE offers you simulated leather upholstery instead of the LE's standard cloth upholstery. Another little touch of class comes in the form of the steering wheel and gear shift knob, both of which are wrapped in leather. You get an upgraded climate control system, and the SE adds on a sport-tuned suspension that firms the ride quality up a little bit more.

Compare the Camry SE vs SE Nightshade. What is the difference?

For the discerning driver looking to stand out, the SE Nightshade gives them a few special features at an additional cost above and beyond that of its siblings. With 19-inch painted bronze wheels making it distinctively unique, feel confident cruising around town in style.

The SE Nightshade trim level also comes with a rear spoiler that is mounted onto the trunk lid. What's more, the exterior gains some black trim all around it. However, that is really the extent of the changes made to the SE Nightshade trim level. It is mostly an aesthetics oriented trim, and that is exactly what it delivers.

Compare the SE Nightshade vs XLE. What is the difference?

Take your Camry experience to the next level with the XLE trim. This configuration offers features that build on those found in the base LE, such as full-speed adaptive cruise control for smooth sailing down to a complete stop and blind-spot detection for added safety when changing lanes. Get all of these great amenities plus more with this upscale model.

There are more convenience and comfort features to be found inside of the XLE's well appointed cabin. A push button ignition accompanies the XLE's keyless entry system, which makes it easier to access the cabin and get the vehicle started up each time. Leather upholstery comes on the seats, and the front passenger's seat gains power adjustability. Also, each front seat comes with a heating function built into it. The driver information display receives some more high-tech upgrades, and there are a couple of air vents in the rear, which helps air flow get more evenly distributed to occupants sitting back there.

A few more tech features make their way into the XLE trim level. This trim level has a 9-inch infotainment touchscreen display and gains a wireless charging pad.

Compare the XLE vs XSE Trim Levels. What is the difference?

Step up your driving experience with the XSE, a sportier version of the SE trim level that comes packed with power and style. The four-cylinder engine produces an impressive 206 hp while its firm suspension promises you optimal control on any road. Completely transforming your ride are 19" wheels topped off by a glossy black grille - giving it some true street appeal.

The XSE trim level of this vehicle is a game-changer, with the dual exhaust system hinting at an enhanced sporty performance. Its exterior has been upgraded to reflect its modern look; metallic accents on the interior provide some subtle refinement as well! Get ready for thrilling drives and race track levels of excitement in your daily life.

Compare the XLE vs TRD Trims. What is the difference?

The TRD, of course, is a lot different from the five other trim levels given that it is powered by the beefier V6 engine and has all-wheel drive equipped as the standard drivetrain. This makes it feel like quite another vehicle from the others. But these are far from being the only differences between the TRD and the other Camry trim levels.

The TRD Camry has been supercharged to look as sleek and sophisticated on the outside as it is powerful beneath its hood. This bold model features black exterior trim, side mirrors, a one-of-a kind 19 inch wheel design for improved performance plus an aerodynamic body kit that ensures dynamic handling capabilities. Make your mark in style with this upgraded version of Toyota's most iconic sedan.

With the Camry TRD, you can explore terrain and experience thrilling acceleration thanks to its sport-tuned suspension, robust exhaust system, and bold red seat belts. You'll also sit comfortably in luxurious simulated leather upholstery for a complete driving journey.


Final Thoughts

With the 2023 Toyota Camry, you can find your perfect fit for a midsize sedan. Boasting two powerful engines that won't break the bank at the pump and plenty of standard features overall, it's no wonder this sought-after ride is top on everyone's list. But with six different trim levels available, which one stands out as most desirable.

The SE is the trim level that we would pick to buy. It has a few more nice features than the base LE trim level, and you do not pay a lot more to get it. The price difference is only around $1,500, which feels entirely justifiable when you consider that you get simulated leather upholstery and a sport-tuned suspension tacked onto the list of standard features.

The TRD Camry is a great option, but its price tag may not be in everyone's budget. Fortunately the SE packs plenty of value and with its four-cylinder engine offers both power and fuel efficiency for an attractive cost. If you're looking for more oomph under the hood, though, there's no substitute for that V6 nestled within the TRD.

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